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Last update for (3)Paranoid Android : 2009, 04, 23 01:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2497 (3)Paranoid Android 128*128Testbug5.2beta

The map has been rated 135 times and got a total of 697 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Guessing this is korean?
Looks like a pretty cool map to me.
Paranoid Android for 3 players - In genius
where were u on this one testbug? :P
oh nooo i have been discovered!!!!!
you should take a look at this parts of the map:
Crushed Rock to Water:

and Basilica to Water:

any suggestion?
possitional imbalances? well, can't blue natural be harrassed by mutas? :(

well, original pa was
main: 8
nat: 7
minonly: 6
highground muly: 6

(3)PA has more minerals:
main: 9
nat: 8
minonly: 7
highground: 7

will that hurt gameplay?
modified by Testbug
Wow Testbug, keen eyes there fella. :O
Hahaha, nice! But where are the big bridges? :D
cool terrain work. you're really breaking the borders here.
It's me, or teal's main is HUGE ? o_o
Yep, teal seems a little large.

Finally this map isn't t>z anymore :)
ok i made Teal smaller but looks like it's nat is in trouble against mutalisk harasment...

oh and i tried to copy ProTosS4EveR's colors in my map picture ^^
The pic is still so pale.
The deco in teal's main is lame. :P

Btw, i'm TEH pitcure man. :DD
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Beautiful map, a lot of work was put into it. I think that there is a slight pos imbalance as the site for the nat's starting CC/nexus/hatch in the NE position is closer to the ramp than in the two others. Also you all know I love backdoors but since the nat's backdoor is wide open I don't know how defensible that will be plus it looks like units going from the main to the area behind the backdoor will have to cross the worker line.
If you want to reduce the power of muta harrass on teals nat, remove the cliff (so that mutas can't hide up there), and maybe even keep a small ledge for defensive units.
someone make (3) reverse pa :D
resourses are now 8-7-6-6
i made spinesheath's idea: teal nat is some more defendend by mutas.
i wonder why nightmarjoo hasn't comment my map yet ;_;
need some test games :D
you know, there is a "Upload replay for this map" link under raiting, type and play tipe thing
though you used same concepts as the real paranoid android i kinda think you should either make a similar name or new name for this sexy map
but it is paranoid android for 3 players :D
well, anny suggestions?
modified by Testbug
League map plz <3
lol author name
I'll comment this sometime :)
modified by Testbug
Hi, I'm new to this site. I signed up because I like your 3-player version of Paranoid Android a lot and wanted to make this comment.

I would like to use your map for a tourney with my friends. Tonight, I had two of my friends play a test game on the map and we ran into some problems. We used the observer version of the map. I was the observer. When the game started, my friends could see each other on the map. There was another problem : I, the obs, started with a purple Hatchery in the middle of the map.

I took a look at the map in scmdraft2 and found the cause for the problems in your Forces setup. For the "Players" (players 1 to 3), all 4 checkboxes are crossed : allies, random start location, allied victory and shared vision. Only the random start location should be crossed here. For the "Observers" (players 4 to 8), all 4 checkboxes are crossed also. Here, the random start location box should not be crossed. The players in the "Observers" force are on user select. They should be made a certain race instead. All of the "Observers" need a start location (anywhere on the map is fine), but right now only player 4 has one. Finally, in the triggers for the "Observers", you only need to turn on shared vision for players 1 to 3 (the "Players") and not for players 4 to 8 (the "Observers"), but this is nitpicking. :D

I hope you can fix the map with this info. I'm looking forward to the updated version.

Cheers !
i did not make that observer version.
i only opened the SCMDraft2 and click "melee with observers (3 players)"

i thought they had done the correct triggers, si i did not test it. I'M SO SO SO SORRY.

you can read my reply at here:
SCMDraft does do the right triggers. You just have to do Forces and make the Players "User Selectable" yourself.
ok i'll take a look
oh the observer players were "user selectable" race, so their hatchery/nexus/cc appeared as other players.
i fixed that thing but i can't test it against the computer. wish it's ok new :S
Almost. You need to check "random start location" for the Players, and uncheck "random start location" for the Observers. Players 5, 6, 7 and 8 need a start location (anywhere on the map).
hehehe ok, all the observers start locations are stacked in the middle
coolest map ive seen this year
ok Gillias, i think the observer map is finished.
feel free to use any of my maps, and don't forget to come back and send me some feedbuck or nice replays ;)
Thanks for the changes, Testbug. Why did you stack the observer start locations ? o_O That's just looking for trouble imo :) Triggers and Forces look ok. I haven't been able to test the obs map yet, though I think it will work the way it is.

