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Last update for (3)Argorok : 2009, 01, 05 15:30
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3442 (3)Argorok 128*128JungleTerrain0.4betaground

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 25 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Seems like a lot of people are spamming maps this holiday season :P

No decoration yet

Mineral blocks on islands are 16. Comments, suggestions, thoughts, anything at all would be appreciated.

Happy mapping to all BWMN mappers! merry Christmas!
Looks like it's very neat. My only concern would be
light blue natural might be a bit too far away from his ramp compared to the 2 others.
too much wasted space I think, looks like a jamssi map =/
holy crap!!!!!!!
i love the open battlefield
too much wasted space :S

oh, nihtmarjoo already said that...
with wasted space i mean the corners are only water, you could ose that space better.

making a 3 players map is not doing a circle and leaving the corners empty.

come on! i'll teach you how to make a 3 players map next week ;)
modified by Testbug
modified by Testbug
Nice, thanks for the criticisms.

Should there be an article giving some help on different player maps, it could really save a few inexperienced mappers some much needed time.

I feel like i can't do much about the wasted space, but you can obviously prove me wrong. I would be very grateful for any lessons on 3 player maps, Testbug(master of 3 playermaps!).
it's not as easy of drawing a circle, and doing the symetry in a circle, with 3 identical sectors.
that way you waste 4 corners!

i noticed you used northwest corner (but the main won't be affected with water in that place) because of that, the eastern wasted corners are too big.

look at Longinus, the eastern wasted spaces are very significant, but it's okay because the space use was optimized. all the expos, ramps, chokes, it's perfect!

now, no Rush Hour, there is almost NO WASTED SPACE! but that's because the map was pushed like a moon in semi circle.

Both moon tear and moon tear II are good example of well used space. my old maps Endless Fields has no wasted space, and i guess frostmourne neither.

but the very best example of 3 players map is Nightmarjoo's (3)Preemptive Strike 1.1!!!

modified by Testbug
rofl shut up testbug tt
Oh man you just made me laugh so hard testbug :P

This map is this half reversed.
I really like this one.

Maybe I just have a fetish for high-ground Nats.

Are you sure you want only 5 minerals at the min-only though?

Also, from the island-esque expansions (with the mineral line being expoed to the middle) can you tank the gas expos from inside the islands?

I think you can on the bottom right and top right, but maybe not on the left. I'll put a GMC since I don't know how to phrase this question.

edit: rofl, preemptive strike. The best indeed.
modified by Failtastic
About the Min-only: I am pretty sure i want 5 patches on the min-only. You can only get there from 2 ramps, and it's high ground, giving it even more protection. It also serves somewhat as a stepping stone towards your third gas. Imo, the ridge with the min-only is already a powerful position on the map to possess, but i don't want to force the players to take the minonly, and to think that if they don't take their own minonly, they would be slightly behind their opponent. Obviously, since I want to encourage more flexible gameplay, I depreciate the minonly's value and attractiveness with having only 5 mineral patches instead of 6. Now any other number of mineral patches besides 5 or 6 feels kind of awkward to me, like 7 patches, even though I have executed it before. Also, it would increase the value of the minonly by a lot, which, as i have explained before, i do not want to do. And 4 patches seems like not enough.

About the "Island-esque expansions"'s gas, I haven't tested it before, and I haven't given the gas's tankability much thought until you brought it up, Failtastic, but I will test eventually and, hopefully, soon.

At this point I feel kind of stuck concerning any edits. I admit I didn't give the wasted space much thought, and I didn't think it would actually matter much, but I definitely would like to build upon everyone's generous comments and constructive criticisms. So, at the moment, I don't know if I should do anything about the wasted space and let things be, make a huge edit, remake the map, or just finish it(in which case I would love to introduce my next 3 player map, if I do make another one, to the new knowledge that I have learned, from the sometimes wise Testbug, concerning 3 player maps). :P
5 blocks is fine imo.

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