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Last update for (2)Beyond Atmosphere : 2007, 05, 04 18:03
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
200 (2)Beyond Atmosphere 128*96Listoric1.1final

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 60 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

I deleted this map before the discussion with my
psychologist, now it's back up again ;)

Some complained about the simple design earlier.

True, it is really a simple design, just with some small additions like the stairs to the cliffs and the minonly, which is almost only reachable with a dropship for your enemy.

This map is made for Newbs to get used to the game, through marking several dropspots and expansion possibilities with an X or an [] sign on the ground.

I really like this map, it`s fast, simple, got a neat look and offers the standard tactical possibilities. Not more or less.


200th map WOOO!!!! ;o Middle doesn't look very large :S ? RUSH MAP, the look is very good though..
I like it - especially the stairs to the cliff behind 2nd nat thats cool like terran can drop but u can still bring lings/zeals up.

Middle does look a little small & one modification I would make is a little less money on the bottom half of map. Like take off 2 of the gases & have the expos with the gas lose 1 or 2 mineral patches each. That is purely preference though. Seems dandy as it is overall.
as, i think, STIMEY said in an other comment, maps like these often have a lot of unnused area. So i decided to make the expansions at the bottom look quite attractive. And after some games, they really are, sometimes i decided to expand on the bottom of the page after i'd taken my natural expansion. The fighting place switches then a bit and it's more interesting in the middle or even lategame.

Anyway, it`s a really fast paced map, you can`t sit around and expand as you wish, you have to set your enemy under serious pressure to expand.

You get every unit up the stairs, except the Ultralisk. But other can walk up there, but you have to click more often on the left part of the map, because of the non-symmetry of the stairs - praise starcraft :| . Anyway, you won`t walk up three with other uits than, Zeals, Hydras or Rines.
Horizontal symmetry 2 player maps are hard to make well. I've made dozens and never kept a single one. The problems are always the same: they tend to have one small path that players use, which is usually too small to stop a terran in. they usually have other routes that seem interesting in theory but just don't see much action. (-)

on this map, the other routes are too far away AND the main pushing route is too hard to stop a terran in. the 2nd natural placement is clever. maybe they should be connected by land. (+)

i think the lower plateau will be too easily held by one player who will then turtle up a double expo up there, which is just so ouch and ugly. (-)

you just don't see the interesting play on this kind of map that you would on less symmetrical 2 player maps or on the accepted 4 player maps. i think it can be done but its hard. (-)

+1 -3
Actually this is a very nice map imho. Simple and Basic, but good at that.
also z>p due to nats being too expensive (photons)
I made a version with connected Min-Onlys, but it sucked, because of harassment. T has enough possibilities to hurt the enemy through drops and a tankpush or something, so it would be unfair if he could harass with fast vultures over the min-only-connection as well. But on the other hand Terran has a hard time on this map, because the distance is short and the other races are good at short distances.

If you watched the replay from panschk (thx for testing, enjoyed the replay ^^), you`ll see that better players have to harass all the time, just to stay alive, or to let the enemy have a hard time. As you said, the alternate route is far away, and so it`s easier to defend the Natural as Z or P, they "just" have to block the bridge. The alternate route is almost 3 times longer than the bridge route, so if you scout a bit, you start an attack while the enemy takes the longer route.

Then, someone said that it was easy to take both expansions on the bottom. Well, i think the space on bottom is large enough to drop with serious damage. Till the enemy gets these expansions, you have yur dropships.

So, i`ve really seen no real imbalances so far, just different playstyles and different skill lvls playing here. It realls is a fast paced map, so it`s action from the beginning.
Yes, this map is very straight-forward pitfight. Might be hard to zvt though, I imagine a 9 rax BO being absolutly deadly to any fe plan by the zerg.
I just made a small change, now the catwalk has a ramp and is wider, so the main route to the natural expansion is smaller in the end. it`s even 100% wall-able with one supply and one rax. That might help terran to survive the first minutes easier and help toss to defend his expansion against zerg.

if you place a tank right, and there is just one position, you can attack the expansion directly. But to get up on the ramp, you have to use the alternate route, for a more interesting game.

Comments please!
Ok, after thinking about the map again, i decided to finally change it to an almost airmap. The distance to walk to your enemy is huge and it's dumb to try it then (when i redone the map), but it's good for scouting in the early game and maybe for a small attack then... i will update it, or reupload it with a different name then, to see what the reactions are.
I think its ok as it is. I makes for quick games, and there is nothing wrong with that (look at narrow path!) The lack of batlefield doesnt matter too much, because if the game go that far it will probably be an airmap anyway..
Very nice, and very original with the to near expands of the players. The stairs are very good idea too! I like this map very much but only from the jpg. I hope i can play it sometime with all races and i will check how is the gameplay on it.
I like to play on it, but it's very fast paced. you can't use the second route a lot. and a tankpush is very effective. I'd say it favours terran a bit.

--Panschk[FP] vs Myg.ame[FP](1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs naTco(1on1, 1.13)
--flothefreak vs Kaesetoast(1on1, 1.14)

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