Once the tourney's over, I will get you the replays of all tourney games played on the map.

Cheers !
test games showed an unreachable mineral field at 10 oclock's natural expo. plz download the map again because i have moved that mineral field.

Test games also show that there is a positional imbalance if you take your minonly and highground, it will be safe and you will be near your oponents minonly and hightground, while he has to walk A LOT to reach your minonly and highground :S
is this a big problem?

important2: whn will nightmarjoo and Inept comment my map? (;_;
The nats aren't equal.
The main formations have different amounts of spac behind them.
The middle might be kind of tight.
After you redo the nats to be more equal, I'd love to test this map.
There are little positional differences you could fix, but I don't see any glaring issues which it's imperative to change.

Only thing I don't like are the nats, work on them :)
can any1 tell me what's nightmarjoo saying? how are the nats diferent? i don't ind the positionalm imbalance, wich1 si the best? wish is the worst? what's wrong with it.
ok ill go into depth

greens nat doesnt defend his ramp at all
reds nat barely defends his ramp
and whites nat actually protects his ramp. thats what needs teh fix in terms of nat.

middle: i would scrap the moon shit in the center. sure it looks cool but you have to go for gameplay over looks and the center definetly needs that space.

tank range from basilica to green/reds highground gas expo: can it hit?
weee, Nightmarjoo and Inept commented my map :)
inept's right, i'll resize the basilica and will move the high expo mineral fields ^^

i'll take a look at the nats also.
than you very much
oh Inept, i have been loving you more and more in secret, hos can you find this positional imbalances in all my maps :D

ok, 3rd gass (highground expo) cannot be tanked from the basilica or the other main, etc.
mineral fields cannot be shoot from the lowground.
only gass can be shoot from the minonly.

i did not understand the thing about the nats, but now it looks more balanced? y moved cyan's ramp to the left, I tighted the red ramp and white can't build the hatchery near the upper mineral fields because of the gass :)

I also edited/moved the thing in the center to make better movement.
now, what's wrong? :D

(i did not totally removed the doodads in the center in this edit, but i can do it if it's very very wrong/bad)
This map really isn't PA at all lol.
The distances make it a macro map alone. The backdoor isn't all that great because of the long distances and the small nat.
imo the expo layout is weird and doesn't make sense.
The mains are huge.
The map is pretty much nothing like Paranoid Android, except for the tileset and parts of the expo layout.
The nats are small and pretty tight, making the backdoor hard to use, and they don't guard the main ramp that much.
The main formations could be imo improved, and I think sideways formations mine faster than when the minerals are above or below.
To make more room for the nats, I suggest removing from the mains.
The nat gas is also in the way of the pathing for the backdoor.

I dunno, it might be fine. The mains felt too big, but they might be fine. The nats are kind of awkward. The expo layout might be fine, but I got lost looking for them, lol.
gimme a (3)ride of valkyres :p
Lots of the cracked ground is blocky as hell. Fix that please ;P It may look good in the JPEG, but it looks like shit in the replay.
ohhh, i made this map with 25% zoom so i did not notice the cracked ground :(
i'll take a look

EDIT: ok, fixed ^^
no you can vote for it =D because have no clutter terrain
modified by Testbug
oh mains aren't bigger than longinus's
but this looks bigger than The Wake because of the start locations.

should i move the start locations?
for example. if i use longinus start locations, there will be some space for drops. and mains will feel smaller :)
make it 96x96
Are you joking? Better be... <.<
i'm NEVER joking
If you are never joking so i can beat boxer and nada in the same time without keyboard and mouse...
Free Image Hosting at
what? i tried to read it ans was something like.. "early"
Yesterday there was a picking up for maps in a bulgarian league. I give them a good and large choice. Two of Testbugs maps are in there.

See for yourself -

I've asked them kindly to save replays for here.

Thats all for now :) .
The true PA feeling is completely lost in this map, so far you pretend this is a PA for 3.That's why you should ask yourself why you used this name - apart from the tileset and the nat setup no major similarities.Áctually the middle of the map with the bridges reminds me pretty much on Luna.However named,the map can ensure a good gaming.

