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Last update for (4)Gamma : 2014, 08, 09 09:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1808 (4)Gamma 128*128SynDroMe0.5beta

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 21 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

this is a cool map but the exposed natural position troubles me a bit.
lol looks like you forgot to either make a nat or a choke. That expo there really can't be called a nat. I won't play this map because I play zerg and want to get through early game. Such a t map. Not only can t run past your 'nat' they can shoot your nat from behind. Were you high when you made this? This is worse than curtain calling.
Yeah, I agree with boongee and Night. Check GMCS. If you move the nat to there Z can defend better and it's more secure altogether.
modified by UrzaTron
interesting, but the nat would be so hard to defend
i thought blizzard didnt made this game so hard for zerg lol , i mean comeon... now you want ANOTHER borring "nat-after-ramp" map where the SAME BUILDS are used over and over, the same borring FE zerg in every mu, the borring 1 rax fe strat that zerg likes so much, the standard "omg mass sunk here and I can defend 2 bases for the price of one" in zvp. i want you guys to MICRO rather than the traditional and borring tutrtle style.... but if u want another common and borring rutinary turtle strat map then u got one.

dont complain then if u want diferent and original maps.

modified by SynDrome
modified by SynDrome
Agree with Syndrome, mix it up! Good job.
It's cool you want to make a map that plays differently. Unfortunately, with the natural in its current location, Zerg will simply get rolled over by Terran every single game.

If you think the small amount of originality is worth it, then that's your choice.
i would personally call this a 2v2 map. No way does it have good 1v1 gameplay. too confusing. (which is a plus for 2v2)

yeah I think its 2v2 map too
modified by SynDrome
Very nice and original map, interesting layout. The only thing that I think may cause a problem is the small distance between the mains, it reminds me of Sin Pioneer Period where T>Z. I'd like to see how this map plays out tho. Nice work. :D
well now it's playable, but the distances for vertical positions are pretty short due to that expo there and its ramps.

my friend said the map reminded him of goatse
i didnt see this updated, but this really looks good. Should have solid play


remove the solar array at 12 and 6 and connect the ramps.

test the pathing for vertical base to base movement. it looks like units will take the expo path everytime. so the only thing u could do there is make highground island expos at 3 and 9.
ok il work on it, shoud I make 3 and 9 expos islands instead?
modified by SynDroMe
Bringing Old maps Back =D
Please don't bump the map purely to be bumping it. Suggestions were made on this map almost 2 years ago and you didn't address them then, so there's no reason for anyone to add anything now.

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