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Last update for (4)Luna The Desert : 2010, 06, 05 06:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2216 (4)Luna The Desert 128*128RaDiX0.7experimental

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 42 points

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Comments:   GMCS (10 elements)

Name tells everything. Haven't changed anything really :)
still looks better somehow, lol
probably due to the harder contrast on desert
Umm ya... SCMD2, change tileset, maybe one or 2 black tiles here and there... What's the point of this?

And don't you think you could have removed the twilight sprites?
Spines: lol @ sprites!

So did you make this map? or let scmdraft do it? XD
You could have fixed the gas issue :P
hmm, someone asked to do this in the luna the space, so i did it.

Yes, i let scmdraft to do it.
you cant delete those doodads (atleast i cant)
the gas issue rox as it is lol...
they are sprites not doodads Xl

LunaInSpace was done by noname :P
Yeah Radix, noname has uplaoded Luna the Space sometime ago, but i think desert tileset is the best.

Btw: Where can you change the tileset??
Map dimensions in SCMD2. Or you open it with WinMPQ, then open the .chk with a hexEditor and put another value in the ERA section :p
which version of luna did you use
some pretty recent one, don't remember the exact :D
twilight sprites? jesus christ xD!

you never test your maps right? CRAGS ARE UNBUILDABLE, teal player can't expand at 7 because of your n00b decoration, red has some unbuildable terrain at 1 but the hatchery can be well placed (it's only that creep won't expand there) and in the intersection of the ways to natural, center and minonly, there is an other crag problem.

12, 6 and 9 minonly ar ugly as shit, please redo it.
3 o'clock has no dired mud (but not having dired mud was not enough to stop you! you still has bad copy/paste problems there!!!)

blue main mine has a bad copy/paste thing at west (guess you can find it)
but what's the point of this???
luna in other tileset? man, get a job!
anyway, remove the twilight sprites!
(maybe you can make the bridges wider?)
testbug: 1st of all: FU

And: You can build on the crags, cuz it's so thin

and: u go get a job, i'm just a student

wow, you're really bm dude, not just now, seen u bm commenting on many other maps too...
modified by radix
man, i downloades your map!
i downloaded your desert luna and test your crsgs!
all the glitch i wrote above are true, just modify that, the teal can't expand because your crag is not thin enought

TEST THE MAP, i only want to help, sorry if i'm that hard, click on a building and try to place it all over your crags, you will find some terrains that are not thin enought, only replace that terrain.

look, all 4 bases has crags in the natural expo, BUT TEAL CAN'T EXPAND BECAUSE IT IS NOT TOO THIN.

12, 9 AND 6 minonly are cab copy/paste, and 3 o'clock has some glitchs, sorry man, i was high when i wrote that and can't edit it, but i'm no fucking, i'm just telling you the error in a map i liked, downloaded and tested.

read my post carefully, i sayd that ONLY teal can't buid the expansion, the other 3 players do can.

the red has some unbuidable parts in the choke.
and only some bad copy/paste things.
(there is a bad copy/paste thing in the blue main mine, at west, i guess you can find it)

look man, you have about 30 maps here, you are now a qualified mapper, so i'm talking to you as if you were that, i won't call "n00b" a realy new mapper, is like saying that we know u can do it man, don't make a map before finising the one you are working on now.

and the twilight thing are not doodads, are sprites
sorry dude.
i love you raidx <3
hehe xD
Gee man.. share what you've been smokin'
Must've been some good crap :)

Nasty used a nasty character in that GMC!!!
modified by spinesheath
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Weird mouse pointer... Get the SC one!
ok i'm done with this... man this sux.. ---> goes to trash. Fuck i'm done with mapmaking... (I may sound like an idiot, maybe I am). Thx, good bye maybe see ya some day.
hey radix, you can fix this glitch easy, come on (and you are not an idiot, we, nightmarjoo and me are idiots, but not you) xD
sorry because of my coments :(
forfive me.

and what about the nasty character? :S
modified by Testbug
lol only because you were proven wrong?
who was proven wrong?
wait, what does "proven" means? google Language Tools doesn't do anything
proven is passive perfect form of 'to prove'.
I assume flo was talking to RaDiX

"nightmarjoo and me are idiots"^^ :D

RaDiX this sounds silly, no one was insulting you, just pointing out a slight easy to fix and also easy to overlook problem in the map. Those little things are what bwm is great for finding when you yourself can't :)
Nah, it's not about that nightmarjoo... Not about the single map. I've noticed in the past months that no1 appreciates my maps, and that sux. I make good maps (atleast not totally noob ones), but no1 really
doesn't like them, atleast doesn't say they do... It's ok if you don't like my map, give me suggestions. But I've left for some time atleast. c ya
I <3 your maps!
maybe the fault of your maps not getting recognized is laying with YOU and it's not just "others' fault"? that is like if a ar constructor says "nah nobody buys my car, stupid folks" and quits. maybe the problem is with you, and YOU need to work and improve. nothing comes out of a sudden. especially NOT skills.
RaDiX, you're becoming a better mapper, people expect more out of your newer maps because you as a mapper are improving. You can't make maps with the same little things that your older maps had, more than just better execution should come out of a better mapper.
I've always updated my maps if i have gotten suggestions... This one i wont update, i put it to trash already.
Now if you want me to love you forever and ever, make a neo challenger map, that would be playable.
That's been in my wishlist for awhile, after all, I guess like many others it was one of the first maps I've played ever.
I tried to .. eh, pimp it, the result was disasterous :/
fixed all those things, was too tired to update pic :D
Johnny B.Goode
It's still a clone.At least make the bridges larger like in "the Final" version
It haven't balance for original version.
perhaps you don't made bridge,this map
is better than creation.
modified by tunagiant

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