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Last update for (2)Black Watchtower : 2009, 08, 07 08:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3794 (2)Black Watchtower 128*128Trooper0.1experimentalground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hey everyone, was bored so started just doing random stuff. Was going to make a 4 player map out of this but i changed it and made it a 2 player experamental map. Anyway just made it and going to test it. Give me your thoughts conserns ect. Still beta deco and everything else thats good comes later.
Path issue and too tight.
I'm not a fan of these maps where minerals can be placed on the left or right, just like Outsider, so I can't really judge on this. Just a lot of minerals and tight.
terran would own on this map. So i cant say its balanced. Otherwise its a lovely concept and interesting layout.

Perhaps you could remove the tar ground so you can rework some more room into the center.

I would go as far as removing the highground at 12 and 6 to allow P and Z a fighting chance vs T. I would put a wide ramp where the Psi Disruptors are (7 and 1 o'clock). Keep the high ground barriers that seclude the outside expos but leave enough space for flanking spots.

This map would look too plan without tar though, so I'd advise adding tar spots sparingly throughout the map along the high wall barriers that block the outside expansions.

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Use normal player colors.
as the player on the left side id go rine tank every game and just siege the enemy townhall to pieces from below
Edited: Ok nasty i moved the outsider like expantions on the side more farther away to make the middle of the map larger. got rid of that highground and made it a bridge expantion into ramp to get up that area. added some more tar. did some deco not with dodads though and made most of middle unbuildable.
Zerg=Screwed, no naturals?
Well you could do trick and get drone through the min block because there are 2 blocks stacked up to 10 each with 0 minerals, so you could just mine out back early which i would see happening in the game because the back expantions are so safe.
Isn't Green choke wider than Blue?
no natural ? why the hell the ramp is so huge there is nothing special in the main o.O too many sprites..

Use normal player colors." why?!? :D
Yeah but doing the trick will take a while, and it'll keep you off focus 'cause you have to the the mine trick.

And T can just lift and have that 'safe' expansion so still Terran OP.

Zerg has no advantage in this whatsoever unless you make a sprite creep colony, but doubt that'll help.

Deco looks good.
i was thinking the tar ponds as short narrow stream like terrain. I think the tar areas are overwhelming atm.

The choke point at the bridges is way too tight. I'd just add some sand and crag terrain there. If you prefer the bridge (it is a nice strategy point - i like it), I'd advice making the bridge shorter and wider. That would test your expansion positioning skills for that area.

I personally believe that those highground walls blocking the outside expos should be a lot more narrow.

If you could add some terrain at the edges of the mineral lines on the outside expos that would help some spacing issues along the outside. As it is now, its way too tight and easy to defend.

Remove the mineral blocks that lead to the backdoors. Add either a nuetral building block or creep colony at the main ramps.
modified by NastyMarine
Too tight, Too big, too much stuff, resize

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