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Last update for (2)Total Recall : 2008, 08, 02 02:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3178 (2)Total Recall 128*128anotak0.2betaground

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 10 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

2nd map i've posted

first time i've used the mirror tool

inspired by Hunters, Wuthering, Blue Storm, and LT

edit: maybe Z's third gas is too hard to get? might be a T map
modified by anotak
The map looks a bit bland. Also, a lot of the corridors are really tight, helping T.
How exactly does one use the mirror tool ?
Looks intresting.
Looks very similar to challenger somehow ;) Has some Blizzard-feeling to it imo :)

The MirrorTool is available in the newest version of SCMDraft2 (

In terrain mode, you'll see 3 unchecked boxes in the toolbar; with these you can turn the mirror tool on or off.
it's everywhere too tight at the moment.for an adequate racial balance you will need open places where z&p can use it to their own advantage.

just make the water parts smaller and you can fix it easily
edited, made more open, other minor edits.

OMG... the mirror tool is like teh ownzzz..... it rulez!!
lol yes
Red's natural expo gas is a lot safer from harassment than blue's. I suggest just forgetting about the gas issue for any base but the mains, or finding a more balancing position.
the minerals amount is simply too huge;except in the main & the minonlies.when you have 9 pieces in the main you shouldn't give more than 8 the nat - i wont give here more than 7.the same outside between 8 & 6 pieces;you have amounts of 9 & 10.

the pathes in the SW & NE are too tight - make them larger.also change the placement of minerals in the N & S expos - they blocking the access when you come over the path from the other expo.

i still miss some open areas(you have so much useless water!);and you have to care about the pathing as well

deco & doodads later when all the other things are done
the minerals is too huge? there's less than most promaps i've seen, but i'll mess around with it

those SW and NE paths are for harassment, not full-on attacks..

i agree on deco and doodads

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