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Last update for (2)Shrapnel Valley : 2010, 12, 05 04:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4219 (2)Shrapnel Valley 128*96Phobic0.5betaground

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 33 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

No deco yet and still pretty rough but heres my third and probably best submission to BWMaps. I am submitting it in an early playable stage to keep me from screwing it up. As always criticism is appreciated.
minonly is a little close to 3rd gas..
also the rocky ground denies essential creep(?)
anyways, Z would take the 3rd gas, so nevermind!
Happened to notice the map had a 1 vote rating of 5 that went down to a 2 vote rating of 2.5. Dear Zero voter, you blow
I did not vote your map down ;) to prove it, look at the rating now !
Is Gnom's comment the only that I'll get?
I'm looking for racial imbalances anyone might see(I'm pretty sure the high amout of gas will overpower zerg) or any change that might improve the map. (I realize I was unreasonable in my response to comments on my last cess pool of a map and will be more open to suggestions.)
I guess I need to talk more about the concept behind it so here goes:

Almost Normal main with a middle right geyser thats 5000 and a 500 left geyser(to add strategy variety although possibly overpowering the gas friendly zerg.)

The nats are 7 mineral 1 geyser normal(I think they are best part of map actualy)Oh yea because they are easily defended using the creep from hatchery and creep colonies to defend main choke and nat its good for zerg.

Then theres the back expos that have easily harassable mins and a 0 geyser(trying to stop overpowering zerg here). Also the mins can be mined from either side(I really liked this concept)

Then theres the third gas and minonly outside of the nat. I had the idea that players could choose from another 7 mineral expo thats closer to the main and nat and therfore harder to keep(rocky ground) or a 6 mineral 1 5000 geyser expo that is farther away from nat and main and has build-room because of it.

The top right and bottom left corner expos have
8 mins and 1 gas but the mining building must be placed in a vulnerable spot.(I did not do these expos well)

There are minonlies opposite of the back expos that use the same mineral lines. I REALLY liked this concept and because of how easy it is to harass the back expo from the outside It is unbuildable from the outside(except for where the Command Building would go)

And then theres the middle expos that I poorly thought out(in my view). They seem to add to the zergy OP in the map by providing 2 2000 geysers for a not so short burst of gas. Also 4 mineral lines.

I tried to diversify the expos in this map and in doing so I think I made it a Zerg heaven.

Now theres the direct middle of map. I REALLY liked this concept too. The middle is a small choke with 2 bigger choked adjacent blocked of by 2x xel naga temples. And on either side of the middle choke is 2 dwebs that I possibly threw in for no good reason and probably somehow unbeknowst to be make this map even more of a zerg orgy.

Thoughts I had:
Take away Dwebs or put a dark swarm in exact middle with dwebs to make long range units suck at holding it.
Make middle unbuildable and give the double gas expos some build room.
Do something with the double gas middle expos.
Do something with the space near the corner expos that seems like an expo would fit into.
Make the map less of a Zerg orgy.
The map has a nice flow just needs some fixes on the expos and area outside of nat.

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