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Last update for (2)DualFrontsofAiur1.1 : 2008, 01, 05 05:40
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2690 (2)DualFrontsofAiur1.1 128*128ludamad0.6betaground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 32 points


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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Alright, picture up. The map has two players starting in opposite corners, I haven't had much experience with maps so I will need some pointers. I have some hacked terrain, specifically I made temples with expansion places on them using bridge tiles. I tried to blend as well as I could. I was inspired by some of TestBug's maps (specifically the buildable temple)
modified by ludamad
hmm, deco isnt bad, but the map's basics arent there, but dont wry, thats the easiest to learn :D
I guess u got a good part with a not so bad deco, but as for now, map wouldnt be playable really sry :(

for the map, youd need some wider space, and id say take the islands in middle out n make all that part of the map, i mean the concept has to be changed...

Right now, the distances r just way too long, and the paths r just way too tight, you need ur space in middle :P

nt tho :D
Hmm. You bring up a good point about tightness, I recently added the raised jungle expo on the cliff so that probably made it a lot worse. Is there anyway I can keep the island expos? I guess I can make the other corner's islands, but I like how it looks now. What if I make the islands not connected, and make a reachable pass between them?
modified by ludamad
rly imbalanced. where to move your forces?!
this is an airmap, but still able to scout and do some rushes;o
Alright, I tried to address the issues of tightness. I widened some ramps, and the spaces you can move. The islands are no longer connected, there is now a middle pass that will hopefully decrease the distance somwewhat.
The problem is still there sry man :P, you need an even wider mid, maybe consider totally taking out the islands, and making multiple wide paths somewhat... or just way wider :P nt tho :D

Happy Xmas !
Alright. I widened the middle even more, pushing against the islands now. I made the ramps wider where I could, too. I also moved around some doodad clutter.
u should overwork the natural, it has no space, there is not even a gas, isn't it?! :o
then again there are only 6mineralfields in your main.. push it up to 8 or 9.
also those mins only behind that raised jungle expo is just blocking and if you would put an expansion there, your units would ran half through your eco, so just remove it and add 2more mineralfields at the gasexpansion in the raised jungle, instead.
Do naturals need gas? Do mains need more than 6 minerals? The min-only is a bit out of place, I might move it.
Edit: Moved min-only to the side, I never liked it's placement on the cliff. Also, changed the ramps at the corners to be approximately in the same spots (they were a little off from each other due to the diff style I made them in)
modified by ludamad
yea, main does need 8-9-10 mins, and nat does need gas :P

unless u wanna do wicked weird maps of course :D
Main gets 2 more minerals, fixed some mismatched terrain issues, fixed issue where map would (consistently) crash SC when hosted on bnet. Though, I disagree that the natural needs minerals, there is a gas expansion close enough. I really can't see why a gas is essential, and the articles on this site don't say it is either.
well thing is, for exemple, in PvZ, you usualy do ur nat expo 1st, and stick with it for quite awhile.. Thats for both the gas n mins, bc u either go tech storm/chon, reav/obs/sair reav/goon or other things that r pretty similar....

every pvz tech needs 2 gasses or could benefit greatly of it, which sorta makes it even in pvz

for TvP

around start, T can choose to not expand for quite awhile, but on his 1st expo, it HAS to be a gas expo, and if nat isnt gas, idk wtf terran would do if not mnm ... (which still could make intesting games.. but i dont think theyd be so even tho)

in zvz, idk how to play those, so screw it :D

in pvp, gas nat isnt required, but really helps making offensive games.. BC as soon as 1 toss gets his nat bfore the other, if the nat has gas, the toss will either do some do-or-die strat to kill expo, probes, or idk what, or go with expoing as well n hope he can catch up
but without the gas, idk what a toss would do... idk if he would even feel the urge to do something about it

tvt... Well, a nat without gas would be useless pretty much, I think :o nothing else to say about it lol

etc... anyway, I think you could make maps with min only nat, but youd have to be very skilled at mapping to make it even, and i dont think you got that experience already sry man :P

so yea, put a gas into it :D
Crackling the discussion about the 1gas thing: nostalgia also hadnt got gas at nat and was one of the most balanced maps in progaming, especially in pvz...

otherwise a terrible map.
Crackling, can you elaborate on that last comment? =/
Looking around on minonly expo maps, the comments tend to be that it makes for boring games, so I think I'll somehow squeeze a gas into there somewhere.
modified by Testbug
Alright, I'm going to need some opinions on my natural expansions. Taking the gas issue into consideration, I thought it would still affect a natural that close, so I made one gas from the side and one gas from the top, as they are quite consistent to each other. Now this meant a different mineral arrangement. Assuming the mineral arrangements are even, is this a good idea, or is the tradeoff (slightly different natural positions) not worth it?
well, to be honest, you really have to do something about the nat because it really feels like popped up after the whole map was done...

I think you maybe should place it on the side of the main (where a huge load of place isnt even used) and make it less crowded there... also, make sure the nat isnt tankable and that the expo placement doesnt get in the way...

theres still alot of work to do on this map for it to be really good tho :P

gl !
The natural was one of the very first things to be put on, actually ;)
Okay, reworked the natural like you suggested, moved the picture of the jumping animal into the center.
no no, i meant like.. :

take the bottom expo for exemple, if u lowered the mins/gas, maybe make it 7 mins too, to the bottom of the map, and maybe move the entrance to nat around where the intersection of ur wall currently is, maybe move down the main entrance too a lil (not completely to map border)

and maybe fill some place with ur high jungle (make it undroppable tho) and make sure the path through nat dosnt pass behind the workers (and that the nat isnt tankable by left side of course :P

gl :D

btw lol, the jumping animal is funny Xd, but once more, u rnt the creator of all this :(

Testbgu prllly has a copyright on pimping maps with animals n pokemons :D lol Xd
I don't quite understand what you're suggesting =/
There are tanks spots behind the NW main's mineral line.The closest gas expos NE and SW of the center should be tankable and they are anyway despite the mineral blocks and doodads you placed (there are many tank holes).

--Ludamad vs eagle_eye66(1on1, 1.15)

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