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Last update for (8)Isles of Shakuras : 2016, 11, 08 20:52
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3880 (8)Isles of Shakuras otherLancet1.5finalground

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 106 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is a 192x192, 8 player map where I wanted to try an unusual arrangement of the bases.

The red and blue bases in the two central islands are a "wild card" here. These two islands are a main-nat combo, they have hallucinated minerals to give the economy an early boost, the main & nat combined have 3000 more minerals than the other mains and nats (one more 1500 clump each) and the two geysers have 1300 more gas than the mainland main + nats geysers. The downside is that there is not a lot of space to build, you are surrounded by enemies, although third gas is nearby it is very vulnerable to land attacks and, of course, you have to defend your third expo either by air of by ferrying troops to the other side.

The other bases have an in main minonly with narrow access, which can turn out to be a strength or a weakness depending on who can exploit it. These bases next to the nats also have a command center to generate infested terrans for zerg and a carrier hero unit for toss to mind control. Terran has numerous places to drop as well as chokes that it can block.

All the large islands have a total of 4 gas expos and 2 minonlies. The central zigzag island has two minonlies. They are all connected by the widened bridge-dweb combos that I introduced in my map Oracular Visions.

Hope you like it and as always, if you play a game here please load the replay.

Wow man, you beat me to my map comment, LOL! And just right now I spotted a problem I'm going to have to edit, oh well.
modified by Lancet
Nice one, 6/10 :)
Would work as a nice ffa map.
OK, corrected some problems with an expo where terran could not build a comsat, plucked some tank holes and fixed some tiles. Anybody care to comment the map?
Really nice :)

I would love some 4v4 action xD

Ooops, playing against the comp noticed some more problems with the comsat on minonly expos and fixed them, sorry for that.
Played vs comps on this with a friend (2v6 comps, we lost :P) and the map is really, really fun,

Bottom right got a horrible choke and i hope you fix it soon, except that it's an amazing map :)
Eh I don't like it at all, too messy, nothing terribly clever, and the concept is at best inconcise. You're definitely capable of making better, looks to me like you got lazy =/
Nooo, map is good. But bottom right needs a fix fast.

All big maps are hard to play based on the fact that they are so big that you can't check for hidden expansions as easily or maintain map control.

The bridges gives you an easy way to control your side of the map, the map should be fine for epic 4v4s or 2-3vs5-6 computers.
Someone (that isn't very good at bw) wanna play with me on this map? :D
I can :)

-- vs (other, 1.15)

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