I still dont understand why you used this custom ramps so long it was possible to use the original one.From all 6, 4 could be standard.If you did it just for the look,well then.
Yep carkling really. xPPP
Because custom ramps > normal ramps. ;)
you need like 3 or 4 units to block the twiligh, dessert and ice ramps (but i might be wrong) this ramps works like jungle ramps and inverted ramps= this new ramps.
it'll be a positional imbalance if i use invertsand customs
Thanks LGI.
i sayd thanx via pm ¬¬
hey! because of the long main-to-main distances, i can even reduce the number of mineral fields at main!

it is 8-7-6-6 but it is too macroish, i can reduce it to 7-6-5-5 lol what do you think?
6pool won't be too strong because of the long distances
cyan looks smaller...
ok amout of mineral is: 7-6-6-5
only 7 mineral fields at mains... won't induce into 6pool because of the long distances.
minonly have 6 fields because doesn't have gass...
gass expos have only 5 fields.
modified by Testbug
Hi, Gillias here (sadly, I've forgotten the password to my original account).

As promised, I uploaded the tournament replays of the games that took place on (3)Paranoid Android.

It was a fun tourney, thanks a lot for allowing us to use your map ! I'll be looking here again for maps in case I host another tourney. :)

Happy New Year !

why is there no "download all replays" buttom? :(

I reuploaded the map files I had. I'm not sure if they're the most recent though, I think they are ._.

modified by Testbug
Can you please update this again and try to make it an Iccup map? Very unique and fun IMO. C- iccup player.
the doodads in middle should be removed and it should be slightly less water in middle too. my point being with the middle being this "tight" calls for t>p and p>z
I strongly agree. Is there anything else you haven't got around to improving? Also, have you asked Iccup staff to add it and what did they say? xD
hi, i'm the author of the map.
i left mapping on december.
iccup asked me to make 2v2 maps only for iccup.

i showed them some of my 3 players maps but they only wanted 2v2 maps. i showed them severalm maps from broodwarmaps.ent but they only wanted voices and oddyssey.

they didn't want 3 or 2 players maps.
they finally decided to pick up Spinel valley.

Shade)R i need good players like you and MorroW to tell me what to change and what to edit.
this is a very old map. so mains are too large, and well.. i wasn't that good by that time :P

i can remake this map if you help me.
MorroW is Terran user, maybe you two can help up remaking the map?
I spent about 30 minutes trying to think of advice for your map. I recommend the 3 following additions.

1)Expand the non-ramp entrance to red's base. It appears 20-25% narrower than the other two. This will make it easier to beat terranss expansions there.

2)Remove the unpassable terrain in middle. I believe map already has enough narrow terrain to make due with.

3)Make teal's first expansion hug the cliff in a similar manner as the other two spots.

I think with those additions you would fix most balance and positional balance complaints. I tried to scrutinize the map. I also think it would be best to keep the old PA's mineral amounts. Less mineral blocks mean quicker expansions which might make up for narrower terrain. Good luck with the map and trying to get it on iccup xD. I would love to play it and find games for it. I think it is a much better (3) player map, and that it would be a lot better with a few more fixes.
since he bump already.. why the main has 7 minerals :? and the nat 6 ? :D
I think testbug was trying to make it more micro/less macro.
zerg vs protoss
9 minerals in main is standard. 10 in main like longinus and troy is macro oriented. 8 minerals is mainly for tight terrain maps like chupung or lost temple cause the map doesnt support mass units.

7 in natural is standard. 8 is macro heavy or just to make up for 8 in main like some maps are 8/8 i dont know the exact balance difference of 9/7 and 8/8 but i guess 8/8 encourages 1base toss to suck and 12hatch to be the better choise over pool first.

but you have 7/6 which is something new. so how does this effect zvp mu?
well, as most of u decent player knows is that zerg goes 3 base and toss 2 base 95% of the games early on which leads to that this heavily favours zerg. it would have been ok if the 3rd gas was easy to take for toss but its not.

fix: you will need more minerals else this map favours z>p alot.

this backdoor thing is too heavily favour to zerg hydra u should know that too. in chupung that area is tight and its long way to get there. in this map its none of those things, so basically p will be forced to make more defense than he can afford.

fix: use your imagination, neutral building? mineral patches? tighter area? i wouldnt go with the mineral patches tho. so either neutral building or tighter area would be best choise i think.
terran vs protoss
i dont know exactly how the minerals effect this match up but im sure that this map favours terran over protoss. in most maps terran can take 3rd base by opening 4fac (after a fe ofc). but in this map he can take both 3rd and 4th base too. you could do that in my map enarey too until i made some fixes and now terran cant. so basically its because this area outside the ramp of the 3rd gas which is kinda the key point to defend for t if hes gonna do this.

