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Last update for (2)Rampodia : 2011, 04, 27 17:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4318 (2)Rampodia 96*128ArcTimes0.4betaground

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 25 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

First comment!
This is a new map :D
I know that i have to finish the other maps, but i don't remember the password of one of them, and the other... well, i going to finish it soon.

I don't know what i was trying to do here, but i like it :)

I didn't play here yet, but i'm going to test it soon.

What do you think?
modified by ArcTimes
modified by ArcTimes
What are those power generators blocking? If you put ramp leading from the center to the generators then id understand O.o

Temple really takes out of the map. >:(

i feel like there should be min only at the curvy high wall.

tank < lol < mudkip
Ups, yes, i forgot the ramps at the middle >.<
my mistake.
About the temple, i was thinking like that.
And mineral only where?
What is a curvy high wall?
Those two depressions where the obs start locations are located Check GMCS

modified by crystaldrag
;) take temple outs now?
No temple now ^^
better :D But the expansion rite next to the main with the very very narrow choke favors T too much.

Uhmmm, In PvT is ok, i think. I mean, T would have a hard time taking a 4th gas.
In TvZ, i'm not sure. Maybe if I put a min block like islands, that could help.
Im digging the corners with the bases with double gas, double ramp and elevated razed jungle.. but not anything else...
I also think that there is no point to the neutral buildings (except to create path issue) Players wont have time 2 remove them. Plus its pointless to have them, because if a player does decide to attack and destroy them, the effects wont be that rewarding.. player would just be wasting his time.
I think you need a new middle, and different expo positioning in the middle (Including the min only and the expo with the big ramp on the back)
Well, i'm not a native english speaker and I don't know what digging is. I looked for it in a dictionary, and i am more confused now.

And you are right about the neutral buildings :(
But.. a new middle? >.< I think i can change those ramps at right and left of the big rampa in the middle, but all the middle? I think isn't necessary.
Maybe if its imba i can change it.

I'm going to upgrade soon :)
Digging is what you do with a spade... But what he means is that he likes that part.
The closeness of the island and third are a benefit for Zerg. The island not having a 0 mineral to block terran lift land expos is an advantage for Terran. The mains are too small, not because of overall space but because of the mineral lines and gas not being in a corner, so either put them in a corner or enlarge the overall space of the main, this also is another plus for zerg as they tend to not need as much space. The path from the main base to the natural base is terrible for protoss. They cannot fast expo because scoot byes will be too deadly. This forces limited play.

The third outside the natural is very open, this is just a bad feature for everyone and will only be taken when the game is already heavily in favor of one player, this is bad for gameplay.

The middle makes gameplay very linear, this makes gameplay boring.

The high dirt spots on opposite sides of the big middle high dirt are are too small to be used effectively. Those power generators wont be touched because the only way to move large armies is through the middle.

I would suggest scrapping this map and making a new one. Spend time thinking about the map before you even open a new file in the editor. Try to get a good main-nat-third setup as this is the most important part of a sc map.

modified by Phobic
I edited it again :D!!!

I Change the third.
Change the ramps in the the middle.
I got rid of those ramps at left and right.
Put a min block in the expansion that seems like an island and some minor changes.

What do you think now?
Middle needs to be redone.
Main-nat area is still bad
O wow that wasnt very specific alright here goes
The ramp from the nat to main is way to big.
The route that goes from the nat to outside needs more of a pinch shape to it so it is easier to wall or cannon block
modified by Phobic
@Phobic I know that the ramp is big, but you don't need to block all the ramp. Imagine that there is no ramp and everything is highdirt. There won't be a problem. But the ramp could help to defense or maybe attack, i don't know.

About the route nat-outisde. In the other version of the map I was able to make a wall of gate forge. I didn't try with the new version but i beleive it's possible too.

