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Last update for (3)Longinus_101 : 2006, 11, 18 07:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1559 (3)Longinus_101 128*128KuKulZa edited by MSL1.1final

The map has been rated 77 times and got a total of 83 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This version of Arcadia, Longinus, and Blitz are all maps in the Pringles MSL. Same with the OSL maps, idk the author and the maps are protected. Feel free to give me the author and I will change it. In the map pack of these maps there were different versions of the same map, some had _100 others _101 others _200 and so on. Idk what they meant, and the maps are protected so I couldn't check. I'm too tired to open in sc to see if maybe one is an observer map or what, and I'll be too lazy and/or busy after sleeping, so if someone else finds out what it means that'd be nice oO
modified by Nightmarjoo
I like this map, I think the positional differences will be interesting
Longinus is originally designed by KuKulZa, the amateur mapper, and MSL pros edited it. The original map was twilght tile set, but they changed it to use inverted entrance.
Thanks for author diminate

wow 10 blocks in main. I don't understand the purpose of so many. It helps t and p, but I don't see that z needed to be weakened in this map.
played a game on this...fuckin macro city. maxed so fast i thought i suddenly turned korean or somethin
rofl inept
lol the map seems hard for z for a lack of expos. I've played several games on it because I like it, but it does seem fairly hard for zerg.
remember, it's for 1on1. there are just enough expos i'd say
lol I played an ffa in it. It's less playable for zerg than normal. Z has no chance, t and p can turtle and z can't take the map heh.

For 1v1 it's probably ok, but most of my games didn't last too long to know.
ya, in FFA i agree. no real chance for Z on a decent even-skilled level
macro zergs like Savior are scary on this map...same goes for macro terrans like oov..

Pusan would love this map btw, but too bad its not that great a map for running mass units into enemy defenses
I added a pretty good zvp, about an hour long. My poor zvp macro lost it for me, but defilers allowed the game to go on for a while. I was essentially trying to win a war of atrition, but poor scouing on my part failed to realize how impossible that was, since he had (from watching the rep) 25k minerals and 15k gas, to my 1.5k minerals and 0 gas.

--flothefreak vs NbFromSomewhere(1on1, 1.14)
--Nightmarjoo)hL( vs bi1189(1on1, 1.14p)

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