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Last update for (4)New Bloodbath 1.1 : 2008, 07, 27 09:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1311 (4)New Bloodbath 1.1 64*64SpoR[Mech]0.7final

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 33 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I Found a way to make a wallin possible for bottom right. I added a 9th crystal to every SL and rearranged the minerals to be symmetrical plus optimal mining. Not sure how the new crystal setup will play on a higher skill level because half the battle in BB is harrassing resources early on. If any of you don't know how to wall on BB I put plating on the floor to give a semi blueprint. and here is screenshots if you're still confused.*

PS - Here is my old version

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

modified by SpoR
sigh...10 bb's on this site now? Are you so very proud of this map?
and i dont really the the point of doing it - not to mention what exactly is new and what is the "advance" part of it

in addition, it's not really much work making a new upload here necessary.
Read My first post before you ask what is new about this. Did you bother to check the map pic out either?

modified by SpoR
would you say that i made a new version of Sattarchasm if i put out grasspatches to show where to wall good? Would u like that i uploaded a new entry for that?
Starparty, Arden, Flothefreak I don't like your style, If you have any comments let them be creative instead of just pushing the mapcreater down.

I think its a good job on this map, it is definately improved and more balanced.

no is definitely a noob map...
i won't support bullshit. that's it pretty much.
fuck say bloodbath is a noob map one more time...
blood bath is the fucking most gosu map ever dude -_-

pro 2v2 games on this are INSANE
why the hell would you upload this? no one even plays blood bath. i really do wanna c some pros 2v2 this shit. it wo uld be so funny to see.

no need to upload this at all.
Editted bottom right minerals so that units can get behind freely now. You can see the minor difference if you look at the map pic (still old version) when compared to the actual map.
For some reason when i put the (n).scm as the last seven characters it makes the filename too long. Or it saves it as (n.scm omitting the close parenthisis.

edit- Only way its working now is if i take out the word advance so the map is called (4)New Bloodbath 1.1(n).scm but still in the map properties it says "New BloodBath Advance 1.1 "
modified by SpoR
i never liked the map tbh, and somehow it seems to me that building on top right and bottom left isnt as, ur, good as on the other 2, dunno how to explain it.

no its definitelly not very much more balanced. He even neglected mineral placing and gas issue.
lol, so much for the balance xD
Wondering who would want to wall on bb anyways... Not that a choke wall would help you at all, you only place your buildings very vulnerable and limit your own movement...
And there is no way you could survive teching...
there is a balanced BB anyway. its called Blood Bath 1.2 Tournament Version. best version that i found to date
who really cares blood bath is mucho mucho zerg map........4 pool ling rush gg everyone =P
Not really... And it's 5 pool - better eco, same speed.
i heard that tktk ;)

never say its a 4pool when the 5pool is near :P

4pool is soo unstable xD
5 pool is mad easy to stop except if your zerg. cuz you never get enough drones in time if you try any eco build.
Can't fix the gas issue because part of bloodbath harrassment is to pick off buildings and gas so you have to make a solid tight base. speedlings run a muck on pre-acad terran and early toss. 4/5 pool is shit i'll even stop it with 12 drones late ass pool. Wall is good for an unsuspecting toss or late scouting toss because they usually 2 gate and to compensate for ur wall then usually try to rush with 5 zeals and the first goons or even probes. It can win the game if you are good with clutch repair and micro with mines and maybe even a bunker behind the wall. Tech is possible easily.
How can you not fix gas issue? Just put the gas to the left or top. Left on the top bases, top on the bottom bases.
By the way the pictures in this thread are of the OG bloodbath ( except for the brown wall demonstation picture). The real map pic is in here though.
New version : 1-22-07
modified by SpoR
this map can be deleted because BB 1.36 is its final version.
says who?

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