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Last update for (4)Dyers Eve : 2023, 03, 16 00:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2657 (4)Dyers Eve 128*128Johnny B.Goode0.6finalground

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 35 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I don't understand why the resources are right smack in the middle of the base. Also, I would not want to fight against Terran on this map.
So zergs can defend his bridge with his main hatch.
terran must be able to wall all ways from zealot rush and such a small way to each other too.
p > t early game
and again so short way to each other
z > t early game

but later on if t survives start he should be winning easy cuse of how small terrain passes there are
t > p late game
t > z late game
modified by uC.MorroW
very narrow, just remove the water in the middle and those cliffs you shoulda move more backwards, so you open the middle up and make it more balanced.

modified by LML
This map is not so unidimensional drafted like some here pretend.@LML - whitout the water elements in the middle this map would become a zerg inferno.Are you joking? And Morrow some still believe than even good Azalea is a terran map.Just check out the WCG-reps and tell me how many terrans won on it.No,no 1 plus 1 it's not always 2 in the SC-world.Zerg can defend himself with the starting hatch,like LGI already mentioned.With this,a little larger than usual bridges a smart terran should block himself so quick he can inside for awhile.He already can use the ressources that he need from the 2 safe expos over the bridges.This should give him a nice boost that surely helps him later in the game.A protoss can try a zeal rush because of the short distance.But this doesn't means for the other player-defeat.Least of all,unavoidable.If you see that the other try a zeal rush and you play zerg or terran,a wise option is to defend yourself.Let him expand outside as first,so what?.Never forget the 2 expos that you can use all the time whitout great trouble.And when your army is ready,go out and show him your skills.
currently it is a Terran inferno, and actually it won't be a zerg inferno then. It would be balanced, since P has currently a very low chance vs T on this.
man.. If P doesnt proxy 4 gate with shield batt, hes practically screwed lol XD

way too tight for me.. :(
Johnny B.Goode
I'm willing to change this map wherever it's necessary.Can anyone give me some zvt / pvt?

It's not so easy to be 100% objective when u judge your own reps I guess.
all these large mains and the resources that you can own very easy over the bridges,lead to a drop if you examine carefully my previous phrase you would know what you need to change.but like the most of the lazy people here i suppose you wanna change only the middle;because it needs an upgrade this case delete the water & outpost elements and place them so that they only prevent a giant open middle.on the other hand be careful not to disturb a good pathing.

if it would be my map i would make several fundamental changes, but i suppose you wanna preserve the current design even that means you preserve also some weaknesses.
Johnny B.Goode
Ok,i change it based on your comment.Idk,somehow it feels too open.Deco will come when i have the feeling is finished.Other suggestions maybe?

And general Grie(f)vous,it is not so that i dont see the possibility to use a drop strategy on the map.But is this a imba or something?Each race can do it or i'm wrong?
Genereal Grievous... lmao... I think you mean Grief_Stricken?
it's just like i predicted - your care was only for the middle.that's why i comment only this part of the map this time.

well,i suppose it will work this way.but if you wanna have more than the usual,boring middle,do this:
-go with the expos so near as possible to the that the distance between the expos would become longer;that way you will receive also more room in the middle.but be careful about tankability from 3,6,9,12
-if you want a more natural looking map don't use high snow around this expos again.outpost will do better
-in addition a more sofisticated deco

to your should spend more attention on what others analysis is based on a careful observation of the map itself,it's not bare guess.have i mention anywhere that this drop strategy about i spoken would make the map imba? no! but if one player is too defensive it would be hard as hell to engage him over the normal main access - over the bridge.and the map reward this kind of defensive gaming by giving you once you own a main always 2 expos in addition.and if the access is heavy defended,your only chance is a massive drop,which is always a risky you see if someone plays a too defensive style the game would be quite boring.this is my major concern about your map,if you can follow me.

about gen. grievous - hey that was a good one!honestly,you give me a horse laughter
tvp wont it just be camp game (or drop) for most of the times, only to defend main then u got enough expos to save lets say 150 limit,,

tanks can even hit over to other expands that is kinda silly

the middle is better now

if terran even can take an expand in middle it means protoss has lost (if not many carriers ofc)

i think the main ramp should have some sort of mineral block so protoss can 2gate vs zerg and terran can protect 9pool properly, and also so terran can defend zealot rush without making bunker or sacrificing about 6 scvs

units can pass at 3 and 9, please block cmon lol common sense
modified by MorroW
Johnny B.Goode
*Morrow: If the entrance would be a normal bridge terran could block it too easy.So this larger bridges are intended so.

*Grief: I really can follow your explanation.It is so.The map plays in a different way than the most maps,and I want to preserve the idea.By the way many maps could be boring in the game if one player plays in that way that you describe.About the changes that you suggest.I dont feel adequat to change to much the topography.But I have a proposal.Make the changes yourself and send me the result.If I like them I will keep them.What you saying?
about the style of the map. you can preserve the same design even if you cure the map from all troubles.why it can be the same design with smaller mains?

about your proposal. you people have developed a strange sense of humor;now you expect that others should make/finish your are really funny! you should learn to make maps based on comments and not expect that others made it for you.i'm not against a cooperation for a project that i like;but in this case i must like the basic idea,also i wanna be involved from the start.i'm not just finishing what others started.but you know why?because you wanna modify only the middle i will show you what is possible with a little more patience and concetration.cause this is the main problem with new mappers: you're not focus enough and you're satisfied with poor results.tomorrow at the latest you will become it.
ok ,i send the map with the modified middle.i changed only those things that i asked you to addition i fixed some smaller things like some bridges,and on 3 & 9 small units could pass trough from one side to the other;fixed too.also in the middle i erased 2 gases;you can put them back if you want,your choice.the pathes behind the expos are not available anymore;they didn't help the middle at all.and finally i decorated a bit the middle;you can change it too if you wanna have it in a different way,with snow or something else.btw,you should add some doodads in the middle.i think this is not a big trouble.

it was just an attempt to show you what is possible to do on a map,if you look closer and don't rush yourself.i strongly advise you to change the map like i told you before.but this is something what you must do alone.
Johnny B.Goode
This is the newer version with the modified middle,by Grief.I like the new middle,especially the new decoration(it's dynamite!)Thank you!I can live with only 2 geysirs in the middle but isnt the middle now too open?
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--DG)SpoilR vs Racine(1on1, 1.15)

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