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Last update for (2)Naja : 2007, 07, 17 21:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1291 (2)Naja 128*96flothefreak1.2final

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 82 points


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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

tiny unconventional map. not much building space in the main. mineralwall at "2nd entrance" has 16 each. BS-wallin safe on both positions. Center expo is TW style, but with gas (1000 in each).

I had much space left around. i won't add islands. added grass in the mains because it was too boring without. though, beside the mains, i went for a black-grey-brown-style

i didn't want it to be symmetrical, but i figured out at least the mains would have to be (due to the min-wall). so again, i made the map symmetrical.

I'd like to have quite micro-intensive battles here, as - beside the short distance - all mineral lines lie exposed
so simple. why not adding islands? you have like so much space left... you can still add some more elements to it.
modified by SynDrome
i think that the main is too small, also there is much space empty, however i like the expos near the bridges and the map look nice, but in definitive nothing of special...
if everyone did not bash small maps, i would say cool map , and the extra space is good for drops, but as it is the case that small maps are bashed, i dont really know how i can say "good map"
King of 8 plr Maps
this reminds me of trench warfare, similar map
Looks way nice, but I think you could do more room in the mains. Also, the water is very plain. Check out the bottom left corner in Tentacle (i think it's this) where it has a tiny little island with a ramp leading up to nothing. Just a nice little touch to fill those boring spots.
u might want to add a high ground island to fight over ^^.

Good map. I love it. Maybe if I ever find time I will play on it. Dont add islands.
Add more building space in mains. Overall, it's not something new, so it's not very actractive for me at least. I would also think of a better place for those two center expos, which are very close to each other. I hate this in every map that has two a 2 in 1 expands, because if one of the players gets it, the game is finished... The advanatage is huge.
the dentist
it would look better without the mud, jungle instead, or dirt, not the mud. or do the mud differently.

this is a good map. and it's hard to make good maps in the symmetrical 2 player way, and on this size.
I can't really judge balance on this, but it would look way better having clean water without the decorative dirt
You guys are ridiculous, this looks delightful.
LGI, maybe it adds to the game, makes people fight over that more. I think its cool, only way to see balance is by games.
king of 8 plr maps
It's alright map but I dont like the water, its looks too forced with the same pattern everywhere on water.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
"It's alright map but I dont like the water, its looks too forced with the same pattern everywhere on water."

very true about the forced patterns in the water.. i was thinkin about how to word that same exact idea and that was perfect... imo i'd rather have more unsymmetrical pattern s there to revive the map to be more natural looking. cuz i like the map's layout and i think makin that change will make it alot better decoration wise etc.. besides that i like it alot.. the layout is done very well... i think this mite be ur best skill concerning the set-up/foundation of the map.
ok, i will remake the water decoration
actually i wasn't a fan of it either, but i thought the symmetric map would demand symm. deco. if you don't think so, I'M happy ;D

modified by flothefreak
looks very nice :)
your judging a part of a map you wont be playing on.
king of 8 plr maps
If you get air youl see it
what are the last two comments about?
the dentist
the rest is already good, why not comment on the deco
aah now i understand, omg
i read yenkus post like this:

"you judge apart of a map, you won't play on this map anyway."

i connected the last phrase to "a map you won't be playing on" instead of "a part (...) you won't be playing on"

lol sorry^^
with that new meaning, king's post makes sense as well :D
=D I will try to be more clear due to all the Europeans on the site.

I admit when you look at the whole map image it looks odd, but when you play, even with air, you dont concentrate on that little bit. You don't see as much and you are concentrating on playing.

Worry more about balance than looks please. Especially when it is something so miniscule.
changed decoration (kept it still symmetrical, though). enlarged mainbases and added a semi-cliff
Really interesting concept!

I think that replay clearly shows that your main layout is a little too tight. With your last 2 gates you blocked the way up almost completly. Now guess you would have been caught by a REAL muta harrass ;)

If you enlarge the mains it in the bottom part or even push the whole main a little to the bottom, you should be able to fix that.

As you saw in the replay, zerg can easily break that min wall with a single drone utilizing the nearby extractor (actually yellow recently did this on forte to break a terran wall in).
A terran should not have that much of a problem with this since a supply depot should block it off. But protoss is in a bad situation since a pylon won't close the hole and a early zergling mass can easily decide the game. I guess the protoss would have to put down a photon early on so that he can hold the almost certain 2 entrances (I as a zerg would mine 8 mins from each block and when my ling army is ready I would open up the blockade with 3 or 4 drones simultaneously)

So, together with that tight base, this map probably is heavily z>p.

Edit: I tried out GMCS to show where I would enlarge the main base. My main purpose was to try it out, since you probably know yourself how to do it if you are going to do it ;)
modified by spinesheath
lol so your saying your going to bring 4 drones with your zerglings just to break that wall? lmao
inept, the pimpest plays drone drill is speaking against you. if you certainly win//damage the enemy heavily, 4 drones are worth it. besides, you probably wont need 4 drones.

i updated the map. more space was necessary, and the suggestion helped, so i executed it.
When the protoss has 4-6 zealots, the zerg can usually have 24 or more zerglings (depends a little on the bo of course) but has no chance of breaking a normal choke block since the protoss will rebuild zealots faster than he loses them or at least fast enough to warp in a can or whatever.
But if the zerg can break into his base and surround the zealots, it's gg.
It is a quite do or die strat but with do >> die ;)
And, you can easily scout if that strat has a chance or not.

Hehe, hey did you notice there still are 3 dropspots on the top edge of the left main? Nothing on the other side as far as I can see. And I wouldn't drop there anyways^^ I just noticed that I filled my dropspots the same way you did and spotted these ;)
modified by spinesheath
yes, and when the moment has come, you can use the mineralwall to win. this is the special idea about this map as well...the minwall wont be the winning issue in every game, but every now and then, it can be useful.
I guess you forgot to update the pic?
nope, just use CTRL + F5 (strg+f5) to refresh WITHOUT cache.
ah thx :P
np. the new replay is on the updated version. building gates is much more comfortable ;D
You have to add that your base layout is wasting pretty much space ;) But even the terran player was able to build a nice base.
The replay also shows the importance of the upper expansion (probably especially in tvx), so the whole map is used and not only the straight line to your enemy.
You could improve a lot the water design though ;)

I don't really like your way of decoration its like dirty lines in water, nothing but natural imo
I played a fun pvp on this map. It was really fun, only think that got in my way was the minerals blocking the second ramp other then that sweet map =)
the TvT shows cool use of all of the map, btw. i dont really wanna bump this map, but i just wanna say thanks for uploading.
some changes:

-deco redone in some areas
-reduced nat minerals. in a mindflash i removed the blocking stasis cells to the semi-cliff and put the gas back there for ZvT balance. dunno if this works out, it should help zerg.
-former minonlies have gas now.


--wut)flow vs wut)sheep(1on1, 1.13)
--wut)flow vs wut)anfall(1on1, 1.13)
--eellee vs idothings(1on1, 1.14)
--Jex vs qadri1(1on1, 1.14p)

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