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Last update for (0)Jungle Ruins Ramp : 2010, 09, 20 23:34
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4187 (0)Jungle Ruins Ramp otherK_A0.1utilityground

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

These are the ramps that JungleTerrain said looked terrible.
(Smaller map so full quality and you can actually judge how the ramps look.)
I also added some backwards ramps of the same style.

do you think we need more ramps ? especialy crappy ones ;p
Submitting ramps is fine, aslong as they look good and are something out of the ordinary.

These however looks pretty bad imo.
That's funny. Everyone who played the map with these ramps in them said they looked really good.No offense to you but I don't really like some of the ones already posted on this site and as far as I know having options isn't a bad thing.
I'm sensing that you don't seem to like me. Honestly I don't care, but at least use constructive critisism. What particularly is wrong with them?
modified by K_A
being too big
being ugly as shit ;p
having no height
being in a weird angle(for inverted ones)

If you want the constructive criticism then start to listen not to argue ;p
modified by LasTCursE
these ramps need to be tested for height/vision/fit/hit%missfire on higher elevation. I doubt you performed any of these tests, but the reason I say the ramps are bad is because of what i mentioned above, plus, to me, they look terribly bad and unnatural.

"...I don't really like some of the ones already posted on this site..."
-Well, the ones that are on this site are the ones that are mainstream in mapmaking and are used widely in Proleague maps. We obviously have some ramps submitted that are our own creations, and as you said, it is good to have options.

Reading the previous comments, no one seems to be super offensive, but people are stating their raw opinions. Here at BWMN, we usually have a high standard for map making and for details in maps and in tile mechanics and decoration and etc.
-Also, are the ramps easy to use? Is it easy to copy/paste these ramps into any other map? Is it easy to transform these ramps to vertical, horizontal, 45degree, or 60 degree ramps? These are all the things you want to take into consideration when making ramps. Thanks for the upload, and try to better your ramps by taking in our criticisms.
modified by JungleTerrain
First of all thank you for reasons.
The "weird angle" you are referring to is the opposite angle of the normal ramp. I just figured that if balance was that important that they might as well be the same size/angle.
I'm not sure if this is correct, I'm probably wrong, but why?
these ramps seem to be set at a 45 degree angle.

The ramps used in Python and such proleague maps(although not proleague anymore :P) are 30 degree ramps, both the normal doodad ones and the inverted ones. The thing is that the ramps in these maps are very well made, are tested for balance(both have pretty even vision and hit%missfire), and are very simple to add anywhere in maps, as well as having the top of the ramp similar to the doodad ones, but inverted, so it is easy to create a similar wallin, which is VERY crucial in games and for balance. Also, the width for these now-standard ramps are very similar.
Ah so those ones are done at the same angle as isometric terrain.
Now That makes sense. :)
Also I agree with you that the angle of these does look kinda weird...
I tried to make normal ramps but couldn't find any good unbuildable terrain for them. Then I found this specific group of ruin tiles in a rp. (They blend almost perfectly with high ground)
Hope this helps someone
modified by K_A

modified by LasTCursE
Making ramps gets easier as you get more familiar with making maps and basic terrain blending. Keep mapping alot like x-species and you will get good fast :)
that wasn't the best example lol
IMO it is, i was horrible at blending but after spamming maps i learned how to by watching others and trying myself.
i ment giving x-species for an example lol
he still have to improve things in his mapping :)
modified by LasTCursE

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