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Last update for (0) Ice Ramps 1.2 : 2009, 08, 06 12:40
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3793 (0) Ice Ramps 1.2 otherXnenai0.8experimentalother

The map has been rated 99 times and got a total of 80 points

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Sup people, im really new to this site, first comment, map posted, i found this site looking for the custom ramps and decided that i wanted to try and make some for the ice tileset. I've seen some of these type of ramps in other maps but not in a template map like this so thats another reason i decided to make it. If you don't want to cry or go blind then don't look at the top right corner ramps, they were my first try at vertical snow to high snow and high snow to snow ramps. the other ramps i say are pretty good but could definatly use more time and effort. i did sight test them and most of them work, except for the vertical ramps (high snow to snow) also can some one tell me how to save the map as a picture (.jpg or .jpeg) i have scmdraft 2.0 and it lets me save as a picture but it saves it as a 8000 x 8000 bmp file 64mbs and i no thats wrong. I also do all my maps as 256 x 256 when making custom stuff just so i have extra space to make inmprovments or add
modified by Xnenai
Get a image program like Irfanview (I use version 4.23, dunno if that is the most recent). You can use that to scale the image down, and save it as a different file type.

You can do the same thing with Adobe Photoshop, or even Paint though.
These look pretty good thanks for the ramps.
Put a picture for you.
modified by coV
Does no one use GIMP? It's basically free Photoshop.

Very nice ramps.
I have Gimp, but I rarely use it. About as rarely as I use 2D graphics software.
thanks guys, and thanks for the pic coV . im gonna be working on outpost and high outpost ramps (unless there both exactly alike, which i think they are) and im gonna try inverted ramps and more vertical ramps-thats gonna be hell.
modified by Xnenai
Lol inverted one will come out bleh.
exactly lol
Updated the map, put in outpost ramps. If anyone has some good inverted, vertical or horizantal ice to snow, snow to high snow and dirt / high dirt to outpost / high outpost ramps and wants extended and corner version of them cause their to lazy then ill be glad to do it (i dunno y but i have fun doing this stuff). The corner out ( / ) outpost ramps have two tiles at the bottom middle, they're a little weird, but Hope you like em.
modified by Xnenai
modified by Xnenai
modified by Xnenai
This is fantastic. Thanks!
Updated the map, put in Iceworld Mud Ramps Made by Acropolis and submited by PsychoTemplar. Thanks alot for those ramps they looked really legit and were very easy to extend and make corner versions of.
modified by Xnenai
so basicly what you did is taking a doodad ramp and making it larger ? -.-

modified by LasTCursE

And you did a crappy job with that too. -.-
modified by LasTCursE
Basically >.> Just like every other ramp template (unless there custom) Then you fix them if they disturb you, pw:1 if you do. As i said im a begginner to this...
modified by Xnenai
modified by Xnenai
i'm just saying man :D.. nothing personal =))
Well we can just copy/paste it instead of making them ourselves...our world has gotten lazier anyways :P
Exactly lol.
yeah you can copy paste the ramps with unwalkable tiles ;]. (FIX THEM -.-)

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