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Last update for (4)Reino : 2010, 06, 11 19:28
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4108 (4)Reino 128*128JungleTerrain0.1betaground

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Wanted to get started on another map before I *finished* the other one.

Kind of standard except for the nats, really.

I was wondering...
-should I keep the weird nat thing, modify it, or get rid of it altogether? and back up your suggestion with some theory-crafting, even if your argument is stupid ,,,,C(0_0)D,,,,

Suggestions? Comments? Criticisms?

Also, I was thinking of maybe playing around with some spells this time, but I'm not really sure what to do with them since I've never really used them in any of my maps. I just can't imagine/predict how they would affect gameplay. I just never get a chance to play any maps with spells, and so I don't know too much about them.

Or maybe I don't need spells... What do you guys think?
modified by JungleTerrain
Decoration isn't finished, also. Unbuildable terrain is bound to come someday, so watch out!

OoOoOo--->>> Forgot to mention that the mineral blocks next to the lurker eggs all have values of 40 minerals, which means that they need to be mined 5 times by a worker to be mined out completely.
modified by JungleTerrain
Looks simple and nice.

Why not make the mineral blocks 0 minerals?

Mineral only bases look wayyyy too hard to defend.
if i make the mineral blocks 0 then they would be mined out as soon as a scouting anything comes out of the players base. It'd be pointless.
Deco is so simple but the map looks so nice in the mini picture :D
Pointless pathing issue, nats too open, useless min only, boring middle, and altogether pretty uninteresting/uninspiring.

This isn't final middle, and the deco is just me with too much time but not enough ideas.

and i know the minonly is uhm... impossible to take, but i needed to get everything/something down as fast as possible.
I'm still looking for suggestions/ideas out here.

And the thing at the natural, yes, I will remove.
Hmm let's think of what we can do... your mains are kinda big, but nicely sized. Can we do something with the extra main space? Maybe add an island, but one that sticks out towards the middle? Maybe put an island in the main (or well, connected to it, is there such a thing as buildable high-outpost/compound/whatever it's called? I'd use that if there was) where the 3rd gas expo is currently, then move the 3rd gas expo towards the middle, and remove the min only.
From there, I'd try to do something with the water/cliff/compound shit like in Othello such that the paths are longer and more windy, so that the 3rd base is close by air but not that close by land to the nat, with the islands being the technically closest gas expo (can block islands with mineral if you find it necessary). Maybe even make the islands much larger, and have them extend all the way to the other player's nat, so that the island in the main of one player cliffs the nat of another. With this, probably put the island in the middle of the main/nat, so a little past where the current 3rd is.

Any of these ideas appeal? If you let me know what you like/dislike I can think of things similar or dissimilar to those suggestions as is necessary. I don't really have any strong ideas, not much to work with here imo. The map is decent made aside from the nats being too wide cuz you're a good mapper, but I just see no concept.
Cool, not bad I like it, but IMO there is just 2 much low ground, I would add + high ground pay.
Love the middle tho :)
Man, I'm so bad with naturals, I can barely get them right :(

I can't change anything for now, since I have no time, but I am going to study Nightmarjoo's essay, and see what I can come up with and then move on from there.

Also, IGNORE THE DECORATION. Just because I had 10 extra minutes to fool around with mud and asphalt terrain doesn't mean I'm not open to big change. Look at my other map, Choco! I changed the map a lot, and if there were still any serious gameplay issues/gay stuff, then I'd go back and change the whole thing with size 14 isometrical terrain palette with x/y-symmetry :P

Basically, the middle is kind of like a filler. The middle was not intended to be final. I wanted the map to have some appeal, and I had fun with the decoration(mud,asphalt mid, grass). I recognized that the middle was very big, and I always had the thought of changing things in the future.

Thanks for the suggestions, although I'm going to be kind of inactive since I have like 3 school projects+finals :O
modified by JungleTerrain
Projects and finals ... dam those really suck, Im dreading mine, they are coming up in2 weeks :(
"Just because I had 10 extra minutes to fool around with mud and asphalt terrain doesn't mean I'm not open to big change"
Hahaha, I can understand this; few people always comment my maps, and I'm sure it must be because I decorate them so hardcore. Always spend atleast an hour on decoration, no matter how beta-ish it is.
ugh, nightmarjoo, is it possible you could provide a pic of your ideas or something? I kinda know what you are suggesting, but I wanna make sure.

Do you mean like in (3)Triathlon, pertaining to the idea of the island in the main, or w/e, or the island like in (4)Return of the King?

I totally changed the feel of the map, and the concept, kinda, too.

The middle is tighter, has more paths, though, and the mains now have a backdoor natural expo Triathlon style.

The backdoor expo has: 1 vespene geyser(2000), and 6 mineral patches(1250) ---> parenthesis just states the amount of resources in the resource type.

The NORMAL natural expo, outside the main with the natural choke, has 7 mineral patches(1500), and 1 vespene geyser(4000).

I'm kind of experimenting here with this middle and stuff, so feel free to suggest anything. Any ideas? Comments? How are the naturals? are they properly sized? The mains are actually pretty good size, I tested.
Also, is it just me(or my comp), or does the map pic keep showing my old version of the map?
god this is SWEEeeeeeet jungle you korean ? :D o.O
no lol
Triathlon for 4 players, so fucking awesome.

Good job, fix tank holes near the natural expansions and add deco and it's a awesome map.

Woulda wanted it on either the Twilight or Jungle tileset though, doesn't look as sexy on Badlands :(

Also, try to fix the unbuildable tiles. They make it harder to wall-in for terran and protoss and are just a general annoyance.

modified by Kinosjourney
Thanks, and I will fix those unbuildable tiles, since they can be quite annoying for terran(maybe other races too). I fix any tankholes with the decoration process(or at least I try to), so I'll do that too.

I think this map is turning out pretty good, although it's such a macro map. Any suggestions on the middle, the bases, the mains, the nats, anything at all?

I can proceed to final updates, decoration, obs version, and other things if no one has anything to say about anything. :P
Small Update:

-fixed those unbuildable but unwalkable tiles in the naturals, as pointed out by Kinosjourney.

-Changed the decoration in the nats(nothing too big).

-Modified/enlarged/shrunk some naturals to make it more symmetrical, building space-wise.
Any suggestions so far? plz? XD
I really love the design on this map, and the rot symmetry is very cool.
I just dont like the idea of copying triathlon...
I don't like the fact that it's not original, too.
I'm actually thinking of scrapping this map cuz my imagination and creativity are so dry atm.

Unless you guys can suggest more stuff.
Oh, and also since Bwmn is kinda dead. :(
It wont be dead if we start getting it active :)

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