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Last update for (8)Lication 0.5 : 2010, 03, 02 20:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4042 (8)Lication 0.5 otherLeaf_It0.7experimentalhybrid

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 37 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hey I'm, new here but I used to play starcraft all the time. I was not the best but I won more than I lost. Any way This is a map that my dad and I used to play all the time way back when...I added some reverse ramps and such but I hope to improove it. Please play it and tell me what you think. Thank you.
Haha, the map reminds me of my early map making.

But, by todays standards it's WAY too tight and afaik BWMN doesn't like fastest maps :/
Ok I re did all the paths the location of the recourses and added more unoccupied bases. I hope to make this map be the best I can make it but I need help since I'm new to map making. I also changed the name from Players 8 to Lication. Please let me know if these changes helped at all. Thank you.
modified by Leaf_It

is this even fastest? its maybe (maybe!) mucho money map, but no fastest, isnt it?
and he is right, its to tight ;)

since all say that x+y+-xy symmetry is bad, and
theres no natural (the first expansion a player gets to build on, should be rather close to his main.. look at other maps and youll see whati meen)

usually, when doing a map, the main shouldnt have more than 1 geyser (usually), if it doesnt destroy the concept.

also, before you do the same mistake as every new mapmaker, inform yourself about the gas-issue, which generallly says "put geysers (in the MAIN ONLY) on top, or left from the main building..always, but only in the main =)"

PS: sorry for the harsh critics, im sure you can do great maps ;)
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modified by Gnom
I don't mind critics so long as they help me improove. I took out some symmetry and removed some of of the gas geysers in the starting bases as well as some of the other non start bases. also I added closer secondary bases and tried to add a little more room.

When I original posted this map it was very... boreing you could say. and the minerals and gas mine were almost on top of the start locations. there were no other mineral patches os gas mine execept in the middle and the paths only led to other players bases. So what he was saying was true for when he posted it but not for when you posted.

I hope I'm improoving this. Thanks for the help so far I look farward to further comments to help me continue making it better.
tigther version of the most worst fucking map ever made (hunters) =]
modified by LasTCursE
Copy pro maps or at least their general concept.
o_0 this is bad, very bad.

When i said fastest i mean't the obvious terrain brush strokes, looks like he made the map in 10 minutes and just copy 'n' pasted the inverted ramps.

The map is not playable and imbalanced + not thought through at all.
You should like said above copy standard maps to begin with.


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