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Last update for (4)Lumines : 2007, 06, 09 21:25
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2253 (4)Lumines 128*128M# aka Mapghost0.1final

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Fastest 4 Minerals in Starts have 375.
Others(6) have 1500.
You can take other starts in game by build
command center opposite starting point.

First Expo

First Expo has 6M 1G
First Expo's 3 minerals have 20.
First Expo's 4 Poor minerals have 375. they are standing for zerg's 3 hatchery play.

Center Expo

6M 1G
great exeuction. BUT one big problem - gas issue!!!!!!!!!!! fix that please.
i dont like your 'fastest' approach to the map, but whatevs :P
I was tested this map, but Gas issue wasn't important at test game because players are has same far gas. hmm.. and it can't be modified because 'can-build-otherstarts' is this map's biggest problem. it will be very bad if i modify gas issue.
modified by mapghost
Suppose both players start at the bottom of the map. One day one of them will want to expand to another main (in a longer game), so, where should I place my nexus? (CC is not such a big problem, can be lifted after the "fastest" mins are mined off; same goes for hatches, just place another)
Luna the 2nd! gw though...
gas issue is important mapghost, every zerg player will hit you with a stick when his opponent gets 3-4 mutas more and for free because of your gas placement!

the fastest approach is a cool idea which messes and changes the BO timing up. but as spine said - expanding will be a bitch.
modified by flothefreak

I said that all players are same far gas, so they are equal. and i can't modify gas issue because other starts required by players.
guys he seems to be a fastest player and trust me they dont know dilly about gas issue... might as well show him the article........
can i request melee ver?
What gas issue? The mains all require 4 for optimum.

Won't the mineral block at the bottom mess up the starting workers' position? And will it cause issues with early mining/returning?

Guys what are you talking about? This is nothing like fastest oO

The map is interesting, bit weird, forces zerg to 3hatch not 2hatch FE, though I bet you'd be fine building next to the nat geyser to block everything.
I don't see anything wrong with the map, but it is very similar to luna, except that the mineral only has a geyser.

Oh one last thing, why are the starting locations/mineral formations so far from the edge of the map? I think I'd rather they were a little closer to the edge.
you should always try to get a 3-gas. many players still dont know the difference...
and those "far away"-gases also have significant differences iirc the gas issue test.,
depends on how much of a gas issue nazi you want to be ;)
I don't think he could without having to alter the mineral formations much make it more balanced, as he already said.

Players should learn the gas issue >< Mappers shouldn't have to at all turns bow to the player, however contradictary that statement is to how mapping ought to be...

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