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Last update for (8)The NeX Hunters : 2006, 02, 17 21:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
249 (8)The NeX Hunters 128*128Snooky1.6final

The map has been rated 91 times and got a total of 146 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

As you might be guessing, I give my credit to blizzard's The Hunters for making this map. I made this map for my clan NeX on East (NeX-Snooky). Eight player RW's are a lot of fun, but in every clan I've been in we only play on The Hunters. The Hunters is actually a horrible map especially when it comes to balancing and any form of symmetry, but those things are practically meaningless if you're playing a game like RW which involves a lot of luck as it is. In fact, imperfections often enhance or make up for unfair differences in RW games. Thus The Hunters is actually a good RW map.

But I wanted to make similar to The Hunters with good symmetry and overall balance. I threw position balance out the window since it is RW afterall. I think that its better that way. We've played a couple games on the map already and it seems to play alright. I only wish I could make the distance from left to right the same as top to bottom. This is why I make many of my maps 128x96. Squeezing 8 players in a 128x128 map is harder than you'd think >.<

Like The Hunters, some 1st nat expos can be tanked from someone elses main. I figure I could leave this aspect in the map (I didn't have much choice considering the lack of room). Those 1st nat's that cannot be tanked by other mains, their minerals sit closer to their neighbor base, so maybe that will make up for it some.

try this one ;)

Naturals that are tankable from a main are really not that great, but I suppose that there is nothing that you could do about it for some positions. But to me, as it is a bug, not a feature, you should reduce the number of bases where it is possible to a minimum. For example, browns min only could be made not tankable imo.

Well, it's an easier and slightly fairer hunters, I think you did a good job overall.
with 1024*768, an image this size kills the design. Please set width=600 when you use img tag to implement a map image here.

Just add the map to the database if you like it, that's what it's for.
Couldn't you've said that before i posted it? :)
I would much rather play a RW at this one than on hunters, really. The map's greatest asset imo is its logical outlay - it is much easier to remember the look of the different positions on this than on hunters - which is a strengh for map like this. With 6-8 players in game, you don't have time to fiddle about trying to figure out where your opponents' nats are.
Wtf you made a map for our clan and didnt tell me. Asshole.

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