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Last update for (4)Htokforenniw : 2008, 06, 23 12:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2935 (4)Htokforenniw 128*128PsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)2.0experimentalhybrid

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 130 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is my map for KOTH (obviously).

Things to note:

-3 DTs at each of the main's ramp.
...-One can be killed an only small units can get thru
...-Obviously, peon drill, or vulture mines can force the DTs out of place
...-You can get a peon to float over the DTs without disturbing them by clicking on a mineral at your natural (visible from your main base).
-DT surronded expansion in the North-East
...-Just letting you know that's what they are
-Ice expo in the West
...-There's room to build an add-on to your CC if you want
...-Larvae don't randomly die
-Playing in match-ups with Zerg
...-I don't expect every game to be a drone drill, cause you have to scout the right location with your overlord anyway
...-None the less, Terrans and Protoss won't want to treat their base like it's completely an island... just a base with a semi vulnurable neutral wall
...-Probably will see CC before barracks a lot
...-Toss might want to be more careful and scout for proxies if they FE

Yup. I guess there's no hope that this map is balanced, but I stick a neat little concept in it, which will hopefully make the tightness of the map forgivable, and the strategies random and unpredictable anyway. It's probably a good idea to take another main instead of the random expansions around the map first. Excuse me if the quality of this map wasn't what your were expecting... I have a great excuse: University can randomly make you very busy sometimes... Lots of Essays, a midterm, and then my Exams coming up (next one is actually on the 15th), means that doing a truly great asymmetric map was unfeasable. I didn't have time to make each main cool and unique, so I settle and making all the mains and nats relatively similar, and making the rest of the map random and cooky.


PS: Yeah, I realise it's basically a Blizzard map with neutrals :)
modified by PsychoTemplar
Oops, totally forgot to decorate the top right water...

There we go.
modified by PsychoTemplar
please, try another1, you still have 1 more day.
make another 1day map plz, this won't beat Lancet.
I have to study for my exam :P In any case, I think this is competitive with Lancet's map, especially since the two mains themes of the contest are "Asymmetry" and "Concept."

I'm aware the little blocks of snow look ugly in the picture :P They look nicer in game.
bug is saying your map sucks
I'm aware of that, Einstein.
Wicked! I will comment later. Hey, you have 5 starting locations, not 4.
I deleted that in the actual map ;)
i dont really see any kind of balancing in this map

lancets map was kinda good cuse i could see weaknesses in all positions

the mineral lines and the variation is bad, sucks when its right to edge of map or when its only 1 type of mineral. u even stacked 2 minerals somwhere

the island at 10 looks kinda square

the dark templar blocks could be interesting, mineral mine with probe then wall break the dark templars.

imo using that many dark templars around an expand is just ridicilous, also using so many neutral buildings as decoration.

but overall i dont see any balancing...

where is the line from having fun creating/commenting the map or playing the map?
"also using so many neutral buildings as decoration."

They're not deco.

"but overall i dont see any balancing..."

I like how you make no specific comments in regards to that. Main nat setup for every player is pretty much the same for every player, apart from slight variation in terrain.

"lancets map was kinda good cuse i could see weaknesses in all positions"

Maybe I shouldn't be trashing Lancet's map in my map thread, but since you brought it up: The bases basically have a pretty obvious ranking. Blue's is the worst, because his natural can be dropped from a cliff he can't see, Teal's is second worst because he starts on low ground too, but at least he can see the units on the drop spot by his natural, Red is second best because he starts on high ground AND he can see his natural's drop spot, and purple is simply godly because his main's cliff overlooks his natural, he can see his drop spot from his min only, which is extremely well protected (for all intensive purposes, as well as Blue and Teal's indoor min onlys), and he's going to win a race to the middle high ground when he needs to. Apart from that, much of the map is very tight, which is a race advantage in 3 of 9 match-ups (disadvantage in 3, meaningless in mirrors).

That said, I did think Lancet's map was pretty good (but no one should ever use that high ground dirt/ramp/outpost blend, because it's super ugly). His map showed good effort, and probably a fun variety of games, but not so much balance in anyway that I can see.
modified by PsychoTemplar
I don't like the map, but I do like its name.

It's ok though, just do what I did. Endorse lancet's map, let lancet win koth, have testbug pimp your map, then get it into iccup ezzzzzzzzz.

I wonder if massing workers then using your extractor to stack and send your workers to another starting location could work lol. Easiest for z because overlord reduces the luck involved in going to the right base. I think it could work if they do some sort of FE build, especially vs terran.
Yeah, but most people consider that cheating ;)
As Terran, I think if I FE'd, I'd build a CC next to another main and just hope that the 2/3rds chance of not finding my opponent prevails when I float it in to land. I don't think I'd even bother with the mineral only natural.
I think that Anigavtoh was a cooler name!

Well, as to your map zerg will obviously use their overlords to fe to a DT-protected location. If they fe to the minonly the bases are going to be disconnected anyway. The best position for zerg will probably be teal, they can readily scout the blue and yellow bases with two ovies and get drones in as soon as a mineral clump shows up. I guess that zerg then would need to get spores or hydras as soon as possible because other players may go air quickly.

Terran will have some complications here if they want to fe to one of the mains. because of the ever present danger of lings destroying the DTs with an ovie spotting for them. Of course if a drone gets there first before terran can land the command center he is screwed. If he succeds in landing a CC he is going to need to protect the expo quickly probably by building barracks or flying them there.

As to toss, he doesn't have early detection and can't fly buildings so any attempt at an early expo will need to be to those at 1 and 6 and set up cannons quickly (which he can't do in the expo at 9, right?).

But I do think the DT surrounded expo is a great idea though. Also hope your exam today (15th) went OK and that all the masturbation you did for this map did not wear you out!

: ^ )
There were unbuildable doodads in two of the players mains (oddly enough, doodads that look exactly the same as low dirt doodads that are buildable, aren't always buildable, and yet if you use the low dirt doodad on high dirt, it's like nothing happened [hint: could be useful to know).

I hope no one minds :P A minor after the fact edit that I don't really think was my fault.
If you use the lowdirt doodad on highground, the highground will be lowground. And actually it's lowground and mediumground here.

Blizzard was very sloppy with the BW tilesets. The walk- and buildability attributes of some tiles are beyond any reasoning. Some of them obviously are that weird because the attributes have been copied over from desert to twilight or vice-versa, but the graphics of course changed.
Just learn what doodads are buildableon -.-
Everytime you finish a map just go to units and get a building and move it around the mains, that will show all the unbuildable places. Do the same with regular units to detect hidden blocks on ramps and other structures that involve copying and pasting.
Is the gas on the island expo tankable? I can't tell it's a close call
How do you make this HQ pics for god seak :D
we are using a tool named "irfanview" theres an option to "sharpen" your pics, thats what you think is HQ...

plz stop bumping old maps its really annoying
whit what program ?
irfanview -__-

just google it
ok ... i found it but now where is Sharpen tool :D
"image" -> "sharpen"

or shift+s

--RaU-Ancalagon vs ReallyanUsnub(1on1, 1.15)

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