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Last update for (2)Penitented : 2007, 07, 26 22:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2351 (2)Penitented 128*96LML (aka EM-LML)1.0beta

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 67 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

The middle has still enough place to make some turrets, here and there, so that u cant build big buildings in the middle, but its not imba for T, aswell.
modified by LML
I don't understand why you needed reversed ramp on this map. IMO people put them everywhere now, just to prove they can do it.

Looks like a pretty good map, quite playable. Nothing breathtaking or spectacular, though. And the gas issue is back?!;)
It's more like this: People don't take the time anymore to think about their map and if the concept can be realized without inverted ramps.

Yes, inverteds ARE differnt from normal ramps, and imo negatively different.

Mirroring the map would remove the need of inverteds at the mains, and those highground expansions can be remodeled easily to still work with normal ramps without changing the gameplay significantly.
bad ma...

euh i mean eeuh..
its nothing speacial and not that nice decorated and hm its simple... :p
modified by Crackling
Yeah, there is no decoration atm;)

and panschk, actually I didn make those ramps to show that I can do them, since I just copy/pasted the from the (0)Jungle Ramps.scm map;p
I do think either, that those ramps are worse than the normal ramps. I will check, if I can change there something, in anyway.

Oh, and its not suppossed to be a breathtaking map, more like a balanced map, where u have fun on simple playing, but which is something new.
"and those highground expansions can be remodeled easily to still work with normal ramps without changing the gameplay significantly."

they have normal ramps ;p
modified by LML
I've updated it, with normal ramps in mains (making the mains a bit smaller on top...) and some doodads were added aswell.
good improvement with normal ramps in mains. :)
um, mains look pretty small now. But I don't know how to make them bigger with normal ramps really. Maybe move everything up by a few fields?
Well, panschk. I thought, that the mains r too small, either. So I started a game vs the Comp. And it was still enought, to make 2gates above my Nexus. And I think, there is alot more space for that. Aswell, as u got the whole side of the mains, where u can put all your tech, and l8er more gates/fax. I think it will work alright.
Ingame its bigger than it maybe looks on the pic;)
2 gates? O RLY?
Seriously, in a game that goes past the 15-minute-mark you'll usually get 7+ gates...
... Seriously, I was thinking more along the lines of 12 (5 with addon) factories and two dozen supply depots;)
as I mentioned b4, u can get your 1st fax+addon above cc, and rest, like supply and tech, u can make on the right/left, in the big field.
Hello, I'm not active poster here but I played this map yesterday and i saw couple of bugs.
1. Terran can't add comsat/silo in right main (dunno how it is in left main).
2. Workers can't gather minerals (or randomly gather or not) one of mineral field in both mains.

3. Terran can't make good wall on ramp; IMO it's big mistake in two player map.
Sorry for my bad english.
modified by Prezes83
oh, yeah, I made that mistake, with the mineral field, didn think about comsat, shoulda fix that. And when the dl is the same version as on the picture, u can gather on all mineral fields, b4 u couldnt, and I changed that.
oh, and I didn want to let the T make a block too far at ramp. u still can make a block, but u must do it behind the 3rd doodad.
Maybe try to modify natural entrance to give Terran chance to wall there (like on Longinus).

What do you think about this?

How can I add pics to my post like Testbug here:
modified by Prezes83
yeah, maybe not too bad. nice idea, I will try it.

its already possible!
modified by LML
"How can I add pics to my post like Testbug here:"
yeah, I would like to know that either:/
modified by LML
what about checking out the article section?
i suggest the "HTML for beginners" thread -.-
u must use html in here?
I thought BBCode....
so its rly not that hard;)
Forgive him, flo, I wouldn't think of checking the html beginner's course when I wanted to add a picture, too... So no need to pull such a face :p
also I know a bit of html:)
but I just didn think, that I can use html in a comment;O
oh, and.. any1 could play on this map? :)
I just fixed it yesterday, so its playable now. b4 the player starting at 7 always lost after 1second, since Startpoint was for p12 >_<
but its for p1 again;) (not on pic, but in the melee version).
I will add an observer version, when I think, this is done so far, and that there is no more need of any changes, so far.
oh, a few replays would b fine!
no1 wanna play it ;d
I just did:D
oh, and this version is somehow unplayable too Lol!
I had to set the startlocations again >_<
I will update it now.

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