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Last update for (4)Fantasy 2.0 : 2005, 09, 13 14:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
388 (4)Fantasy 2.0 128*128[7x]SpitFire0.9final

The map has been rated 67 times and got a total of 60 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I had a couple of games with wasted on this map is just horribly imbalanced. How are you supposed to ever win a TvP on this map?
Or a ZvT? :(
yep. choke is pretty far away, the expo is hard to defend. really difficult
i think you could easily make the mains smaller and then set up the nats at better loc's
Ok maybe suggestions are better than just whining;)

Make chokes 1-rax-wallable. Move the naturals and the chokes closer to the main minerals, reducing the distance.

Also balance the mineral only expansion. 12 and 6 have a much easier time to get it than their neighbours.
True, as it is now, the mineral blocking expansion on 12 and 6 are easy gifts with a gas expansion in the back, while the other two players don't even have mineral-onlys at all.

That's really unfair and so unbalanced, you should reconsider that somehow. Maybe remove the mineral only there or move it somewhere else. I will draw it into GMCS if something comes into my mind :)
Oh,thanks for useful tips, I'll try to balance it ^^
Hmm... i like the cliff between the upper two bases. You can drop a tank on the lower edge, and can shoot into the main of the left base and also attack the outcoming units from the right base. It varies gameplay, that's cool. But you don't have the same possibility on the lower bases.

Anyway, this idea (which you haven't raelly thought of as it isn't equal) is somehow interesting in my eyes. You should balance that and check how far the tanks can shoot on the upper cliff now, because that might be unfair.

Next thing, i wouldn't bet, but i guess that you can shoot the minerals of the lower left expansion from the upper left expansion with a tank. Just change mineral placement a bit.

Map looks good so far, i like it. It's very simple and straight as it is now, but still with some tricky things if you change the cliff.
Hmm the only thing this map really sucks at is the possibility to surround your enemy. There is no way to trick a Terran and so he can easily push into your base. :/ Hmm...

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