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Last update for (4)Strangelove : 2008, 05, 22 06:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2990 (4)Strangelove 128*128Nightmarjoo0.8betaground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 39 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This map will enter TSL should queasy omit to enter a map for lnept vs Queasy

queasy vs Lnept:
the map theme is to make something that will make nighmarjoo "this maps is more racial imbalanced than your mum" and say he was wrong (for example, we may think HitchHicker tightness was good for terran, and it is a P>T map! this will help Quessay understand the +/- this of each race (you can ask any1 via pm or open a new thread for it) you can use a wide ramp like katrina's that didn't end in a "zealot rush >>> terran"

Tileset: jungle, space, twilight, badlands, dessert.
Number of players: FOUR!
Neutral buildings: NO! just imbalance the map using the terrain! not creep colonies or so!

I've tested the mains with terran and protoss. Protoss can easily fit everything including pylons up to 200 psi in the mains alon with 12+ gates and full tech and still have room. Terran can fit depots up to 200 psi and his tech and ~10 facts and have enough room to breathe, but barely.

Concept is for it to look like a terran map, with the main, nat, and 3rd gas bases all being cliffable. However, I think the map is closer to a p map than t map. Cliffability works for all three races, and the small room for units ensures a ranged unit can reach anything dropped. The middle has plenty of room for turrets, but is fairly easy flankable. The third gas is a bit easy to defend, but the easy harassability of most bases should help counteract that.

I'll probably make the main's choke a little wider.

I'll probably make SE/NW more similar in size/shape to SW/NE.

I'll add more doodads.

Decoration of course is incomplete. Visually in general it's bad.

Map is in early beta stage.
sexy map.

P.S i don't see a gas at purp's nat
Ungorocrater ftw!!! Same map concept only with some min onlys -.-

Purp has no gas at nat.
modified by ptar
what? if scout and quesay make their maps, the are supose to win by default.
loosers will face in a FFA competition.
queasy, scout and the loser from radix-vs-morrow.

what would you do if quesay make his map?
there are still 2 days left, if both scout and quesay are absent, they still can participate in the losers FFA, where the loser from morrow-radix can win by deffault if scout and quesay forget their maps.

scout and quesay send me a pm saying that they are working on their maps. why did you chose to repleace queasy and not scout? you think you can beat lnept easy but not crackling? come on! i'll replece Lancet's oponent so i can win then!

you can talk to queasy, lnept or scout if that would be okay. i just think lnept is feeling very very happy because he'll advance to the next stage, and i give him a brand new oponent who has made an iccup map, this is not fair (but is really funny)

i'll consider it, and you'll have my answer the 15th. please talk to quesay, scout and lnept and try to convice me.
(i kno you can sureley do it xD)
Only thing i see that resembles ungorocrater is the nat size, as for the bases i would lean more towards persona ptar.
Pretty fine map you got here. Stanard yet sophisticated. lol
wtf testbug, last we spoke neither lnept or queasy had made their map, and you told me to make a map for lnept vs queasy -.-
positional imbalance -> no nat gas for purp
That's a minor issue, LML :p
this >>> ungoro crater

this reminds me alot of The Bringer

min-only distance issues?
corner distance issues?
red seems closer than blue to their own expands.

gj on the shapes of main+nat, it was v well done :)
Purple's gas = positional variety.

Yeah I need to check out the distances for min onlys and corners.

I see the resemblence, but it didn't influence me. I actually didn't really have any map in mind, it just happened to turn out so similarly to un'goro crater.
this is exactly like the bringer:
the only diference is that minonlies are highground and the choke has the same size but wide ramped
Basically the map is only similar to the bringer in that its expo layout turned out incredibly similar. Outside of that, the distances and sizes, the middle, the harassability, and the general gameplay are different.
Testbug this map could never apply to Crackling vs Scout, its concept is completely different. You told me to make a map for lnept vs queasy and I did. If it's not needed then that's fine. I'll just go back to being a judge if you want me to if my map isn't needed.
oh, and "last we spoke" was about 2 weeks ago xD
well, deadline is almost over.
scout and queasy should upload their maps today.
i don't know if scout and quesay will go to graveyard (purple blocks).

two options:
9marjoo vs lnept (you know who's winning this)
and lnept will have a graveyard stage to then meet p4Ever???

lnept advances by default because quesay is away.
and 9marjoo goes to the FFA (if he wins, he'll face p4Ever, if he loses to p4Ever he can do well at the losers bracket)

if nightmajroo repleaces queasy since he has already made his map, we'll have a nightmarjoo vs ptar.

i really want to make lnept and crackling win by default if quesay and scout don't upload their maps today.
but since 9marjoo was worked on the theme very well (because he though neider lnept or quesay will be here and ptar was going to have no oponents)
what do you guy think?
i am for being against it.
the mains are too small for my taste.and i fear the middle of the map is a bit too cramped.i think if you remove the doodads from the middle it would become alot better.
let marjoo play ffa :D

even tho he made this well ;)
Yeah the mains are on the small side grief, but I tested blue, red, and teal and fit enough pylons/depots to max on top of 12+ gates and ~10 factories, with still room for unit movement, which is good enough imo. You definitely have to be careful though when placing buildings. My comments of "have to be an architect to make the main work" pretty much appy here, but in a 1v1 players should be able to access another main fairly soon, before the main gets overwhelming.

I haven't done much testing of the middle, so you might be right that it's cramped. I'll see about if I need to remove doodads.

ptar and lnept have similar mapping styles, so putting them up against eachother should be interesting. Throw me in the ffa if you want/need.
hmmm i see too much of Chameleon here
lol i dont see chameleon at all
6 oclock nat is missing gas
No it's not, I just never updated the image. Actually, I may not have uploaded the updated map at all, but so far only thing I fixed was that gas. The reps all are on the corrected map.
NastyMarine you should visit us more frecuentry to understand bwmn jokes
no i opened the map :P its missing it

--kSa.Pollen vs kSa.Style(1on1, 1.15)
--kSa.Pollen vs BIRDMAN-lz(1on1, 1.15)
--PsychoTemplar vs Nightmarjoo(1on1, 1.15)

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