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Last update for (2) Crushed rock : 2010, 08, 09 21:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4109 (2) Crushed rock 96*128x-species0.2finalhybrid

The map has been rated 94 times and got a total of 18 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

The map's name in itself is a revolution.

The mineral block on the ramp leading into the natural expansion won't work; have you seen my latest map? I have the same problem as you here. There will be path issue.

The middle is very tight and it favors terran in big battles, even though there are many ways around the map.

The mains look pretty big, too. You should reduce their size and make more room for the map.
Lol lol lol the map name is a revolution lol
umm.. nice map, but you block the other way round :)
rax down and depot above ;P
just delete your acount
stop the bm
modified by JungleTerrain
@JungleTerrain Sry, whats bm?
bm = bad manner = opposite of good manner = being insulting = ...
Also, what's the point of the middle? Why did you give it high basilica walls and give it high crushed rock middle?

People seriously need to take the vision/miss%rate into consideration when messing with different levels of elevation and terrain..
This is first time I've seen the map, and I like it. I'm guessing a lot of the previous replies were applicable to an older version of the map?

Needs brighter picture, but otherwise seems nice.

I like the side paths/min only thing, it feels very much like something I'd put in a (2)map. However, the water and bridge along side that path is just wasting space, taking away space from a pretty small and linear middle, I reccomend removing it.

Consider enlarging the ramp in the nat leading to the min only, blocking half of it with a neutral if you feel the need to have it this tight early on, because later in the game players are going to go to the middle through this expo with their large armies (I don't foresee rallying to the gas expo). If you want them to rally to the gas expo, consider making the ramp an 815 ramp instead. Be careful about taking this approach though, that would make early tank pushes imbalancedly strong potentially, as well as in lategame tvz situations.

Unless you expect the rallying to the gas expo, it seems a little too spacious to me, but I have no suggestions on how to alleviate that. Potentially you could move the min only towards the gas expo, slightly changing its angle of exit into the middle. This would work well alongside removing the gas expo bridge, which is unnecessary and wastes space the way the middle bridge does too. Furthermore you could further facilitate this change by removing the nat bridge and the water there, as it also wastes space. Then further additionally this would make it easier for protoss to construct an effective wall whilst FEing pvz (it will make the exit to the gas expo and the exit to the min only closer to eachother, and more along the same single path (increasing linearity sorta)), which I also wanted to say is something you should worry about currently. Consider adding a neutral or doodads or something to the nat to facilitate this.

I know I said a lot of things that were "wrong" with the map. I do like the map, but its execution is a little messy, and my suggestions are to fix that. Basically the main problem I see is that the middle is relatively tight and linear. My suggestions work on altering the pathing slightly to reduce linearity to some degree, and mainly work on dealing with the poor space allocation (mostly removing wasted space, but also looking into the gas expo probably being a little too spacious) to help enlarge the middle.

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