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Last update for (6)Kings Reign : 2006, 09, 11 11:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1210 (6)Kings Reign 128*128king of 8 plr maps-32,537,631.0final

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of -2147483648 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

king of 8 plr maps
Heres my latest hope you guys like it, theres some new ideas on this and I think it make for a fun game.
Wow, it looks pretty good, except that the expo in the center and the basillica is a bit random in the center, and it'll also distract from the main battle field. I'd clear it out and add some nice decoration (crevices/dirt dooads, or crushed rock/flagstones patterns, your choice).
Yeah, the center looks pretty random, you should re-do some of it.

The top player's naturals look harder to defend than the others. Besides that, looks very good.
king of 8 plr maps
the top and bottom got their expos thats easy for them, but if i take out that mid expo then middle bases wont have a expo, like the corner bases have, and it would make mid bases opened to much which will unbalance the map too much.

The 2 expos in middle is for 2 middle bases, if you look and count all expos its evenly placed, 3 neutral expos for 6 players, + 3 basillica, all those is along side the players that can fight for them, 2 centers expos is for mids.
I never place random expos, I plan it out and make it neutral as possible, thats balanced. The mids bases is in crossfire so to make up for that I made easer and wider ramps, to balance the game little.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
my only question is if the middle expos are buildable ;P

This is friggen awesome, one of the best 6 player maps i've ever seen, if not -the- best. Way better than your other maps...

the center expo for the mids to fight over seems a bit open to attack as opposed to the ones top and bottom middle...dunno what to do about that though.

GJ overall!
-Raid Assault has more flanking room.

-The three middle basilica expos are more than annoying. Usage = 0%, TA-DA!

-Center expo fears tanks, but it may be useful if there are two players =/.

-Everything else seems nice. However, everything else consists of: 1. Bases 2. Naturals 3. ... 4. exactly...

-It seems like you took the standard concept of side vs side incorporating 6 players. You then proceeded to fill in the center with as many expos as possible without it looking or playing retarded. The only problem with this is that it IS retarded.

king of 8 plr maps
towards the Middle is all buildable for all players, Think that dynamic will make it easer to defend neutral expos, Theres some unbuildable between players, but is 1 whole path on the vertical, so for game play i wanted on this.

I played this and I was surprised how well it plays, so I kept the setup the way it is. I was fearing that the middle expo would not work, and I played being in mid, and hold that expo with some cannons and gate, also the distance from my base to that point, was easy to get reinforcements there wasnt a problem.

Its still in beta so It might get some changes, If I come up with something better in future.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
king of 8 plr maps
Updated it, Fixed some minerals formations now more perfect, and tightened corner bases naturals so its more easily to defend then before from back attacks.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
lets see the rep then
Free Image Hosting at
This is more what I was thinking about. Those expos on the basillica were pretty pointless. Who would want to exp on such dangerous ground for only 4 mineral patches? The expo on the sunken ground might've been useful, but it took too much space imo. This is a suggestion of what you might want to do. It creates a larger battlefield, but gives something to battle for in the center as well.
modified by LaO-Artanis
yeah, artanis' suggestion looks good.
King of 8 plr Maps
Yeah that can work too, that was my first idea i had, But this now theres too much open space and it harder for zerg and toss, theres too much unbuildble, and not enough space on expo to build.

The way you made it is little standard, its almost luna for 6.
I play around with it see what else can be done, but that idea not a bad one eather, but now its bit unbalanced look top mid expo has tighter chokes at sides then bottom.

modified by King of 8 plr Maps
Making a map more open doesn't make it harder for zerg and toss, it actually makes it harder for T to push through. And yes, it's a bit standard, but it makes it very playable.

The top choke is less wide, yeah, but it'll make it a bit easier for the players in the center not to get attacked as easily from two sides. Right now, the people in the middle have a harder time, as they have more people next to them.
king of 8 plr maps
I've changed it check out the pic, I widen some paths near middle and added fun new elements, I think standard not good way to go for now, Im fealing this more fun to play then luna clone.

I might change my mind depending on how this plays.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
great 3v3 map, and it looks pretty nice too, good work
king of 8 plr maps
Updated to this new version

I widened paths at top towards the middle bases.
Unit movements and pathfinding is more finely tuned
Gas issue... just put the gas on top of the top 4 bases, and left of the bottom 2.
king of 8 plr maps
theres no gas trouble here, only if gas is directly under the command center, it mines slowest. the bottom bases gas is on the diagnal, it mines at same speed, or close to it.

Gas thats on sides mine little faster then if it was on top its shorter distance.

who really cares at end of game you can make an extra goon.

send your complaints to blizzard, tell them to stop making updates to korean text with updates and make real update by fixing real bugs still left in this game

modified by king of 8 plr maps
That's no bug, just an effect of their pathfinding algorithm :p
king of 8 plr maps
its a bug in pathfinding, if its not a bug then it should mine all same any where gas is.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
you seem to have your own definition of "bug"...
king of 8 plr maps
blizzard dont care for fixing bugs or care about starcraft fans, they just want your money. Why havent they made starcraft 2 like 8 years ago.

All it takes is add new algorithm timing for gas thats on top of cammand center, and that will cover whats left of the code for all possible placement of gas pos.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
All it takes is add new algorithm timing for gas thats on top of cammand center, and that will cover whats left of the code for all possible placement of gas pos and make all old replays unplayable.
modified by Cosmi
lol... Do you really understand how a pathfinding algorithm works? It's the very same algorithm for all harvesting movements... Changing it would not only affect one position.

And if they care about the SC community, they shouldn't even think of making a SC2...
Btw, making SC the day they release BW is a little odd...

--2 vs 2 vs (other, 1.13)

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