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Last update for (4)Calypso : 2007, 11, 20 04:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2129 (4)Calypso 128*128RaDiX1.3final

The map has been rated 80 times and got a total of 101 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

Brand new map from me... Hmm... Kinda normal ^_^
crowded and a kinda uninspired expo placement
well the map is executed with top notch detail. But im guessing horizontal main to main pathing will be non existant with those stairs. I also believe it will be really easy for T to dig in put up crazy good defense with a very low count of men gaurding the min only and expo. i dont like the platform divets in the high ground at the 6 and 12 part o f the highground (right near the very wide ramps. it really prevents good flanking vs T when leaving the nat. and seeing how its easy to defend it that area already, you have to give some edge back to p and z there.

i like the style of the map alot tho. it has a great feel. good work.
Indeed is maybe your best one,but I have to agree with flotefreak - the expo nearest to the nat is too close to the nat,for my taste.I think the key to win on this map is to own the top/bottom expos;cause they are very easy to defend
Make 6 and 9 expos island expoes?
No,no.If you do this your tactical possibilities on this map would be very constricted.You have my suggestions on GMCS
If i move the 2nd natural it's gonna be easily tankable, but i think i will make something up..
maybe the right arrow wasnt precisely enough placed on GMCS.You should place the expo whitout gas on the plateau
ah yeah, I'll do it :)

-Changed 2nd natural placement

-Made the stairs to a real ramp, may cause complinations for defending zerg, dunno about that.
oops pic is wrong i fix it in 1 sec-.....
Much better,yeah...
gotta agree, thx ^_^
Also it is come to my attention that you have erased the doodads near to the main-chokes.Good!
I really want to vote for SpaceShip but the horizontal gameplay is just not solid enough. :/
Anyhow I could try to improve that? '

ps: nasty wanna test horizontal gameplay? :O
modified by RaDiX
The layout reminds me very much of (4)Namja Iyagi. Although there are a few important differences. I like the overall feel of the map, and its executed pretty well. I think that it will be hard for Zerg to FE here, and that important in horizontal matchups. as proven with Namja Iyagi with that neutral expansion on the highground (6, 12) rushes will be exploited. What people do is build barracks or gateway on that highround near the ramp, this way they can continuously pump rushing forces and the opposing player will have little time to react. Idk... It's just what I've seen.
Yeah, very NamjaIyagiesque (certainly no clone of course). I think this is a bad 1v1 map for horiz being so close. I think this would be a great 2v2 map though.

Your northern main ramp solution makes me sick. Please just use an invert. You just made a short main2nat distance, a very long main2nat distance =/ No way is that difference fair.
White Tiger
IMO, the rush timings being different for horizontal versus vertical make a map fun. It adds a little more luck and intensity to maps, in an age where rushing is rarely viable. IMO, a little unpredictability adds a lot to a map . . . But NOT if it makes it imbalanced. Hopefully this would not make it imbalanced.
It does make the map more dynamic and less standard, I will agree with that. But to say rushes aren't viable in today's BW is simply incorrect. The point of a rush is not total annihilation, it is usually used as a means of economic destruction. This way the rusher can pull ahead with an advantage after a successful harass.
Very stylish, good work, I am just concerned that in horizontal or vertical game play the center will not be used at all.
pfff nightmarjoo, inverted ramps suck for mainbases...better stick to normal ones, the 2 secs of taking longer has never been much of a problem.
totally agreed with flo.

@Lancet. Only terran will try using tighter pathes, there's no way that a z/p will use only the small paths. So I gotta disagree, that the middle will never be used. In TvP & TvZ atleast for sure it will get very used, atleast by P/Z
edited: Made 12 and 6 o'clock expands island expoes, should help the horizontal fighting A LOT.
this map is going to ICCup too... :)
But there are tons of inverteds???
yes... I dunno, yello-ant has become more friendly to me ^^...
3 nice reps added.
yello-ant wanted the name to be calypso ^^
Wasn't there a calypso before?

I guess that name change will boost balance drastically.
lol n1 spines ^^
check those last two replays, awesome games...
This post is not displayed due to its content
nevermind; see forum thread "yellow..."
main shapes fixed a bit, naturals made easier to defend.. (You can't run to main so easily anymore)
I think it's better :)

I'll try and get some test games. Also, please review/submit to yello the maps I posted in the yello wants thread. I think they're ok, and no one is posting about them in the thread, which is usually a good thing.
the minonly still is very hard to take...
how is vertical pathing with the natural?
minonly isn't used very much, yes... :S.

