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Last update for (4)Ore Paucity : 2009, 10, 14 06:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3881 (4)Ore Paucity 128*128sWaGu0.1betaground

The map has been rated 41 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

im sorry if the middle is bits of other maps but i couldnt think of a middle so if anyone can suggest a new one ill be happy. it still plays fine right now.

each min block ull see is actually 2 750 minblocks stacked.
and dont mentio gas issue, i just noticed

Gas issue!

What min block? I cant see any min blocks in the map.

I like the trees, fairly standard map, but i see some problems.

I think that nats should have 7 min patches instead of 6, 6 is just 2 few.

And mutas might be to strong here, nats R fine but the mains... they are to harassable give them more turret space.( Id recommend at least 3 or 4 squares)
There are many tank holes next to the main/nat min lines.

Wait, you stacked mins everywhere? Well that certainly causes some gameplay shifts...
modified by spinesheath
Nice map but I have a few comments.

If you cut and paste from other maps you should say which ones to acknowledge the work of those mappers. Give credit were credit is due.

If you cut and paste from other maps because you have no idea what middle to make, then it is likely that you started your map without a concept. When you cut and paste from other maps you bring in concepts that may be at odds with the "spirit" of your map. Try to think your maps through before you make them. The best mappers here (for example Testbug) always draw their maps on paper before they make them.

Isn't the middle made up of the tree tiles? Because that reduces your change of being hit by 70% or so. Please clarify.

The way it is, the map is linear (more or less straigth lines from nat to nat). There is nothing wrong with that (just look at Luna or lost temple) but it would be more interesting if, for example, you could make a high ground middle with access ramps at angles with the path from the nats. That would create several routes that units can move through. Or you could also make the middle a large island and move some of the geysers from the sides over there to make this an area interesting for the players to control.
i do have my own standard middle butit looks really ugly. i dont plan to keep this map this way but if i do ill give credit to the outboxer person.

min blocks i was referring to are the mining blocks

the name of this map indicates why there are few minerals and expansions. Paucity means scarcity
But it plays good. its just that players who make tons of miners will mine out their expansions pretty darned fast. If it really causes a problem ill add another min block

ill try to move the min lines in more. Problem is though is that if i do it means less building space. Protoss is perfectly fine but terran in a pvt and tvt game will be kinda cramped if you dont place things right.(sigh)

tank holes will be filled in.

and i didnt copy paste anything except the middle 70% miss thingy. my map just looks like i copied.
Third gas is easy to defend since there is a single ramp.
then sould i putt a larger ramp?
Why waste the space in the mains? Imo you should fill in the water hole between the natural and the main so that you have more building room to fit facts, gates, supply, etc.

And the map looks VERY plain, the middle looks pretty big, and the third gas placement is just not innovative in any way. Overall, the map looks pretty boring to play, aside from the trees and weird copied middle.
its been modified but i didnt bother deco yet.
Seems worse? better?

-added min block to nats
-moved main min lines in a bit
-gas issue fixed
-completely changed middle

i dunno how this will play. does it seem tight?
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