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Last update for (4)Ally Me! : 2012, 08, 12 21:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4503 (4)Ally Me! 128*128Jungleterrain0.1betahybrid

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ok, so this is a new map I was working on. This map is intended for [2 vs 2] play.

Decoration is not done.
I have not tested wallins (both mains and nats)

The naturals' awkward size/layout is so that players can build a few buildings at their nat, since their mains are a bit smaller.

I tried to maximize the space in the mains using the edge of a doodad and reducing the unwalkable part between the high dirt and the normal dirt. I don't know if there's any funky doodad/sprite thing that could go on there (I doubt it, but who knows).

The main has 10 minerals, 2 of which are 499.
The mineral patch next to the main ramps are just there so that players can use it to defend their ramps with workers (by stacking them, clicking on the minerals). If the naturals minerals/gas were closer, then it wouldn't be needed. Also, the minerals/gas at the natural expansion are very susceptible to mutalisk harass.

Maintaining air superiority on this map is crucial because it provides the players in control of the air to take the islands, which are pretty secure when compared with the rest of the expos.

The expos on the hills are supposed to be tankable. I don't know how this affects 2x2 balance, especially since 2x2s usually are short games.

GG :)
I really like this map!

There are tank holes behind the naturals (intentional?, or unfinished) and teal's gas can be tanked from a spot behind the minerals behind the min only, although you don't need to be too worried about that.

Why tree in middle of map?
I fill tank holes when I do decoration. Thanks for pointing out that spot at Teal's main :)

And tree in middle of map because I did it before in another one of my maps in the past.
I am "Jungleterrain" for a reason ^^
Looks really good.

Would probably even play quite well in a 1vs1, though there's a lot of gas for sure...

I am not sure about the minonly, though... It's not really needed I think. I'd rather have the mains a tad bigger...
I can get rid of the mineral only, yeah yeah

modified by JungleTerrain
When you say the 3rds are tankable - you don't mean from the mains, right?
Usually, there aren't the tank-heavy terran monster tech blobs in 2v2, but tanks in the main raping your 3rd is still a bit meh, in my opinion.
I think you can rotate the mineral formationas a bit...
haha yeah, you don't see much tanks in 2v2, maybe if T has no Z partner, but that's not common.
Small update:

-removed mineral onlies
-made mains a little bigger
If you need better narrow cliff blends, have a look at the cliffs behind the double gas expos on ShÝzý, they're only 2 tiles wide.
I'll look into that.

I just wanted to use a cliff blend that used doodad tiles, kind of like a small feature of the map.
But it looks bad...
that's why i like it
Nice! a all time classic style from JungleTerrain :)

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