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Last update for (6)DMZ1.0 : 2007, 05, 05 00:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2145 (6)DMZ1.0 128*1280.1league

The map has been rated 81 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

again thx
holly shit these maps suck
LOL! There may be hope for Caissa to go mainstream after all!
(-.-) ... Do these Korean mappers (some aptly named pro [/sarcasm]) come to BWMN, see all of our ideas, and then implement them into a disgusting pile of quote -originality- unquote? It's kinda sad how all of these maps are pushed into tournaments and popularity soley by the appearance of a popular name. It doesn't matter how shitty the map is, everyone on will play these now. Look forward to seeing pro replays on these maps and then later hear: "Why are we playing on this pile of shit again?" "Because it was made by Ragnarok" "But isn't he a complete moron when it comes to --" "That's besides the point" *3... 2... 1..., /commence miner split.
do those "promappers" earn money for their maps?
Just to be the devil's advocate, think for a momment, these are the maps played by pros, these are the big guys, this is the real world, these are the concepts and the execution that are mainstream (and fun!). Don't you think that maybe, just maybe, many of the leading folks at this site are like those academics that decry how people are listening to trash music, reading trash literature, watching trash movies and buying trash art instead of the "real" thing? The "real thing" being, of course, what THEY think is good music, literature, movies and art.
I completely disagree, although I understand where you're coming from. Maybe some of us are biased, maybe we are not the Gods of all maps, but we certainly have a right to determine what maps are good and what maps are poorly made. This new wave of "pro" maps are simple and disgusting at the same time. Anyone one of us could make them in a few minutes. The concepts that they propose are not incredibly fresh and they are way to imbalanced/awkward to be considered "good". We can see why the map is bad, we don't merely say that it is without meaning.
idk about you but I'm a god of mapping.
I never meant to say you never reason your opinions, it's just the premises. For example here an imbalanced map is considered "bad" when, like I have argued before, a reasonable option is to play say 3 games, one in a map that favors your race, one in one that favors the other and the third one in a balanced map. Oh, and notice also that these map makers don't give a dam about the gas issue (geyser left vs right) that is repeatedly pointed out here.

As to this map, I mean, double open chokes, one leading out to the open periphery and the other leading to a passageway full of dwebs but with enough space between them to have your units be operational if you place them the right way (in other words two different battlefields).This is hardly old school!

Sheez, this is what I tried to do in my map "Janus". The central battlefield is similar to the concept on my map "Caissa" the double choke similar to the concept in my map "Oracular Visions". Thanks for posting these maps! I thought my maps, despite what people say here (or rather don't say) were good, but now I realize they are cutting edge!

LOL! This is not "simple and disgusting" or "not fresh" or "imbalanced/awkward",this is the next level of refinement in mapmaking and it is happening right before our eyes while we are complaining about it!
I doubt that this is "refinement".
Refinement while keeping it simple on the first view would mean that every detail is thought through very carefully.
And honestly, I don't see this on this map. Blue and brown have no expansion close by, and they certainly have nothing to compensate for this. On the contrary, being in the middle they have an additional disadvantage of being exposured to tanks or air harrass/drops even more.

Consider blue + purp vs teal + brown. Teal is pretty much f***ed, as he can't get an expansion. Expanding to the left woulnd't fix this as his units will not be able to cover his main an exp; and brown can't hold both his main + exp and teals exp all alone.
Next is the gas issue.

So just these two things alone are enough to claim that this map is NOT refined.

There are many more details, one being the placement of the DWebs. They are not equally tight everywhere; where they are tighter tanks have less chances of penetrating the mains next to these places.

Also, this map doesn't leave much room for creativity. The only thing there is is the area of DWebs, and that area will soon be depleted of its new tactical possibilities.
the truth is somewhere between your two points of view.
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

~Edgar Allan Poe (I think :p)
DMZ has officially been taken out of the proleague and replaced with Vampire starting May 15th-ish (too bad they couldn't have given Iron Curtain a second go; that map was awesome). I guess KeSPA realized that almost every 2v2 on the map resulted in a tandem SCV/5pool rush from both teams.

I know someone will say "should have used a BWM map instead" like in the thread but hey, Vampire's alright and anything > DMZ.
modified by pOOwarriOr-
modified by pOOwarriOr-
At least they should have consulted us; we would have told them not to use that map at all :p
dam this map was turning out to be my fav proleague map. the intensity on the map was great, every unit counted, it kinda satisfied my dream of having 2v2 pros on bloodbath, this is what it would be like imo.
agree with spinesheath/arden.this map is,why i wrote this comment?

to point out that even weak maps can become league maps,or win depends always who brought them inside of a league.and for those who are active here,what can they learn?

this map is a warning for all those who try to push callow pieces called maps in contests.this map is a evidence of incapacity.for those who understand german we have a nice word for such a creation - rohrkrepierer
modified by Grief_Stricken
Nice explanation Grief. Rohrkrepierer.
you say it,but you dont understand my message.a level to high-_-,maybe?.

actually i dont try to explain the issues of this map.cause it's imposible to make a old granny looking good no matter how much cosmetics you using.

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