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Last update for (4)Sumeria V : 2007, 11, 03 02:52
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2604 (4)Sumeria V 128*128Lancet1.1experimentalground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 54 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Here I valiantly sally forth into my first adventure in null tile mapping!

The starting locations (SL) can't be scouted, attacked by land or by drop, but they are tankable and very vulnerable to air attacks. The main's building space is split in two. One half has gas but few minerals the other has more minerals but no gas (life is a bitch). Zerg is the only race that can make units in the null terrain and directly send them over to one side of the base or the other (but only from that one hatchery in the null tiles). Zerg is also the only race that can defend the null tile starting location against air attacks (hydras produced in the null tile hatchery). Once units leave the null tiles they cannot return. The creep colonies are for zerg to build a spawning pool (in the map, as opposed to the image, the creep does not spill into the null tiles). This also lends itself for zerg proxy building! If the map in its current form turns out to be too zerg friendly I can make changes to make it less so.

The SL in the null tiles will mine slower than in the regular tiles. I could adopt Mapghost's or Phycotemplar's stacked mineral layout (maps Mazicolozist, Out of the Void & Chaos Darkness) but I want to try this first as you get a clear view of the workers you have produced.

I have tried to fix problems with the starting locations but here are a few words of advice. When making units in the null SL set the rally points close to the SL and avoid the edges of the map. When you take your gas chose the worker closest to the geyser. Units may not leave the nul tile if you just click on a remote location of the map, you may have to bring the unit to the normal tiles nearest the SL and then send them of to wherever you want them to go.

If you think the above is awkward, THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE MAP THEME. A black hole has just appeared making things go screwy all through the station, get it? LOL!
Seriously.. Its not bc your putting a new concept or w-e into it that u mustn't do anything else...
Lancet, i like plenty of your maps, but when i saw this, i really was disapointed... It just looks like the whole thing took u at most a big 10 minutes..

<3 ur maps usualy.. but at least put some deco n some work into this 1.. the new concept doesnt make the map cool if its not coming with deco n nice map layout..
modified by FateD
LOL! FateD, thanks for liking most of my maps but this one was very hard to do. It took me the longest time to fix the bugs (see "Null tile problem" in the Main Forum) and I must have gone through more than ten different versions and many other subversions to get to this one. It also has some deco and I will add more later. Now, appart from how it "looks" what do you think about the concept?
lol, I think the concept isnt so bad, but like theres plenty details here and there that would have to be fixed before gameplay can be fair really (like red n purp have invincible gasses vs tanks) or things like that, another thing is that if you cant go back on the dark creep after leaving it, i dont see hw zerg is ever gonna mass expo :(

anyway, like i said, just add something to the concept of nile tiles and make it look like one of your other kickass maps for the rest of it, and i think itll be cool ^_^
OK added more deco.

Point well taken regarding the geysers but to tell you the truth I was so glad I could fix the bugs that I just left it that way. If geyser is to go top or bottom is going to be hard to equalize blue's position with the rest. One thing I can do, which I thought of doing anyway, is seal the entrance to the areas where the minonlies are with a high HP neutral.That way it will take tanks longer to get there if at all and vulnerable geysers will last longer. What do you think of that?

In any case I am thinking of adopting Mapghost's setup of stacked minerals. The less you have to move around in the null tyles, the better(plus mining is faster).

Finally, I don't understand your claim that zerg can't mass expo if they can go back to the null tiles, please explain. Thanks.

OK, basically I staked the minerals, added more deco and sealed the entrance to the minonly with a neutral.

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