Vertical pathing hmm... Dunno about it actually
i think you played your own map -.-
if the units from main to main use highground it will be okay. lowground sidepath could gety ou in trouble when having taken the nat
imho there are many worse pathing problems in many pro maps than this one has ^^. But yes, it's a problem :(
let's imagine you have a sports car of a known company, and everytime you drive faster than 100 mph, there is a low noise coming from somewhere in the car; this would suck. so you decide you build your own car in your garage, and you test it to find out you have the same annoying noise, but only above 130mph.
then it is better, but it still sucks!
You forgotten to had a black thing at east. :p
modified by evil_DNA
flo, so you say my map sux yes?
He doesn't like it a lot, yes. But it probably is more against ICC than against you or your map.
no that sportscar thing was about the pathing comment...
I like flo's car analogy very much :) I will in the future comment edits to map, "well it's ok, but it's a sports car edit", etc.
I think this map is really solid. It's really fast but allows troop movement to carry the map instead of holding chokes/defending a lot. I think this is a great map.
thx for reps+ comment easyloss :)
It's beautiful map but you put gasers in the wrong places. In the north natural you should place gasers on the bottom. I guess terran has a free exp on this island (lift CC and super extra easy exp for t...)
no, what you wrote about geysers is nonsense.
yeah, like the gass at 12 and 6 being in the center and about 4 minerals like ride of valkyries
I will use the map in a Hamachi tournament so soon I'll be able to upload some replays and tell you what the players think about it.

btw I like this map :)
thx letailis :))
flothefreak, It's not nonsense. Gaysers are in stupid place... But if you are talking differently I will not corect you... nah.
middle reminds me of azure pasture
Well...yesterday was the day of the Hamachi yournament. There was a group stage and then were the semifinals where the first map was (4)Calypso. I used it as a starting map for the Final too. All the players liked the map but I uploaded only one of the games cause the others were too short to watch :P

Anyway the uploaded one iP.Chus vs AoS]Rage[BG is very good, long and full of action game. I don't know if it will help you to balance the map but still it shows how (4)Calypso can offer some very interesting games. That's for now. GL ^^
What do you mean by too short? If all the games were finished by double 9 gate rushes and the likes, then they really were too short. But if the matches were around 10-15 minutes, they probably already show map aspects.
Uh... WHAT? 8:45 is long? The zerg didn't build anything but zerglings...

Maybe that's why it seems to be the wrong replay...

@ Radix: God, fix your extended terrain, man! It's HORRIBLE. Do you even care about it?
The replay I uploaded is 35+ minutes long so I don't think you're watching the right one :)
That replay is notalone vs chus. You probably uploaded the wrong one.
It looks like I clicked on a wrong one. I'm sorry. :/

It think it's fine now.
Imo this replay shows that the starting locations should be placed differently inside the mains, right now it seperates the main into 2 pieces, but you'd want a single piece of land to build your factories on. I also don't think that the starting location should be so close to the ramp. Dunno why, really ;)
Added one of the few games I've played on this map. It's not a good game, but whatever. The side vertical paths are imo too tight =/
yeah, I've played some PvT on this in some iccup tour, and in the end it was rly hard to atk the T anymore when he moved to middle to take that expo, you can hardly get him there if he got some units...
also in that place when you leave your main (other side than nat) you can't even proxy there:( (2gate) so what are they for then? :DD
As far as I can see it's p>t cuz I'm 0-1 tvp ;) (see rep (my tvp blows lol)).

--Terror.DwMT vs Spectre.DwMT(1on1, 1.15)
--Terror.DwMT vs Spectre.DwMT(1on1, 1.15)
--Terror.DwMT vs Spectre.DwMT(1on1, 1.15)
--Mysterious[Xp] vs Arccos[Xp](1on1, 1.15)
--fAke.Damage vs GoldenZerg.By(1on1, 1.15)
--na)girl vs MgZ)Whistler(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS (Z.WronG) vs yulrase(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS (Z.Wrong) vs Savior]Master[(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS (Z.Wrong) vs drewfoo(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs FiNkY(1on1, 1.15)
--iP.Chus vs AoS]Rage[BG(1on1, 1.15)
--iP.Chus vs AoS]Rage[BG(1on1, 1.15)
--iM-Nightmarjoo vs dP.Ease(1on1, 1.15)
--z/z vs z/p(2on2, 1.15)
--z/p vs z/p(2on2, 1.15)
--z/p vs z/t(2on2, 1.15)
--z/z vs z/z(2on2, 1.15)
--iM-LyRa vs Cold[Pain](1on1, 1.15)

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