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Last update for (2) Hero1.3 : 2012, 06, 20 06:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4501 (2) Hero1.3 128*96asiantraceur0.1betaground

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Yah so was trying out a new concept you start in the lowground at the bottom then you can expand to other low ground or to the high ground...shortest distance is a straight line but there are egg walls (workers can mineral walk through) and yah...not sure if the troy gates are working since Im not good with them...I feel like rush distance is too short but want your guys' opinions first...
Fml not letting me update info for some reason sorry
Well, it seems that net2net distance is really short. Maybe you can change main/nat and the third (that one with gas just to put the nat choke at the border of the map, so the nat2nat distance is

That would make the other expansions less useless.
Umm can you add in some GMCS sorry its really hard to understand words on a map :P Was also thinking of changing that solar panel place into just space right in the middle...
Where do you build production buildings?

Maybe you should make chokes into main smaller since there's such a small rush distance. Although I don't know much about making balanced maps lol.
Everyone else is complaining about rushing, which is definitely a problem, but there’s also another big problem, which is that (assuming you survive the rushing) you have 3 gas bases behind a single choke. This could lead to long turtle-fests, especially since expanding beyond these 3 bases is risky (additional bases are hard to hold and for not much value – only 1 extra gas base).
Maybe I should change this from beta to experimental...Ill update soon with a longer rush distance unless you count scv rushes...
So I made a larger rush distance for lings and such...worker rush is still there but you can just mine out the minerals next to the eggs to stop mineral walks...
i suggest making ramp into 3rd high ground gas wider, block with some weak buildings, like power generator.

you still have easy 3 base problem, tiny choke into the choke of the nat, + small ramp into 3rd gas. Seems awfully complicated to go through the bottom too.
So I removed the gas at the natural so its a bit like that one desert map...pic doesnt seem to be updating for some reason Ill try again tonight...
Made the bottom like that since I didnt want people going through there early game...
Removed the min block into the high ground gas and put in two power generators instead...
You should narrow the entrances at the top corner gas bases now since zerg basically requires an easily defendable 3rd gas.
Gahhh I hate this dumb pic upload thingy...well I changed the super wide ramp into two ramps slightly bigger than the standard one...also thinking of adding a gas to the low ground?
Added a small path right below the bridges and two DTs there just for lols...
One ramp on the top left got cut off, probably when you added the plating underneath it. Also, the DTs seem pointless and gimmicky.

Edit: it's actually both ramps
Edit 2: the large ramp to low ground on the right has a large hole in it
modified by NegativeZero
Lolyah fixed the ramps hate it when it does that...took out DTs...

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