And whata about the middle?
The problem with that ramp is not defending the main. you cannot make sufficient defenses at the natural that will prevent units from running by the natural into the main. *In Time*
This makes expoing early very very risky and lowers the possible strategies that can be used on a map.

modified by Phobic
But it wouldn't be the same as a all highdirt main and nat. Just imagine that isn't a ramp.
The ramp is PART of the problem. It is the naturals exit too. The way the map is you only have to walk into the natural for a second and then go right for that giant ramp. Take the south west main for example. If you moved the nats entrance east the distance for zerglings to go from natural entrance to giant ramp is increased and therfore easier to defend
Make it like this and it will be fine

And I just shoved the minerals there, spend more time then I did on that formation lol.
modified by Phobic
i like this map alot can i try to make a version of my own ? : (if i'm not to lazy lolz)
Phobic's nat choke seems too tight to me.

Major problem are the omnipresent tankholes.
Are you sure terran cannot land a CC on the islands?
Yea it is tight was just showing him how moving it would make run bys easier to deal with
I edited again. I made the ramp smaller.
Bigger main, smaller expo that seems like island.
You can't land a CC on island now
I don't know if tnaks can attack workers in main but i don't believe they can.

@LastCurse Of course. I would be glad you make your own version.
The area I was once concerned with has been fixed :D
More unbuildable, more deco, no tank holes :D
@Phobic :)
@cristaldrag No tank holes? That means that there is any, or there aren't any of them.
I put some doodads. I don't want to put more cause any change i do, i'm going to delete the dooads ant start again and blah blah, problems.

Any other suggestion?

1 Red & 2 Red - This map is exceedingly linear. By making the shortest distance between bases slimmer and making a second close path that is bigger your map will become a lot less linear and better for gameplay. There will be less of a tug of war. You might consider lengthening the 1 red ramps to take up the whole side if they seem small in editor.

3 Red - This is just clearing the area and making sure to have the red line that comes from the yellow area be a solid wall. This wall will create a spiralish gameplay.

4 Yellow - Knock an area off of this wall so late game armies don\'t get raped by tanks. Tanks are uber rigged in corridors as small as these. There is no flank room so all, lets say a dragoon army with speedlots, could do is die.

5 Orange - This area you can do one of two things.
Either drop the high raised jungle down to high jungle or blend the high raised jungle so that it completely takes the spot of the high dirt/jungle. Then the ramps must go from high raised jungle straight to low dirt. This is to make this expo more accessible and will decongest it. I would recommend the first one for now as it is alot easier.

6 Blue/Dark Blue - Move the expo. The notable change is bringing the outlying geyser to the edge of the map. This is for better unit flow through this expansion. Blue shows where the new expo should go and dark blue is the old one.
*Note* You can arrange this expo how ever you want as long as there is nothing blocking unit flow.

7 Purple & 8 Purple - These areas are way to open. Terran will be flanked from every which way.By putting ponds of water in these areas you will make Terran players pleased but not over joyed.

9 Lavender & 10 Lavender & 11 Lavender - Tank holes. Any thing circled is most likely a tank hole. Anything with a question mark might be a tank hole. Tank holes allow Terran to abuse siege tanks and drop them places that cause players to rage quit. Plugging these holes improves gameplay.

12 Green - This is to open up the corridor similar to how 4 Yellow did. This will make non Terran players pleased.

Un-numbered Brown Areas - These are areas that you should flood with doodads and decoration.
modified by Phobic
modified by Phobic
Note with the 8 - Purple Holes not to block the expo and they should not be as big as I drew them in the picture.
Also these are recommendations.
Do whatever YOU want to it.
modified by Phobic
lol you changing it the same way i started to yesturday :P :D
Just making it work ;D
I also started an ash map based on the spiral middle except it is more extreme.
Great mappers think alike.
modified by Phobic
True True :P
I made some changes.
2 more mineral only added
Middle changed
Top left expansion changed (The raised jungle is near to the ramps in high dirt. I did it just in the top left because is difficult and mine looks... bad, and it's not that near. Tell me how it looks)
No more tank holes :)))

What do you think?

modified by ArcTimes
Why did you add more minonlies?
As with most raised jungle sections your ones make rather inefficient use of space...
modified by Freakling
My version coming soon ! :
@Freakling Because those min only in the middle are not easy to defend. Maybe a terran...
About the raised jungle, both sides are different.
Are you sure you are watching top left?
It's ugly but is closer to high dirt ramps.

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