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Last update for (4)Cold Snap 0.94 : 2009, 11, 09 21:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3879 (4)Cold Snap 0.94 128*128frontliner0.1betaground

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 5 points

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Made by Frontliner2
Have you got icy vains? You will need it to gain supremacy over these permafrosted lands. Keep moving, keep eating, stay awake and keep an eye out for the enemy! The gruesome sight of a cold war in action sends a shiver up your spine. Be warned, don't catch a frostbite or you will truly experience a 'Cold Snap'!
-Neutral Creep Colony added for zerg outer natural perimiter defense.
-Neutral Shield Battery between 3rd gas expansion.
I don't like this type of symmetry, and why put that creep colony?Its useless...

But cool speech for the map.
ok, so, I will host another Avaton tournament soon (by, and the mappool only consists of maps from BWMN!).

I kinda like this map, but here are a couple of things, that I think you shall change:
- +1 mineral patch in main and nat, 8/6 is kinda imba, especially with Z having creep to easily take its 3rd (9/7 is normal, 8/8 can be ok, but is kinda oldschool, 9/8 also works, but 9/7 is more common, your choice, though, but 8/6 is kinda bad)
- stack the battery, even though it is killed fast anyways, but a bit of delay shall be there, now it's too easy to storm the other island, especially if some1 else is there, protecting the battery maybe with cannons/sunks/tanks ?
- are players suppossed to be able to walk by ground with small units to the 6 und 12 expansions? if not, did you test if ghosts can fit through the small hole?
- i believe the rax and the depot are to block CC's @6 and 12? if so, I think that CC's can land between the rax and the depot? correct me if I am wrong, maybe unbuilable terrain there, which I cannot see on pic? idk

Okay, that's all so far, I guess;d
Middle is tight with the waters, maybe remove some of them.
- widened middle
- added minerals to main and expo's
- Made the shield battery a 5 stack
- Island expo's now blocked by Terran Civilians.
added cool effect near start location (play map and you will see).
modified by frontliner
modified by frontliner
3rd expansion (mins only) might have a little bit many minerals, favouring Z alot in ZvP? especially since there is creep to secure it, it's a save 2nd, which is also very resource friendly.
I think mostly those 3rd's have around 5-6 minerals?
for a good reason;)

try placing startlocations @12 and 6
you will notice the 12 one will be pretty fucked up, and far away from the minerals on top left. prolly replace the mineral field at the very right, so the startlocation wont be blocked there, and place the gas more to the left.

also remove the effects.. they made my SC crash

modified by LML
- reworked minerals for minerals only and 3rd gas expoes
- removed crash glitch (pls try again)
- i've made 6 and 12 equal

thx for pointing out
Hadn't u posted this map a while ago?
Im positive u had lol

Id recommend u on ur next map to try a 4 player rotational symmetry.
In am still unsure about 8minerals @mins only infront of the main, which zerg can take pretty easy o,oa'
I believe it's pretty imba if Z can get that many minerals this easy :o I believe 5-7 could be ok, six is the most standardly used, imo.

check these recent promaps:
(mins only: 6)

(mins only: 5)

(3rd: 6+gas -> but 6minerals)

and they do it like this for a good reason: balancement.
Otherwise the Z can pump too many units earlygame, and overcome a protoss rather easy with hyds/lings
-nerfed mineral onlies
Resources distribution is now;
- 9 minerals on mains (*4)
- 7 minerals on natural (*4)
- 6 minerals on nearby mineral only (*4)
- 6 minerals on 3rd gas expansions (*4)
- 7 minerals on center mineral onlies (*2)
- 8 minerals on island expansions (*2)
modified by frontliner
Thank you for contributing your knowledge and sharing it.
Second natural looks easy to defend since there is a single ramp. And the minonly expansion next to it should be taken out 'cause Terran can hold that minonly they get the second natural too.
Hello CoV, Thank you for your advice,

By second natural, do you mean the natural next to main, the closest mineral only, the island or the expansions with gas on the raised terrain?

and with that mineral only do you mean the mineral only in the middle of the map?

thx in advance for further explanation
cov has a point (since he said ramp, he gotta mean mid left/mid right expansions), but it can be attacked also from the other expansion here, if you destroy the shield batteries.

Also an idea: make the ground directly around the shield batteries unbuildable, to people cannot defend too easy there, since too easy defendable expansions aren't that good
-removed center mineral only
-widened ramps on 3rd gas expansions
-made some terrain unbuildable on 3rd gas expansions next to stacked shield batteries.
seems good, I will do a couple of testgames on it this weekend, or next week (still got holidays:)) so np)
tvp, terran always wins horizontal positions.
do you mean naturals?
could you add an obs version, please?

--frontliner vs mr.yellow(1on1, 1.16)
--Pux vs Sausje(1on1, 1.16)
--Pux vs Sausje(1on1, 1.16)

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