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Last update for (2)Argonne : 2006, 12, 24 11:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1886 (2)Argonne 128*128Nightmarjoo0.6final

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 27 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

My first map in a long time.
Only the top-most replay is the newest version.
Seems good. That second min line at the nats is sa-weeeet. :)
The first two replays are the same.

I liked playing on it EXCEPT that lil bridge in the middle >.< made me mad. & top & bottom expos put a wall inbetween them so they aren't so togetherish GEEEIT
Thanks phenolphthalein, I added the wrong rep for the first one. Ok, the only rep with this current version is the bottom-most now lol.
are all the minerals the same, that double expo thing is kinda lame if its full resources.
dont worry bout it, he has cool idea for them minerals
wtf stupid people spamminmg the tourny maps... PUSH
?! Check the replay section. It's not a spam, i just add some replays from last week tournament.
eh comments any? By not leaving comments you make it clear my map is perfect and the best ever, in which case I will post motw 52 now with my map.
Sounds good to me!

Your reticence surprisin' me...aha!!

No kidding what's with all the double min lines??
We would be glad to have your explanation.
are the workers affected by the double min lines?
You should seal the dubble min lines at the first nat expos, couse they are so many protoss and terran players who doesn't stop pumping workers all the time, and imagine what a boost you will make on the expands for those both races. They will gather from 7x2=14 mineral blocks at once! The distance is not that of a problem, you can try yourself that in game you will feel the POWER OF MORE MINERALS!

But it's a good idea for late games. I like it a lot.

And yes... MAKE A WIDE BRIDGE IN CENTER! REALLY WIDE! Or just make wide terrain there...
modified by LGI
make a triple bridge in center

remove expos in top right bot left, and put them where grass is i will use gmcs
nvm LGI already told you about the expand thing
In an earlier version of this map terran's workers (not zerg's and I didn't notice protoss') mined the second one, I altered the formation and changed the distance for the nat, I need more testing of course but I believe the workers no longer mine the 2nd one. I am not sure about the 2nd one, it may need moving to fix it, testing will tell.

Fry the idea of the double nat and double other expo is to make late game more interesting; I did not want a super low money map but didn't have the room for other expos (I didn't want to hurt the open/tight balance).

lnept/LGI about the expos you want moved, I understand the reasoning behind moving them, however I have yet to see the placement be a problem in my testing.

LGI I am not sealing the expos from eachother, especially at the nat (the 2nd expo I tried to ish), I want that back area used behind the 2nd expo, and t and p need the space behind the 1st line for turrets/cannons. Sealing it = harass and drop too strong imo.

The center bridge is not changing. It works perfectly the way I intended it to be used for. The main reason behind it is to allow rushes, early attacks (the first mnm or zlot strike, or hydra strike idk), but most importantly for scouting. I wanted to limit the (2)cheese by allowing fast scouting, without the bridge they would have to go around the whole map to scout, not good; playing blind is no fun. The bridge is certainly a deathbridge, if you cross it without scouting you will probably die, if you try and fight near it and end up on it you will probably die; by using it instead of the outer paths you make a gamble. The outer paths are intended to be used for movement and fighting, not the bridge (mainly). The bridge is a good strategical position for all three races (and is the only strong terran vantage point). It also is a good strategical place to defend or attack the mineral onlys, which are fairly unsafe as is being in the middle. I didn't want them too out of the way and needed the bridge.
Now, I do not want a large bridge. Making a large bridge would make the rest of the map largely useless; making a large bridge will make the middle no longer a real vantage point. If more units can cross the bridge faster the mineral onlys are more so in danger.

Fry, my sincere apoligies for my retiecence, however I was waiting to explain my concepts until I recieved these comments (I expected all of these, there is nothing original here).

I may move those expos, I am not hard set on them being here or there at the moment. I had a reason for placing the expos there and not in my forest, however I have since forgotten it. I most likely will move them.
Not sealing the expansions off will result in mass money for t/p.
if you say so
This post is not displayed due to its content
lol clone of what
This post is not displayed due to its content
noob map ggnore --v
lol ima start censoring your guys' comments here ><
This post is not displayed due to its content
decaf want big bridge

btw using my censor power on tktkvroom for the hell of it
@ Nightmarjoo About censorship - the system works!!!

About the double min.lines;"... afraid to become a low money map".With 4 expos/player+the main ressources I don't think so.

But it's your map...

@TKTK... I read your commments before the c.Pretty rascally,oh yeah.You don't know jack...
modified by Fry
lol wtf?

--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs Chopper]i[ (tk)(1on1, 1.14p)
--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs chopper]i[ (tk)(1on1, 1.14p)
--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs chopper]i[ (tk)(1on1, 1.14p)
--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs Chopper]i[ (tk)(1on1, 1.14p)

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