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Last update for (2)Bengalands : 2007, 10, 17 01:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2561 (2)Bengalands 128*128Excalibur / Crackling0.6beta

The map has been rated 116 times and got a total of 65 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Not much to say.
Kind of like Cadence.
modified by Excalibur
the middle... I am not sure, but maybe not open enough for PvT, but otherwise.. Loki noobshit is a proleague map, and fucking tight, aswell.
and the doodads in the corners.... they are just looking like noobspam, since you used like 7time the same doodad in a row, doesn't look rly good..
Its a temple, that was supposed to be an ornate path to the shrine, aka the Warp Gate. =/

Nice little bloom effect you got there. Makes it look very... blurry.

Anyways, good map, too many unnecessary doodads that would really clutter a match.
ugly gaussian blur and overlay hurts my eyes.
Meh, i think its fine. Turn down the brightness on your screen if you have a problem.
Please make images 768x768
Some distances are too long, others are too short. Maybe go for a more similar balance between the two extremes?
The nat is really open and unfriendly ._. Do you not want zerg to win zvt?
The middle seems kind of narrow and linear.
I don't like how all the expos are squashed together in the corners.
pvz looks hard middle game for a 3rd base being hard to get, but once they get and secure a 3rd base, they'll get atleast 2 more free bases, and combined with the relatively (imo) narrow middle, pvz will get really easy late game, if it gets there. It might not work out that way, but the 3rd base is definitely hard for p to get initially.
Gas requires 4 in the main, do you hate zerg?

"and the doodads in the corners.... they are just looking like noobspam, since you used like 7time the same doodad in a row, doesn't look rly good.." No, it's fine.

Suggestions: The mains are pretty big. I think you could edit/shrink the mains, and redo the nats to be closer to the edge maybe and make them less gay, and add a min only nearer the min only. Remove atleast 1 if not 2 of the expos in the corners. Move the min onlys in the center closer to each player (farther from the very center). A lot of space is eaten up by the holey-cliffs, I don't think you need them. The ruins area behind the mains near the gas expo is kind of useless. When editing the mains, consider using or modifying that space. The warp gates aren't really necessary or usefull, imo.
I fixed a few of those problems, ill update soon as i was over at a friends w/my comp the past two days but no internets.

As for images, they arent too big in size and i like how they look. Im not concerned with complaints about how i take pictures of my maps but rather what the pictures show.
Maybe you should uh upload a new image too. I don't see any changes.
Refresh the page.
768x768 so gmcs works -_-
Im going to be updating tomorrow with some changes and a 768 pic because Nightmarjoo is secks.
This map is even harder for Zerg than it was before :S A lot of the suggestions I made before are the ones I still would make now. Whether you take them or not is up to you, but I really have nothing left to say about this map now.
And lol, some asshole must have designed a program that auto votes zero, refreshes, and votes 0 again XD Or maybe this person does it manually. Either way he or she has no life. Does it for like half the friggen maps that are submitted.
I really wish people would rate this after im done with it ;_;
make a bigger choke down?, i dont think its possible rushing at this anyway
whatt?? how did you di this raiting?
whatt?? how did you di this raiting?
No idea. I think its a refresh bug.
Comments pl0x.
no, i rated it 0 like 10 times :O

still, nice map ^^
added gmcs, should be better
otherwise no-go for z

or make 3h and 9h where u got this rocks just for deco a gas exp accessable by only 1 ramp (for z in zvt, p in pvt and pvz), this might be very important

also make the little rocks at the nat a small cliff, p should be able to psidrop from there :O

hm i love this map somehow XD
modified by Crackling
here look what i have done XD

if wanna have this one, msg

Free Image Hosting at

hm i noticed that the place where the expansion was i removed looks quite empty now, so maybe place those little lake there? :D
modified by Crackling
Very nice version. I love the ramps to the gas expo.
Mind sending it to me? Ill upload it and list us both on it, would be amazing.
pm me your icq xD
I only have AIM and MSN
AIM: Bartimaeus852
MSN: (You could also email it to me here.)

Let me know.
i like the map. good execution though the overall layout is way too spacy. Everything seems to be way to far. maybe make the map 128X96?
I think with Cracklings version itll be all set.
i added u msn
i'm :d
did some decoupdates :o

Free Image Hosting at

here the temples i made where the removed gasexp was

Free Image Hosting at

here dl it:

Sooo you basically just smashed some tiles on there and covered all the borders with sprites? Comeon, that's lame.
i like u :*
modified by Crackling

(dumbass comment /star)
modified by starparty

i like star also :*
modified by Crackling
I dont like them either due to them being more sprited smash than extended, but in game they manage to look okay. Ill be updating by tomorrow as im a bit busy atm.
if you dont put effort in it, it just becomes redundant. From the aspect of good deco it fails, and from the aspect of gameplay it makes absolutelly no difference. But you do as you want...
have u seen it ingame?
if not, look my dear :)
2.0 up and ready.
Wow...really nice.

Only thing I don't like are those intersecting ramps, they just don't look right...never do.

Try a low jungle to high jungle transition instead?
Actually i want to do a bridge like ramp there if i can. Working on it tomorrow or sunday.
Map renamed and updated.
yeah, name was too long so it did not work in starcraft.
i really like thid map but it waste some space... can i help?
Sure Testbug, id be more than happy to see what you could do with it.
what have you done? what is that bridge?
and where are the awkward temples?
I didnt like the over-spriting.
The bridges take the place of the two ramps and they look ok without the sprites but i like them better with. Feel free to take them off and have a look.
One ramp is smaller than it's counterpart. Check GMCS.

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