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Last update for (2)Orpheus : 2008, 05, 10 02:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2646 (2)Orpheus 128*128TitanWing (Moebius)0.7betaground

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 40 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Moar doodads.
Other than that im not sure what to say. I like the layout though.
Yeah, deco's unfinished. I'll be adding more as I go but I'm focusing on balance right now.
this is greate, i would like if left/right bridges were little wider. a pylon wider :)

also red and blue mains more to the corner, not alot^^ and i think blues gas is blocking some, maybe move it little to the right

this is almost perfect map good job!
wow, this map is incredible. i love it. it has very good structure. only problems i see is that there is ALOT of expos for a (2) map. but im not sure how bad it could be. it could be fine! gw
i like the map!
It looks nice
great map, and I don't think that blue's gas would block in any way o.O
and too low minerals, imo.
8 in main and 7 at nat is so oldschool, that it could be imbalanced for nowadays playing.
I wouldnt say so. I think its good if you see how the expos are set up. I think there are enough, easily attainable expos around (cuz they are relatively close to eachother) so players can play properly. At least I think so.
Nice, although that mineral-blocked backdoor going North/South may mess up pathing in that direction. Check for tank spots in the hills near the mains. Where is the melee map for downloading? Also, why "Orpheus".
lol what an annoying nat for zvt.
The middle gas expos seem way to close to eachother imo.
zvt in general looks kind of nasty on this map.

The expos seem way too far apart. You can't hop from expo to expo at all, can't push to an expo easily, etc. p>t z>p t>z from the expo layout alone I'd say. The lack of minerals in the main and nat don't help this either.

What's with the annoying mineral blocks at the end of the min only blocking the path from the nat's backdoor?

Map isn't terrible, but I really dislike the expo layout.
I need to work out some expo issues, I'm aware of that. Considering my options and experimenting right now. The distance between the top/bottom expos and the mains is more than it should be, so I'll probably press them toward the middle a bit since I have the space to work with and switch the gas at the expos to the mineral only right next to it.

I'll slightly widen two of the middle bridges and work on the deco some more while I'm at it.

Why the name Orpheus? Well, I had just gotten the Halo 3 achievment named that just prior to naming the map. Couldn't think of anything else.
You know guys, you could check the starcraft storyline and planets and places at say and come up with great names and themes for your maps. I mean, what's the point of making the greatest map in the world if you are going to call it the equivalent of "Bob" or if your map description merely says "destroy all enemy buildings"?
I use the description to give thanks to the sites that helped me work on it...

I prefer not to use planets and places from SC in my map names.
Version 1.1
-Deco finished
-Gas at top/bottom exps switched over to adjacent min only expos
-Previously mentioned min only expos' placement rearranged
-Two bridges in the middle by the expos have been slightly widened
-Mineral blocks removed from natural backdoor to encourage them actually being used
PvZ Forge->Nexus it does, the Forward yard is wide too much.
modified by Single-

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