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Last update for (3)Desert_FoX091 : 2007, 07, 05 10:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1844 (3)Desert_FoX091 128*128CarlSagan_M30.5beta

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 25 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

it's an island map, 800 mineral block between nat<->centre.

10 mineral base, nat with gas, and mineral block is 3rd.

2000hp cell block between base<->nat, and creep harassing T&P take nat easy.

-anyname at
Another MSL beta map =/
great and innovative...but a sunken colony in ZvP could really kick ass. not sure if it would work, but if it does, you can blow P choke up
R.I.P. 14CC T_T

I still see Terran in favor. 2 Marines,CC,Fac,Fax/Port.

The marines attack the Cell with 2 SCVs and another SCV builds the CC. Then a factory at 100gas. Lift CC,kill the Creep Colony. Add another Fac or Starport.

I think this will be the fast expansion strat of the pros. But I think they will go drops with tanks because they can shoot the workers at the natural.
MBC maps are so cool o.O <3 SKorea for making StarCraft still the best game ever. They've actually made focus groups and stuff for this XD

I can't wait to see VODs of it.
or you could play me instead of being afk on aim all the time -.-
Scout you can still 14cc and lift to the mineral only
Who would build a 14CC an lift such a long distance? You build 14CC on for example Arkanoid because you can kill the neutral thingies so they die exactly when the CC is finished. This means +minerals +1gas.

Nobody would lift a CC for such a long time without being able to transfer SCVs to the expansion.

But a dual expansion could be possible. This means that Terran builds for expample 2barracks and some marines but goes defensive style and builds 2CCs at the same time.

I dunno if that would be safe Oo

Edit: Oh yeah the awesome thing is: When I used Creep colonies on Glimming Cross it "sucked". Now when koreans use it,it suddenly is TEH PURE PWNAGE.

modified by ScoutWBF
lol I would lift there. Remember in our game in mirage I lifted my cc to the nat ><
U can't play Terran!
i played 2 games on this map already. both were long and showed the map well....but alas i ddint save them.

anyways, both of them were PvT and to end controversy the FE build for terran is :

depot barracks then lift barracks to other side and kill creep colony with marines, then cc is ready and you land cc and then marines start attacking cell.

theres a lot of highground cliffs + islands so carriers really rape this map. id say pvt just turtle with goons then rush to carriers asap
you don't use pp? pp = autosave rep which is very usefull! Not like reps take up much of your harddrive lol.
no i do not
not bad at first look, but it`s still a beta and that creep won`t disturb the zerg so zerg is in advantage!!
you pointed out what was this map's intention: to ease zerg expanding which is hard on island maps :P

this way zerg dont have to fear from that other races secure it too early and get used to turtling
Map is made by CarlSagan_M3
The creep is only touching the place where the cc/hatch/nex will be placed. Kill the colony and the creep will probably vanish after a few seconds. Slows you down only a bit, and since zerg will have to waste some larvae that should go into drones on an "airmap" to build some lings to kill off the cell (drones will probably take way too long), that "zerg advantage" is really not that huge. I'd even say that terran can make the most out of this setup, then protoss (gate is mandatory, then cyber, then zeal, and nex about when your starport is coming in - just a guess, I don't know if this will work with p, I rarely play p), and at least zerg.
i second what spines said, i have already commented this theorycrafting on GGnet too. maybe its more anti-zerg, because he must buy lings instead of drones, while terran always buys marines, so its not a disadvantage to destroy kill the buildings.

but i think, this map is weak, somehow doesnt make me say: "hell, i imagine very dinamic games with great flow", but to never play the map in my life
I wouldn't care so much about the making of a few lings/marines. But terran can continue producing eco, while z has to pause that to get some lings.

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