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Last update for (4)Prison of Eros : 2007, 07, 20 11:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1882 (4)Prison of Eros 128*128NastyMarine0.1beta

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 6 points

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Comments:   GMCS (7 elements)

My last frustrating symmetry problem was with (2)Garden of Aiur.. now my latest problem is with my newest map. I need help pinpointing where there is lack of symmetry :/ Its really buggin me out. I'd be very thankful if you guys can pinpoint some of the areas. Just GMCS the area where you think its off. I know there are a few areas that need to be worked on, but i cant find exactly where im having the problem(s).


please dont comment on balance and distance etc yet plz
wow base very good
very good designing again, risky techniques, but i dont mind. i put my suggestions into the gmcs
its awesome, just I dont like taking units through temple ramps, way to skinny. Rest of map looks coo

Finished the map and decided not to go with symmetry for a number of reasons.

All criticism = thanks
I think those type of ramps are the worst case for this concept. Have you ever try to move whit your army trough there? Not only that such concept helps terran players and those ramps are also boosting terran power here. Also the really tight chokes on the main high ground temple are again helping terran.

Let's the testing and replays whit terran begin!
tanks should fit on those temple walls = muchgay

blue's ramp doesn't face into the main, it faces to the side, and teal's ramp is just wtf. Maybe try an inverted ramp or something for poor teal, you suck up a lot of base space with that horribly placed ramp.

the main size is pretty small from just looking at the pic; from the pic red and purple have larger mains than the other two.

The very middle could use a decent sized hole there or something to lessen how open it is, the rock or temple thing, whatever is there now isn't big enough imo; also I think the hole there or w/e you put should be long going from SW to NE.
no natgas = imba
not really.
yes, rly
No, not really.
eh doesnt matter anyway. its a bad map.
oh here is my opinion about the nat gass..
fuck you crackling :D

hey hey why do you really needs that temple ramps? you can just open the temple wall with jungle or something.

not a really bad map :S
what are you talking about..

..oh yes, you are right, mybe removing it from the database? (no, i'm joking) looks hard to edit the chokes, and there is a temple wall in the choke where terran can really be dangerous?
modified by Testbug
Testbug, i'm not sure but i think there was a competition for this kind of entrance.

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