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Last update for (4)Halo 2.3 : 2009, 07, 29 19:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3383 (4)Halo 2.3 128*128Starparty0.1betaground

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 7 points

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Comments:   GMCS (14 elements)

Sometimes i just feel like it...
Looks like hard to protect nat, with the cliff and wide choke.

Anyone who wants a laugh, you have to see this video:
could tweak that a bit. its the 2nat who is supposed to be hard to keep, not the 1st one
You should make a trigger to kill all units (except Zerg because they aren't sentient. It would kill all Zerg overlords and queens.) if someone does something in the middle. No, I'm not being serious

You should add another expo in here imo. Just doesn't seem like enough.
Beloved Lands ftw! :)
3rd gas?
added a couple of gas expoes and hyped the importance of the ring a bit more. slightly afraid its too much money on it though.
Rofl beloved lands.... is that map still alive?
This is a standard amount of expos Starparty.

I'm a little concerned that the pathing might be too linear, because the nat2nat pathing is so direct, especially with the middle being relatively unimportant for non-cross-positions.
Maybe put the min onlys on the middle side?
wrong copy/pasted ramps at GMCS
i like this map, tho huge mains
ill fix the bugs, but im not sure bout the middle yet.
no clue wzup with the preview, but some major modifications are done. Afraid it might be too turtly now, but there still is only 2 expoes which is really safe i guess.

with the side expoes i was thinking it should be easy to defend from an direct assault but hard to outlast a siege.
sorry for editing your pic, but the thumbsnail wasn't working.
i hope you re upload YOUR pic next time you sign in.
i think minonlies are too close from each other.
i like 3/9 edits, but maybe the minonlies can be placed in the highground, like Spinel Valley?

there was too much wasted space (in the corners) in the older version fo the map. where you fized that a little.

the choke is just... like "one" choke :S
maybe tou could add a ramp leading to 3/9 and making there a Hwarangdo expo?

i was editing this map to show you my suggestions, but then you came up with this new version...
i reuploaded 3 times, but it didnt change :S

I have an idea for the 2nat, i do think they are too close too, i just dont want them to be too easily defendable, but as i said, i think i have an idea for that.
added gmcs comments for a planned next edit. Im also going to add ramps from the 2nats down to the adjacent gas expos.
bleh your bridge center is ugly, try my transition in venezia
im sorry, but venezia transitions are actually pretty crap :( they are jagged in exactly every corner. They lokk decent on a picture but that is as far as that map goes designwise (although the pic is pretty good).
hmm, it's unfair how red and teal minonly can deffend the nat chokes, but blue and purple cannot.

what about making minonlies face the middle, so units in the middle can attack if like in Spinel valley?

also, if you move the 12/6 expos to the middle, then you'll ba able to add islands there.

having only 1 choke is a little disgusting, see my map "MAelstrom" it's racial imbalanced.

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