fix: push back the water allowing more ground and more flanking room for toss in the middle also at terrans keypoint which leads to a power gate toss can break a 4fac exp pretty easily. also reds keypoint is alot tighter than the others.

in the lategame when terran pushes out tosses only flank space is in the middle as i mentioned before after u widened it up by cutting the water it will be almost enough.

fix: u will also have to remove the doodads in the middle, u may say it doesnt do big difference but it kinda does and its very annoying with that kind of stuff in large battles even if it looks pretty early game.

terrans 3rd base is at the minonly ofcourse and tosses 3rd is the gas expansion obviously. but the gas expo got so few minerals man it just favours t so much.

fix: sorry to say but acording to my way of thinking ur sweet micro thought doesnt really work. i would have to say add 1 mineral to the 3rd gas base to make map more favourable for pvt.

i still think to be honest that this map would favour t over p but heres 1 last thing that will make it so balanced.

fix: the mud area u should replace with unbuildable. u dont have to change all ur pretty mud but the key point shouldnt be defendable with turrets.
terran vs zerg
ok i mentioned pretty many things that should change now but most of those things doesnt nessasairily have to change tvz too much. tvz balancing is alot about the shape of the muta harassment and the distance to zergs 3rd gas from terran imo.

the distance to 3rd gas is pretty short i would say comparing to some other maps but not so short it should be fine tbh.

ok lets for the first time look at the main bases and muta harassment. ok perfect alot of muta place to harass but also pretty defendable with turrets and the ramp being very comfortable.

1 thing concirns me and that is 2hatch lurker. at chupung either u get rly fast tank with siege up but thats often not the case, or u go mech but i wont go into that. basically how u defend 2hatch lurker is with bunkers and this map got fairly much room to attack in the front but huge place in the back.

fix: as i mentioned before in zvp with hydra its pretty much the same here, u will need to add some sort of blockage or make area tighter.
minor things that i wont go into detail with.
fix: move teals start location 3 hex to the right.
fix: move reds start location 5 hex to the left and 2 hex up.
fix: move tans start location 3 hex down.
fix: move all natural gasses to the mineral side.
fix: tan cant wall off with 1rax/1supply while others can

i hope i gave u something to bite on now ;)
how many time do you spend on writhing this ? :D
over 100 times more than i spend on homework
hi morrow, i love you :)
you really think this map has any future?

i don't want to "waste my time for nothing"
if you are going to play this map, i'll work on it for you ^^

but i don't think a copied map will become famous (this is a copy of (2)Paranoid Android)
I will play it religiously. I hope you keep it low money :D. But whatever you think is best.

Also, there are a lot of space differences between bottlenecks for all players. This suggests that it should be reworked.

However, distances seemed to be fairly closely equal while I tested and compared speeds to all expansions.
modified by Shade)R
i think the map's pretty cool.. it's kinda of a remake instead of copy.. but who the hell cares what i think.. :D
I'm wondering why you changed it to 7 on main then 6-6.
kings stop pulling maps back from when they havent been posted on in months
Actually, this map is supposedly active in development
Type: Beta

modified by testbug
y so few min blocks?


--PsychoTemplar vs Nightmarjoo(1on1, 1.15)
--PsychoTemplar vs Nightmarjoo(1on1, 1.15)
--iM-Insane vs dP.TheMarine(1on1, 1.15)
--Beater vs Art.Less(1on1, 1.15)
--Testbug vs Crackling(1on1, 1.15)
--Testbug vs Crackling(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs off-road(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs Dracula(ConFed)(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs titabright(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs LuckyFool(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs LuckyFool(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs titabright(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs titabright(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs SW)SouL(1on1, 1.15)
--BWMN-LyrA vs GG-PetShopp(1on1, 1.15)
--Melchior vs Weescot(1on1, 1.15)
--Mephista vs Weescot(1on1, 1.15)
--Marvin vs Frozenmax(1on1, 1.15)
--Zelc vs Melchior(1on1, 1.15)
--Frozenmax vs Melchior(1on1, 1.15)
--Marvin vs Zelc(1on1, 1.15)
--Rye vs Mj_is_ugly(1on1, 1.16)

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