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Last update for (2)Manta : 2007, 06, 09 13:01
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2248 (2)Manta 128*96Deathman1010.2beta

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 9 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Need help how to make a picture?
I have one...its too big and scmjpeg is farking up.
How to get picture of your map.
Got my pic, I think I need more decoration and I'll get on that now.
I have some serious doubts about the playability of that map.
As in? I played it myself with one of my friends and pwned him...however my friend is a uber-newb.
Do you wanna get the game feeling of Forte??
There isn't enough biulding space in the mains and too many chokes. I think you should reduce some of the minerals at the expansions. Maybe you make the middle larger. Otherwise terran will win.
If he put tanks there the game is over. You should decorate it more ;).
Good layout and concept, but you have to work on the execution.
modified by ptar
No I ddnt want forte...never even heard of it.
Too many chokes? I can only count one.
As I said on the forums...I need help learning how to terrain decorate. Doodading is my style and that doesnt work here.
Whats an execution?

BTW; I havent tested this one yet...but my tests never matter anyway.
Ok just looked at Forte, how does it even relate?
Forte has a mini main and much room for buildings in front of the main. Thats the "Forte game feeling" :)
With chokes i mean the entrances to the main base.
Decoration: Maybe put some random placed Flagstones and crushed rock on the map. Also don't make it that linear. Let it look more natural. Put some walkable doodads on the lowground. That make a map much nicer.
Execution is the outcome of a plan. (Don't know how to explain it in english^^).
modified by ptar
Sorry dude I was thinking this was (2) Final Frontier.

I did the chokes because if I had only 1 or two Terran could easily pwn it...but now that I think about it that could be countered by mutas.

The point of the no space in main is to force the player to expand down instead of remaining on the high dirt.

Middle larger? Whereabouts? If you mean the dividing line I did that because the terran would have to sacrifice efficiency of their own expo to tank the other.

I cant find any walkables for dirt or crushed rock...
modified by Deathman101
:( no matter how hard I try it still looks artificial.
I know what you mean with the middle. But so terran gets a favour, because he can easily protect both ways between the mains. (I mean the upper one too)
Also you should remove the dropable cliff.
A map with many small passages isn't good. Terran can turtle and hold the enemy back, cuz they don't get trough the passages.
I'm going to look for walkable doodads.
Could you please update the picture too.? Thx
You should remove all those linear structures. Make it more natural. Look at some maps from other mapers. Testbug is a god in decorate a map.

PS: I can redo the map and send you a picture of it.
Maybe you get new ideas.
modified by ptar
I wanna finish this one myself ptar. This was my second half-decent map.

>>Removing dropables (I thought someone was gonna mention that lol)

I shall attempt to remove the small passages...but it will be hard to do so without destroying the gameplay.

Im gonna google Linear...cant remember what it means.

PS: Testbug makes his pics too bright...they hurt my eyes

PPS: Sorry 'bout the pic, I made a mistake lol.
I only wanted to sent you a pic with nice decoration. Only as help. Of course this is your map and i don't want to "destroy" it.

PS: Testbug love brightness :)
Done...updating now.
update finished.
Think looks better. If it plays better i don't know.
lol...I bet not. All my maps tend to look like they play well to me but then get crap reviews. Perhaps its spreading...
Lack of space in main
too many chokes -> zerg graveyard
no real open terrain -> PvT graveyard
lack of easily defendable expansions -> zerg graveyard
two islands in tank range -> XvT graveyard
Not in the mood to be nice atm, saying what comes to mind.
Ive asked this before, what the hell is linear terrain?
Linear terrain = straight terran

linear terrain seems to be working here tho doesnt it?
lack of space is to make them expand down
too many chokes? I can only spot two (per side)
really? I see lots of open terrain
I may have to work on the expansions however there is one that can be defended so long as you command the top passage.
You would need to have a scanner sweep for the tanking.

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