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Last update for (4)CoastalHammer : 2008, 03, 26 17:03
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2272 (4)CoastalHammer 128*128Nightmarjoo0.2beta

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 14 points

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Influenced/encouraged by this map: (4)Naval Islands

I dunno if I like it. I think I like NoChance's map better =/
Expos were made to make harass easy and turtling less easy.
I dunno if I want to keep N/S expos. E/W used to be island expos, but I thought it was too tight. I could of course move the mains closer to their corner nats, but I wanted it so terran couldn't defend their expos without dropships, ie they couldn't float a cc over and siege tanks on their main's coast lol.
I might make the mineral onlys larger, and with the formations on the outside with rocks behind like the other expos.
I might add doodads later.
idk I wanted to make a map similar to NoChance's, but my team disbanded today so I couldn't test it with humans, and now I'm uninspired to do anything sc related. Hopefully I'll be motivated by your comments or something =/
I don't think this map is my style at all.
Please no "terran wins cuz he can float a cc over" theory crafting, it's just not present here as far as I can see, not having extensively tested it.

edit: ugh it's so ugly ><
modified by Nightmarjoo
uuh i think...terran wins cuz he can float a cc over... ;d
Ok then... since no one is saying anything, and flo, spines, dea, protoss4ever, ptar, and others have all been on... I'll try and explain why I don't think terran is overly strong here.

If terran goes for a FE build before tech, which would ultimately be the fastest way to expo, exploiting his advantage to lift a cc the most, a protoss, expecting this, goes for a normal island build, getting a dropship and some goons, maybe expoing himself first, then dropping terran's expo. Because of the rocky ground being behind the minerals of most of the expos, he can't turtle on that side of the island, allowing for any dropship to drop stuff. The main island does not cover the nat completely, allowing for a gap for dropships to pass through with no worry of a line of turrets of defense. The mineral formations are all reaver friendly, and easy for mutas to harass because of the rockiness. The mineral only island is easier to turtle on, but I may be increasing its size and possible conforming it to the rocky style of the other expos. The 2nd geyser in the main allows for anyone to use it, it's not too far away, probably 5 workers (haven't tested) can mine optimally. Zerg of course will build a 2nd hatchery sometime soon, which allows him to mine it optimally with 3 workers (he can build it on any side he wants to). This should correct any issue which might be present in island maps where zerg is less strong because of the gas heavy nature of their tech. From the mineral only there are a couple spots where tanks can sit and hit the very edge of the main, but that's it. Every other island cannot hit a main even by siege tank, so their tanks aren't especially strong at all.

Currently I have used no spells, but after testing to see how it plays I probably will add some. In an alpha version of the map I was trying to use dwebs on the edges of islands but gave up. I might use dwebs/swarms in the future who knows.

Please comment/give suggestions...
too much space wasted and this map is only small islands and more small islands.
give the main mines some gorky island look.

and don't use all that water, use some low/hogh dirt and make some beautiful thing with mo path between si it still is a TOTALY island map, but give the terrain things for tanks, carrier vs goliath, some sin815 ramps, i don't know.

this doesn't look proesional :$
The mains are quite large, and the non-mineral onlys are big enough too. It's an island map, of course there is some wasted space, it's inevitable. Do you yell at god for making the earth with 70& water?^^ "you noob mapper, too much wasted space god!"
Would you rather I left the water as water? This is just my water decoration style =/
I already explained why the main/nat layout is the way it is, and copying anything from a terran map is just silly when I'm going for balance.
There is plenty of gas, if terran don't want to gol drop (which I'm sure will still be very effective), they can make wraiths/bcs/valks. As an island map, not semi-island at all, air units will of course be important.
and zerg has no oportunities against protoss :(
2gas not good enough? Zerg will get mutas pretty fast, then soon 3gas after he expos; as zerg I would 12hatch 11pool then lair up after 100 gas, take the 2nd gas sometime around then, make a spire and up ovy carrying when the lair finishes (no problem with 2gas), expo when he sends out his mutas. If anything, early on, protoss is in trouble, he has to get goons or cannons up for muta and tech to robotics to get shuttles, after he secures an expo he'll be fine, 3gas for protoss? Can you say reaver/sair? And zerg will continue expoing while going for hive tech, easily with 3gas.
Also the map's expos are low on minerals, which should take away an advantage protoss/terran usually have over zerg.
but it's not funny!
make it beautiful
Ok raped a comp. I played exactly how I described it above. The map seemed pretty gas heavy. Going straight muta/drone I had a lot of gas, but as my expos picked up minerals (3gas) it started to even out.
Zerg seems to be unstoppable on this map.

1. Hatchery can be placed close to second gas.
2. Guardians.
3. Muta harrass.
4. Expansions everywhere.

Not necessarily in that order. ;P
Try that. It won't work out that easily.
I think zerg don't have enough minerals to make mass muta so fast.
mains alittle bit bigger and its ok map

i like the double gas

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