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Last update for (4)Island Crossing : 2008, 03, 27 11:43
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2908 (4)Island Crossing 128*128Paladin-EX0.4betahybrid

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 18 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I wasn't sure whether I should use Beta or Experimental here, so I just went with Beta.

It's definitely not finished yet; I believe the main bases are slightly different sizes, although they're close enough to be tested with no troubles. I'll fix it later.

Some unique traits this map has-
1. Double gas at expo (This is because there are no "second naturals"
2. Obviously, the swarm and disruption web area in the center bridge. This is the main idea I had for the map, just kinda throwing it out there. It's meant to be a "safe zone" where no one can attack or be attacked. I looked for ways to exploit this and only found one, but it's unrealistic that anyone would be dumb enough to try.

Note: There are lots of 800-mineral piles in the center, so there will probably be "safe" CC's. THIS MIGHT BE CHANGED. I will probably change it so only the units mining are safe from damage, and people won't be able to abuse the fact that you can make buildings in there.

The tear shaped islands in the NE and SW are not true expansions. The mineral piles have only about 500 apiece, and there is one vespene, but hard to get to. These islands are ONLY meant to be a sort of last resort/tactical hidden expo just to help in case of stalemate.

Obviously it's a Hybrid type map because air units and dropships are vital to victory. Please don't complain that you don't like that fact. You either do or don't, and it's not going to change it.

Anyway, as always, comment and give (constructive) criticism. Thanks. :D
Try playing this map in melee and tell me if the swarms and d webs show up. I don't think they do, as you can't stack spells.

This map is way too tight to be playable (sorry if that sounds narrow minded). You NEED space for flanking for PvT, and for ZvP (and of course ZvT too).

You've got a long way to go, but you can do it if you keep trying :)
Like I said, I was heavily debating putting this under experimental.

I usually make more balanced, "normal" maps. xP
Also, I haven't tested, but I'll check and see if they show right now.

Edit: You were right in that they didn't show up.
Is it possible to do nonstacking spells and have them show up in melee? If so I will reposition those, and I already have a few ideas to widen the fighting areas without compromising base defense.

If it's not possible to put in spells for melee mode, I'll just do an observer version.
modified by Paladin-EX
it's possible

unit sprites -> protoss -> dweb or zerg -> swarm; just make sure they don't stack.
Lancet made a great map which shows exactly how close/far spells can be here it is. You can open the map itself, or look at the pic as a reference.
Make sure to actually test you maps at least once against the computer if you are using neutral buildings / neutral spells...

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