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Last update for (6)Archmage : 2007, 09, 22 02:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1752 (6)Archmage 128*128Salazar Slytherin1.9final

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 97 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

wow very original, but I see a few problems. First of all terran can tank their neighbors very easily. Also terran can lift their cc to the expos while the other races must wait for dropship technology and whatnot. This hurts zerg the most. Also there is little room for ground armies to fight, and zerg relies on this a lot in island maps. Although I could be wrong, this is so unique I think only testing will show much.
I love your maps. Keep them coming.
same... very original
king of 8 plr maps
Looks good, but not very playable right now, terran can fit tanks all around between bases, and bases are little too close, Map need some fixen. Good idea and resources is almost perfect, but corner bases have island advantage, and like Nightmarjoo said terran will rape on this.

If you can take out those balance issues you have good 6 map. I have some ideas to make this map nice and balanced, but i dont wanna tell you what to do. Good work on this sofar.
like a blizzard map :)

i cant wait to see some replays from this.. i bet it would be a fun 2v2 or 3v3 map, but not good in 1v1
sry i dont remember the prev.version. what has changed?
oh sorry bug, Scenario properties and triggers fixed.
I love this map. It's weird, it's different, you definitely have to play differently, but I love it. idk about balance, terran might still be too strong, but I'm not sure. It certainly made a funny (but long and poorly played) 2v2 :D
really epic but nothing i would play
LOL? You can't even call that "poorly played" anymore. Seriously, you had 1k at 6:30 or so, soon afterwards nearly 1.5k and a few minutes later, I guess it was about 12:00 you had 2k. The other players were even worse.

Mass goon with a few dropships - you're not going anywhere with that. That was not poorly played, but just crap.
You didn't upgrade (especially not air weapons), and your ally didn't even do the carrier capacity grade...

Really, I thought you were quite a bunch better than that, especially after all this rant in Lancet's topic...

I'm not trying to flame you, btw. So please don't start bitching around now. But you really should get down a bit - Lancet probably is not that much worse in judging maps than you make it seem.
lol? That rep is months old now for one, I haven't played on west server in atleast half a year. You think we were at all playing seriously? It was a 2v2 on a really weird map among friends lol.
1. We weren't trying our best
2. We don't play island maps very often and obviously aren't as good on them
3. I'm 349534095 times better than I was then anyway.

Why watch a replay just to say the players sucked? lol we played the map for fun and cuz I wanted to see the map in game.

At this site, only lnept and DeA can consistently beat me, and I don't seen you calling everyone who posts replays noobs, regardless of whether or not they are.

It's still a fun, innovative map. As Antares said, good for 2v2 or 3v3, obviously not for 1v1, so it's a fun map.
Actually this map is very poor.And btw,for this site useless.The only thing that this map allow is a grasshopper migration strategy.And isnt this funny? No,it's just stupid. It is the opposite of a good map, one that allow just a single strategy.Maded just for the view.

And also like shit it attracts some flies
Interesting...but not a map I'd ever play on.
oooh another mapper who uses hexagon blocks. ;-P

--dBc-Nightmarjoo; dBc-Scathe vs dBc-Khal; dBc-chard(1on1, 1.14p)

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