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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Ok, it is not decorated yet. =)
Wow, you really seem to be inspirated by Starparty who puts the most effort in making his maps look unique. So does this map. For the looks, and you will improve them as you say, its already a 10.

The only thing what i would change are the bridges, the wide one leading to main, the two leading to the 2nd gas expansion.

I really like the look of this map, hope you will improve the temple terrain. I raelly look forward to see a zerg fighting with Muts on this map. GJ!
Okkk, I changed the bridges, i also made some decoration in the ruins. there's 2 islands, 2 way to get through middle, it is supposed to be a streched X in middle, :O so i will work on putting doodads when i will be sure that everything is good with the bridges.!

This map looks pretty awesome to me:)
i think this map is already a 10 too. interesting enough to demand play and overlook any small unusual balance issues (if there even are any)
Do you think the name is ok, or it sucks, if it sucks =( tell me some name that could fit with this map. =) I added new decorated map.
its nice, and its easy to remember. Dont worry about it :) I like it too. gw
Great map, original concept!

You can't 2base FE as zerg here. But you already know that so I guess it's a design choice. Still, I'd suggest making it possible if it can be done without messing to much with the great concept. Consider movnig the min line at the mins only nat around (should face away from attackers direction), so that a hatch can fit there put lie close to the plateau's edge. This way, z could 2 base and sunk up at the plateau - it wouldn't be as effective as normal sunk up at nats, but if you narrowed the passage beneath the plateau a bit it could be hold with lings, and these sunks would fire down on intruders. I hope you get what I'm saying? If not, I'll produce some graphical explanation.
I see I see hmhmmh, my first intention was to make the min only vulnerable by giving chance to uinits on ground to shoot workers on thje cliff, Your idea is to put the minerals on the ledge, and with the hatchery, put sunkens on the cliff right? Yea, i will think about it. But i also think the passage near the plateau is a lot bigger than what you think, if the troops goes right into the main, the sunkens won't be effective. If a terran put tanks on the cliff, he will secure 2 expo at a time :S. What about making a natural that you can 2base as zerg? would it solve the problem?
the reason i like this map is that it kind of mimics zerg's situation of being at LT's 12. maybe this was wrong; maybe it is better to make this map different. i'm sure most zerg players at many levels would avoid playing this map :/ i wouldn't, though. it's hard to satisfy zerg users when they are accustomed to the advantages on many maps.

I don`t see a problem concerning the expansion. The distance is great betwen both bases, and so a zerg should manage to put up the second hatch at the choke, the third at the nat expansion, or otherway round. I raelly like this map and i would consider it as finished :) gj
I like the general look/concept of this map. The position of the 1st nat is disadvantageous to zerg only. That's not all that bad with taking everything else into consideration. But I really must say that the middle just isn't open enough. I was already thinking this before I even saw the raised jungle & expos. I definetely think that those middle expos should be put nearer to the water, the raised jungle eliminated, and maybe even increase the size of middle altogether.

--panschk[FP] vs Ilko(1on1, 1.13)

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