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Last update for (2)Iuppiter 1.1 : 2007, 04, 13 01:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2121 (2)Iuppiter 1.1 128*128Nightmarjoo0.1beta

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Holy shit This is really...unique. (in a good way)
Ok, I made this map very differently than most of maps. There is virtually no symmetry here. I am 76.9% sure there are positional imbalances here which could actually hurt the gameplay, and 100% sure there are more or less irrelevant positional imbalances too.

So this map uses spells a lot, idk if they will change anything. When I raped Racine several times, except when I slow pushed him tvt, the only time a single dweb was used was when he had a retard zlot following my scout scv home. So I parked him in a dweb and sent a marine to kill the zlot =/

From raping Racine, the mainbase size seems ok, and I didn't have any issues with the nat. One imbalance I have to change at some point is that SW can wall with a depot and rax, but NE can wall with just a rax.

One thing I'm afraid of is that the island will never be used, or only used by terran or something. Should I use higher hp neutrals for the wall on the backdoor?

It felt like there was enough room in the middle for pvt to be ok, but it's hard to tell when raping Racine =/

Please point out all/any positional imbalances which I didn't mention! I need help here =/ I'm not Antares with Montsegur symmetry :( (but I tried!)
lol thanks Scout :)
yes, really unique map ;P
i think there are too many resources on both the large islands
the nat-chokes are imo too small
hmm well I needed the nats to be roomy, and gave them a fairly small choke in addition to their openness. For zerg, with all the room, it might be too hard to defend their nat early game, with a larger choke imo. But idk for sure, Racine is a bad test partner :O If someone else could test my map for me for the time being, I'd be eternally grateful^^

As for the islands, if there were fewer bases then it would be even more useless; and at the moment I'm afraid that they might not be used at all with them being rich, being less rich won't encourage their use...
mmmm joel your maps are getting alot better, me like. I'll take a good look at this when I get home later today <3
unique but theres suttin about it i dont like :/
lol yeah? What's that :) Don't leave me in the dark!

Thanks tk.
I'd have to study the map intently before playing it. I wouldn't be able to "wing it" in a random map tournament or something similar... As for originality and unique concept, well done. And as you mentioned already... there are many positional imbalances that could be ironed out easily. I suggest that you work on:

1. Distances
2. Tankablilty
3. Choke sizes
4. Area sizes
5. Expansion proximity
I did check distances, they were fine... I'll redo them because I don't remember exactly which ones I did check and which I didn't. Hmm I did consider tankability somewhat, but not too much. Most of the inner island cannot be tanks, but if you're on the lower parts of the coast of the mainland then you can tank parts of the island.
Choke sizes, I think they are mostly equal, but yeah I do need to check those.
Area sizes are good. The mains are not equal in size, but both have enough room, from my experiences from raping Racine, both were both roomy enough and at the same time not a wasteland, ie not a tk map main size^^

Thanks Arden, I know some stuff to check now. I'll do that later, hopefully I'll be able to report my finds today...
bump, no more comments? :(
welcome to my world :/
LOL hahahahhaha tk
bump :D

keep bumping Lysis for me nig
well done from freshness and execution...but look ta the gameplay: most players will defend from the choke in front of the natural-securing 2 expos at the same time. only maybe this would favor drop, and dropping means you also have shuttles for the island. but i really dunno if this works out, or if the 3-bases-player will just have so much money to defend everything.
hmm ok I can work with that. Lemme mess around with shifting the early game focus and stuff.
hmm well so far all I've done here is add a highground doodad tiles to NE's choke so he can't wall with 1 rax so walling is fair, I added some rockyground to the edge of the nat/path to the backdoor expo, and redid the path a bit of NE's backdoor passage thing. So far sizes/distances seem to be ok, haven't found any serious imbalances as the zergling runs (not looking at air distances).
er I forgot to say that I covered minerals and gas of the backdoor. I think you can still mine from the minerals, idk those things are just annoying heh. You can build on the gas, but cannot mine from it until you kill that neutral.
The tvt rep is terrible, but sorta funny. Essentially in it he contains me in my nat early on. Of course I have a backdoor to live off of in the meantime, and I lift some ccs to the islands. I have like 6 factories making some tanks and mostly gols, then go bc. And he's like maxed out in the middle, he eventually goes and drops like all my expos, but I had enough bcs to win the game lol. There's a critical early battle where he would have killed me then and there ez had he not quick sieged under some dwebs outside my nat saving me from death lol. btw I'm Smaug in it.
in the zvt one, which is equally as bad, the only thing worth anything is in the very beginning where he micros his marines to kill my lings using the dweb on his backdoor path from the nat.
So far I haven't found anything wrong with the map from playing it. I need some good tvp though to test the pushing and whatnot through the center, to see if there's enough room for flanking etc.

--Smaug[HCFM] vs FireToss[HCFM](1on1, 1.14p)
--Joel vs chard(1on1, 1.14p)

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