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Last update for (4)Shuriken : 2009, 01, 15 13:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3478 (4)Shuriken 128*128Target0.4betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 22 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Standard. Basic. Pretty much nothing special.

I've just never made a map with rotational symmetry, and I figured I would give it a shot.
better inverted ramps for the mains and I'd say 8/10 EZ

pretty solid map imo
Do you know where I could find better inverts?
Desert Ramp map on our site. It has a ton of desert ramps.
Oh, I actually used the ramps from that map. I used to ones at the top left. Which ramps are more preferable?
The EarthAttack one's. The ones seen in Colosseum and Troy.
Updated the ramps.
Hm the mains seem different, the nat seems untestedly too large, and I think the min onlys are too close to eachother. Also, the map is missing an expo imo =/
It's ok overall though I guess.
The mains are slightly different, but not functionally imo; if it proves to affect game play, I will be inclined to fix it. I agree about the min onlines, but I fear that if I pull them closer to the nats, the pathways around the sunken area will become too tight. Maybe not though, I could experiment with it. The lack of an expo is just bad map design on my part. I've never made a rotational before, and I could not make use of every inch of space like Testbug does. The way I designed it, I just can't fit another expansion in without seriously reworking the center, which I may do.
Yeah it's really hard, I can't even do it very well yet and I've been attempting 100% positionall balanced rotationally symmetrical maps for atleast a year now (I don't make maps often though).

Just keep in mind that your entire center (both the sunked ground and area outside of the nat) is larger than that of Python, even if you have some of it used up by the division between sunken and not sunken sand, and despite the relatively small chokes. It's not as open as Python, but area-wise uses more space, and as a side effect you have way fewer expos than Python.
For rotationally symmetrical (4)maps with mains in the corners, imo Othello is the best model to follow (to keep track of where you're at space-wise, despite obviously having a different concept/layout and whatnot) when you're unsure. Saying "go test it" is largely unrealistic, so it's easier to compare to maps you're already well-familiar with. Byzantium and Return of the King are also very different but also applicable maps in this case to follow. Those three maps are some of the best space-using maps I've ever seen, and by studying them helped me start to understand how map spacing works.
I don't like how its just a few narrow ramps leading to the center
This rly reminds me about (4)R-Point ..
Sure. It looks like R-Point without walls. It plays nothing like R-Point.
Johnny B.Goode
RPoint?!?Not rly.Interessting layout,simple yet nice
same color placement, nothing else
Add 3rd gas.

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