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Last update for (3)MongOOse : 2009, 09, 02 17:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3673 (3)MongOOse 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX1.3betaground

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 59 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ok so here Is my newest idea ,I wanted to do something a little bit crazy , so I came up with this.Of course this Is a very beta version deco and everything will get better later.

I think this might be pretty fun , but balance and all that Im not sure.
The mains Is what makes map Interesting.

There Is 3 potential entrance's:
1) Troy gate , something I enjoyed In my previews map so I wanted to go at It again.(They haven't been tested yet Im waiting 4 ur opinion first)

2) Min block there are 5 paches with 40 each.(If the troy gate Is destroyed , This Is the must probable path that will be cleared IMO )

3) Back door 1 min pach with 0 , 20 times stacked , and 4 stacked temples.This path If cleared will let u reinforce ur 3rd gas easier.

Go easy on tank holes and such .. The rest Is pretty straight forward.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Mains are too small. I don't like anything about the map to be honest. I don't think anything here is good =/ Could be that it's just not my kind of map.
Deco could be 1000x better, all I can say for it is its interesting.
Yes I know the deco right now Is shit , but Il make It better later on.
I never leave a map without the deco , this Is just so u guys can get the idea.
So that If u guys want a major change (That will actually help the map) , to not through all the deco to the trash.

mains are small
everything is shit, sorry
Ok deco Is up , but the doodads are still to come.
Shifted the mains minerals In every base , made mains bit bigger (I also tested them , they are big enough , Im not a fan of small mains so trust me on that one :)

I dont think map Is shit because I think It can create interesting game play , and cheese I also think that all the troy gate , min block and temple with the stacked min , brings a spice to the map.

All the sprites now work:
If the min block next to the temple is removed, In the 1 o'clock 5 o'clock and 9 o'clock position ,and the temple remains , only small and some medium units can go trough , but when temple(wich have 4 of them stacked) is destroyed everything gos.

Also look closely at the deco in the middle I think its pretty cool ^^
Nice, improved a lot 'cause of deco, and a lot of people have been using that medusa bridge tile, which looks cool.
This map is very interesting, one of the most interesting maps I've seen this month so congrats.
Are they tankable from main gas? The mains can look bigger but I don't recommend.
You seem to enjoy troy assimalators ^^
And finally you put 9 minerals for main :D

And one more question...
Did you use the symmetrical tool to make the mains or did you single-handedly made the main by yourself?
modified by coV
Thnx man.what do u mean tankabel ? which part ?
If u are talking about the 3rd gas , where It is possible to tank an expo from the low ground yes , but soon will not be , il add some doodads there.
Yes assimalators are fun for sure.
And no I didn't use the symmetry tool , not possible to accomplish this.Usually I think 3 player maps are done by hand :)
This one was a bit of a pain In the ass because I hade 2 redo It like 1000 times , to fit the idea.
Got board so added the doodads.
I am asking if the main's gas tankable?
oOOO000oo not sure il check.
-None of the mains mins or gas are tankable.
-Fixed some of the deco and added + doodads.
-Added a little bit of high dirt at 4 o'clock, to make things fair and symmetrical.

Map Is now 100% playable.
And imo fun , interesting , for those who want to have a little change from "python" now and then.


I dont think there are any visible imbalances do u ?

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Very nice, good job!
itd be nice if they were in a triangle or circle but i think this wastes less space.
Lezerg has some good deco skills ^.-
Thnx LasTCursE , and BTW Katrina is also my favorite map :P
I really don't know why u guys dont like the map.
Plz explain why u dont, and if possible how 2 fix.
I have been playing the map a bit, and its pretty interesting and surprisingly fun.
You can actually do some very fun stuff on it.
My personal favorites on this map so far:
Corsair revere and getting walled in.
All in muta(Also getting walled in.

Also many of the strategies that you can do on Medusa are also viable here.

Map Is a bit confusing the first time u play it because there Is so much u can do.
It takes a very good player to use what the map provides to its fullest.

Only thing I have a drought in is that they may be 2 many expos 4 a couple of peoples taste.
But I think that kind of evens out because those "yellow" like expos in the middle are very hard to take and hold.It is only a good option If you have map control or ur opponent has walled in(Or if opponent is noob ;)

Map has also good nat 2 nat distance , main to main distance and I cant see any positional imbalances.
I need someone that can unlock maps. pls
medusa + heartbreat ridge???
Hi, there's a problem with the minerals @ 6 o clock nat - two of them don't mine properly (you have to specifically order them to mine).

Unfortunately I didn't discover this until the finals of a tournament lol >.<
Ok sry about that I usually get my map as un-buged as I can, but this one escaped me :)
Im honored that u used my map in ur tourney.
But now I fixed the problem!
And lol sry about that tourney of urs.
Well it was really hard to find, the players didn't realize until about 20 minutes into the game either lol

I'll hopefully get replays of it up eventually (the game was pretty good actually).

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