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Last update for (4)Kulas Ravine : 2009, 01, 13 11:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3479 (4)Kulas Ravine 128*96Blizzard SC20.1finalground

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Compare your maps with mine and than kill yourself :)

No, but maybe you can say something
this is the map from the sc2 demo game,right?

looks like they still don't know how to make a balanced map - far to tight overall.also everywhere 2 geysirs that's weirdo

only the environment itself looks cool.

dude, don't u think we shouldn't count some eggs until they are hatched ?
LoL, you can't say it's too tight or 2 geysirs are bad cuz you even haven't played the game. It's not same like broodwar. -_-
i was always wondering how the map pic will look like. it's pretty nice

grief, sc2 balance will be totally different than bw's. you can't say anything at this moment.

is it a blizzard map? why the name is hoborobo?
modified by ProTosS4EveR
This is a blizzard map. From the looks of the Demo, the map seems fairly balanced.
This post is not displayed due to its content
I love this map tho

i think this map is 96x96 by the looks of it
modified by NastyMarine
in sc2 the current build has 2 gysers as standard
I'm inclined to agree with Grief on most points.
Dude, how the fuck can you say its imbalanced, you haven't even played sc2 have you? maybe in sc2 its balanced, wow.
Wow, if they make mutaharras like in bw zerg loves this map. :)
are you blind or what ? there is not even one large battlefield. you don't need to know sc2 yet for this purpose - you know already sc & wc3. damn even for wc3 it's too tight. based on what we know already from these 2 previous games + what i already saw in the demo game, it's a imba map.symmetry doesn't means = balance.

if you look closer the demo game you maybe notice that the terran won whitout using one single tank. - now imagine a sc pvt whitout tanks,as t ?? with all these cliffs + all tight pathes this map is t>p,z for sure in sc2.

for demo games to show the community how the new units work it's ok, but don't expect more from this map
Yeah but Blizzard wants Marines to be used more in sc2. Trying to phase out the mech.
LOL grief tanks are more expensive and less cost effective all around. how many vods have you seen with players utilizing tanks??

reserve balance judgment for later you noobs.
hes just an idiot thas never heard of sk terran
Dude, how the fuck can you say its balanced, you haven't even played sc2 have you? maybe in sc2 its imbalanced, wow.
Seriously, if you try to read balance on a map to a game you havent played, you are plain dumb... Just because you follow the sc2 forum on doesnt mean you know shit about the game. Just shut up about the balance arguments until you hold a sc2 key in your hand. You make yourself look retarded.
lol it's not about individual units, I'm looking at how linear the map is, it has so few paths (if I understand how it works correctly), and appears very tight overall. There doesn't seem to be any flank room or room for maneuvering at all. I obviously could be very wrong since I can't test this theory, but I'm pretty sure this isn't an amazing map if sc2 is at all similar to bw :O
at least nmjoo can see outside his box, it's a small solace that sanity isn't lost on this site. you people ever heard eventually something about deduce or abstract in your life ? so, for you 2 apples + 2 apples = 4, because you saw & eat them before but 2 oranges + 2 oranges aren't 4 before you saw them. hmm...

you believe in this tightness you can have a good environment for large batlles 200 vs. 200, or at least 100 vs 100 ? I'll eat my hat, punks ! so you may believe that sc2 will be totally different than sc & wc3 - so that this map can be somehow balanced ? well, in this case you will be dissapointed about sc2. that the new environment looks better, and new units will change some aspects in the game is what i expect too - but if you believe you can play on such a tight map league games, you must be insane.EXCUSE YOU - AS YOU APARRENTLY DIDN'T NOTICE ONLY REAPERS & COLOSSUS(AND PERHAPS A ZERG UNIT TOO) CAN WALK OVER ALL THIS CLIFFS!!!

honestly, an malicious answer i still could tolerate, but stupidity...just knowing we are the same species make me embarrassed to call myself a human.
^^ I agree with the last 2 posters.That was my first thought too,it is tight as hell.Can't imagine how such a map could be ever balanced,no matter what changes they make for SC2.For the demo ok,but what they played 50 vs 50 if any?
StarParty its true man, they are fucking stupid and delusional enough, to think they know everything about starcraft and whats not balanced
Whooa.. is this just a pic or a real map? i wanna try it, can i, can i? I was doing a map of kulas ravine like this in warcraft, not finish yet.
modified by CuriousPlay
Aww.. why its not playable? *sigh* its just a pic.
modified by CuriousPlay

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