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Last update for (4)Naous : 2010, 02, 17 04:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3852 (4)Naous 128*128JungleTerrain2.4betaground

The map has been rated 89 times and got a total of 212 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

No decoration yet, as you can see.

I'll need to check if overlord spots are comfortable, same with nat sizes and main sizes.

The distances seem pretty equal to me, but point anything out that seems awkward or weird.

Also, should I:

*Place 6 minerals in minonly and 7 mineral patches in 3rd gas
*Keep as is...
*Any other number of mineral patches between the 3rd gas and minonly... Need some input on this.
Minonlys do not seem balanced with how cliffable/turretable they each are. Try to fix that up with the min formations.

Other than that looks good thus far, keep going.
modified by JungleTerrain
Ability to defend with turrets I mean. Some of them are more cliffable, some have more turret room. Equal it out by changing the min formations.
I moved the mineral patches around in the minonly so that 3 are against the cliff and the other 4 are farther away. Did the update help?
Yep, looks better now.
Third gas looks easy to defend. Maybe widened the ramps more?
i could remove one mineral patch from 3rd gas.
pretty good so far tho im concerned about muta harass being ineffective

u should look at Byzantium natural minerals and do the same with this map

cause atm its too too hard to harass with mutas so if u turn some minerals to the other edge its gonna be alot better i think

the width of the naturals are unequal to positions, thats also v important to keep in mind with things like that

also having the natural possible to wallin with 1rax2supply is 90% of the cases a terran map, take Longinus for example and see how it developed in Byzantium where they make the very edge unbuildable

so once u fix these things its gonna be alot more balanced trust me

just noticed the min-only got 7 minerals, thats wayyy too much keeping in mind that the map kinda turns out like Zodiac in expansion set up. its fairly easy to take 4 bases so i advise u to remove 1 or 2 patches from the min-only

map is atm pretty terran favored but if u do as i say it will be better ^.^

i feel like u can do something more with the middle than a mini-colosseum :<

u can wallin natural with 1 rax only? this map is extremely terran favored now when i think about it , u cant let t be able to wallin with 1 rax only, take Tau Cross or Heartbreak Ridge as example, the chokes are small but you can NOT wallin with 1 rax

i like this map but u gotta do as i told u ok? ^^
Just make the choke unbuildable and if you want muta harassment, change the naturals line from horizontal to vertical and vertical to horizontal.
Thanks for the input. I listen!
-Changed nat mineral fields like MorroW/coV said.
-Can't wallin with one rax in main.
-Byzantium style unbuildable tiles to prevent terran from wallin in the natural.
-Removed 1 mineral patch from minonlies.
-Changed terrain in some parts, added some minor decoration, middle isn't colo-like anymore(but still boring, which i'll prolly fix later, need to finish homework.)
funny part is that u still can wallin with 1 rax (at least it looks like so, meaning vs zea)
did u test?

and the natural chokes still suck
modified by MorroW
I did make the inside of the main entrance into the nat unbuildable, so you cannot wallin with one rax or even 1supply1rax, you need 2supply1rax.

And i just suck at natural chokes, but i'll go look at some maps and try to learn a bit. I would appreciate more advice, though. and Thanks for being abusively cooperative
Added some decoration, still not sure about the Nats and their chokes, same with balance.

Don't really like working with desert, as my name kind of implies.

uhm, I don't really know if i should change the middle, or keep as is, need some ideas. Imo, the middle is pretty normal colo thing, and it works alright with the rest of the map, but its a little too open, maybe.

Any suggestions? Comments? Praises or criticisms? Ideas?
-Don't think that because I have "a lot" of decoration I won't consider doing big changes or large edits, so let your mind fly.
modified by JungleTerrain
il be honest when I first saw this map I thought it was boring and easy to be done, but now that u have a decorated version I love it, super good job man!
Truly outstanding deco, love the middle and now looks like it B cool 2 play in :)
Certainly shows the power decoration has. It has the ability to make people at least want to try a map, which, imo, acts as a type of self-propaganda.
I would enjoy some replays, if anyone is willing to give some.
The + i look at ur map the + i like it :) , but where are the doodads??
this is a beautifully made map. great work here JT
"added some decoration" - not done with decoration yet.

Also, I don't understand the GMC i received, makes no sense. Close off the expo, making it an island? lol?
modified by JungleTerrain
Should I change the middle?
i think lajarse say to make the cliff closer or something like that
I love the middle, just add the doodads so I can DL the map :)
Z>p,t => new gay map ?!?
And if so, then help me out here.
a)Middle 2 large;biggest issue
b)Expansions easy,too easy defendable
wouldnt your b) reason help terran? Minonlies help protoss and terran vs their zerg opponents because zerg needs a 3rd gas, while the minonly gives protoss and terran to macro more, make rines,zlots,add gates,etc.

The middle is pretty big, i agree, but in tvp, terran can so easily take the minonly and then take the highground(that is very tight AND has height advantage) that is next to the minonly, thus able to secure their 3rd gas pretty easily. A reason for the big middle.

I would like more disagreements, though, so i could see other people's and other races' views about the mid and playability and stuff like that.
Added decoration in the form of doodads and redid some of the sand dunes around the middle, mostly to make it look prettier.
lol i didn't realize how close this map looks to tornado until they reuploaded it xD lol they are almost the same o.O :D lol
modified by LasTCursE
But mine was first to be made :P

lol, finally it is finished, and I see no Tornado here.

GJ any ways
"and I see no Tornado here." then you'r blind -.- open the two pictures and switch from one to another and you will see how similar they are :D

PP: [I like this one more than tornado ^^]
modified by LasTCursE
0% tornado :(
lastcurse ur stupid
This post is not displayed due to its content
Wow, manner JungleTerrain.
i just wanted to warn him :(

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